Best Call center software to make everything perfect in your contact center.

Using Sip2Dial you can easily track, manage and organize the call flow of your call center and enhance the performance of your agents.

Sip2Dial offers reliable call center software for any business to win more customers and deliver better customer service at lower cost. The beautifully crafted user interface of our call center software allows you to manage calls, emails and digital channels with a single click. Our call center software is intended to be anything but easy to-utilize, open and adaptable on the grounds that there are different types of industries across the globe.

Our Call center management software let you manage your customers, organize your business and be a standout

Your contact center agents can manage all active cases with the call center software from us. With the Communities device, clients can help themselves as well as other people with self-benefit abilities. Extra Service Cloud abilities incorporate a Knowledge module, where the two specialists and clients alike can look for the appropriate responses they require.

What is call center software?

A Call center software can be defined as a software system that is intended to run a call center. It helps call centers to manage their database, caller’s queries, requests and send promotional messages or multimedia messages to their target audience. Hence it is also called as call center management software. There are different types of call center software and many call center management software providers are there across the globe. It is a crucial thing for a call center business to choose the right call center software as per it's needed. Needs can also be different as some provide only inbound call facility, some outbound while many are there to run blended call centers. As a leading call center software providing company we will let you know about some basic yet crucial call center management software and how they can help your call center. It depends upon you to read, understand and choose wisely the right ones for your contact center.


  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Customized Call Queues
  • Multi Level IVR


  • Predictive Dialer
  • Click to Dial
  • Call back schedule
  • Local number option

Call Center Software Features to Help Your Business

Our call center software features are robust, flexible and designed to help small and start-up ventures.


  • Multiple campaign management
  • Historical reporting
  • Agent performance dashboard
  • Business Tools Integration


  • Voicemail
  • Call recording
  • Do not disturb
  • Call conferencing

How Sip2Dial Streamlines Your Call Center Business

Fast setup

You don’t need big machines or space. Just sign up with Sip2Dial and you are ready to set up your own call center.

Smart Function

You don’t need a dedicated team or a specialist. Sip2Dial allows you to manage your call flows virtually.


Now Increase or decrease the number of calls without hassles. Sip2Dial helps you organize & manage your agents.


You don’t need to buy costly hardware or set up expensive infrastructure. Sip2Dial can turn your computer/mobile into a virtual call hub.

Call Center Software Types

Most frequent questions and answers

A voice broadcasting software allows you to use your mobile number as a customized caller ID, improve your client engagement rate and presence of your brand, send personalized messages to prompt your customers to show their interests on your products by pressing a specific button.

A call tracking software is a type of call center management software that allows a user to track calls back from its webpage to on the web and mobile sources. It provides a unique custom URL tag that permits to show telephone numbers.

A text messaging software Permits non-developers to make virtually any type of text messaging workflow. It Streamlines instant messages by sending particular messages to subscriber segments. Track subscriber patterns and outwardly show the information with responsive subscriber graphing tools.

There are three types of dialer software while we majorly consider predictive and progressive dialer. So overall you can say, a dialer is a kind of call center management software that gives a call center the predicting ability about the callers. It can help you dial a list of phone numbers at once. It reduces the possibility of unanswered calls when no agents are available. The dialer software is one of the advanced software to manage contact centers which is yet to be developed to the highest level after the implementation of AI( Artificial Intelligence).

Automatic call distributor(ACD) is a type of call center management software that ACD helps a contact center to manage the call flow of the center. It can help route calls to the appropriate or skilled agent at your contact center. With ACD, customers can get the right information as well as agents will enhance their training program.

It is a type of call center software, that allows you to connect your telephone networks to your computer. This system can function in both ways like desktop ways and server ways. The integration of the telephone network with a computer can allow call centers to manage their business flawlessly. It is considered as one of the best call center management software to eradicate traditional ways of call center management and encourage advanced methodologies.

Interactive voice response is a type of call center management software that helps customers or callers to route their calls to the appropriate agent. It let the user follow the instructions that are preloaded and choose the right button to speak with the right agent from a specific department. For example- If a customer has to deactivate his service, he dials a toll-free number which instructs him to press a particular button to go to the deactivation department. This not only helps the consumer to get benefitted but also builds a strong trust-bridge between the agent and the customers.