CRM Solution

CRM stands for Customer relationship management which plays an important role in contact centers. A CRM software is crucial for contact centers which we acknowledge and provide top-class CRM software for small, medium and large enterprises.

CRM that takes cares of your Call Center.
  • CRM Dashboard

    Sip2dial’s CRM Dashboard is designed to suit inbound, outbound and blended contact center’s needs. Agents at your contact center can easily view and interpret the customer’s data to make the client-vendor trust bridge stronger.

  • Advanced Security

    Sip2dial’s CRM is cloud-hosted which ensures a secure and effective customer data management. All your essential data are stored in some of the most secured clouds which will allow your call center function freely.

  • Social Integration

    Sip2dial’s CRM is easy to integrate with social networking websites and applications like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Bing, Twitter and LinkedIn to address your specific concerns regarding contact center business.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Sip2dial’s CRM is mobile friendly which means you can remotely manage your dashboard from any corner of the world. This will help your agents work more efficiently which will increase the productivity of your contact center.

  • Report & Analysis

    Sip2dial’s CRM allows your agents to view and analyze the call history, message, and E-mail information of the callers instantly on one dashboard. This helps small contact centers to manage the track record of their clients to improve the client-agent relationship program.