Cloud Call Center Software

Cloud Call Center Software

Increase visibility and transparency and make things much easier.

Sip2dial's cloud call center software gives agents the tools and data they need. Our cloud call center software offers an instinctive interface that links customer settings from various channels and directs to various agents. The best part about our cloud call center software is that it can eliminate hold time by providing for your clients the alternative to revive an agent call back when their position touches base to the front of the line.

Cloud call center software Features
Automatic Call Distribution(ACD)

With ACD software technology inbound cloud-based call centers can distribute calls, emails, SMS and social media messages to agents based on customer need.

Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer feature of cloud calling software not only increases the number of calls handled per day but increases the calling time and also minimizes the time interval between two calls.

Mix call center

The contact center agent gets all the features of inbound, outbound and Omnichannel cloud-based call center software. In blended cloud-based call center.

Benefits of our Cloud call center software
  • Enabling conveyed call centers
  • 100 % repetitive NOC support*
  • Seamless coordination with CRMs and backed databases
  • Ability to convey Pure Cloud, Hybrid and Private cloud