Customized Solutions

We tailor our services as per your Needs

Customized Call Center Solution

Sip2Dial Provides customized call center solution which means solutions for different types of call centers as per their requirements. There are inbound call centers, outbound call centers and blended call centers which can be further divided by the size and business objectives of the contact centers. We provide tailored solutions to suit the needs of the small and medium size of businesses.

Customized CRM Solution

Customized CRM solution means solutions for different types of businesses as per their needs. As CRM is a software to manage customer’s database, there can be different target audiences for different types of businesses. Sip2Dial provides customized CRM solution which suits the needs of your consumers. Our Customer relationship management(CRM) software has advanced features which include, single dashboard, app integration, call recording, data and report analysis and many more for a smoothly running business.

Customized Enterprise solution

Sip2Dial provides customized Enterprise solution acknowledging the size of the business. In case the business is an established one it may need something different than a start-up industry. Our products like Text messaging software, Dialer software, call tracking software and many more can be tailored to suit the business objectives of yours.