Text Messaging Software to Give You the Freedom of promotion

Now Send Bulk messages via your PC and mobile using Sip2Dial a versatile text messaging software for small businesses and enterprises.

Messaging through Text Messaging Software is not a new method of marketing because it’s a method that never has grown up. But many improvements and advancements have been done in recent years. We at Sip2Dial provide world’s best text messaging software for your small business. Whether you want to send a single reminder message or a thousand message,

Reach more customers, Convert more leads and Make an impact with our text messaging software.

our text messaging software is capable of providing reliable, safe and easy tools to manage all aspects of your SMS marketing campaign. You can use our Text messaging software from your computer, tablet or smartphone with integrated features to various browsers. From startups to multinational businesses, our text messaging software is being used across the world by thousands of customers.

Text Messaging Software Features


Our text messaging software Permits non-developers to make virtually any type of text messaging workflow.


Streamline instant messages by sending particular messages to subscriber segments.


Track subscriber patterns and outwardly show the information with responsive subscriber graphing tools.


Track the achievement of each message you send by our text messaging software.

Learn How Text Messaging Can Speak Your Business Objectives & Help you improve Your Brand Equity

Learn How Text Messaging Can Speak Your Business Objectives & Help you improve Your Brand Equity

If you think emails are the modern way of lead generation, you might be wrong. According to a recent survey, the average open rates for emails is 15-22% and there are more chances for emails to be in the spam folder before anyone sees it. But the scenario is different in the case of text messages. The open rate of a text message is nearly 98% and they are more likely to be read within 15 minutes. So it will become easier for you to reach your target audience.

Text messaging is instant

There are many ways to promote a brand, product or service these days. But text messaging is still being utilized as an effective marketing tool for most business houses. A survey done by CTIA tells that it takes 90 minutes for a person to respond to an email. Text messaging is more effective than emails because the average time of responding to a text message is almost less than a minute. So communicating with your clients and converting them into leads becomes easier with text messaging as it is immediate.


It is a fact that most people in the world have their mobile device be it smartphones or normal cell phones. The best thing about text messaging is that it can reach to a smartphone as well as a normal phone. As every phone available today is SMS enabled, you can easily expand your target audience. With a text messaging software you can send bulk SMS to those phones that have no internet facility. ​​

It is Cost Effective​

If you want to run a successful mass SMS text messaging campaign, you don’t need to set up costly hardware. You just need to have a computer and a reliable internet connection. Text messaging software can be easily installed on your existing system. And you can send hundreds of promotional and informational SMS to your consumers instantly. ​

Highly responsive

  • Gives priority to multiple conversations
  • Remains Engaged as per customers cadence
  • Alerts Agents when attention needed
  • Collaborates & Transfers Conversations

Easy To Manage

  • Simple setup, No extra installation required
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Mobile friendly Dashboard to show current load, wait times
  • Access your textbase account anywhere

Why Choose Our Text Messaging Software?

Robust functionality

  • Reach contacts as per geographical locations
  • Sends group broadcast messages to convert one to one conversations.
  • Spam free Texting with personalized messages
  • Encrypts your Data in transmission and at rest

Employees Friendly

  • Multiple conversations handling
  • Sends immediate response when Agents are busy
  • Customer history analysis
  • Agent UI integration with other systems