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Inbound Call Center Solution

Inbound calls are the incoming calls from your customers which are done to know about your products, services, and issues related them. An Inbound call center handles these calls and responds to their needs effectively.

Sip2Dial provides seamless inbound call center solutions to its clients with its advanced call center software. Our offered inbound call center solution is client-friendly, result-driven and compatible with various software models such as premise, cloud or Hybrid.

Outbound Call Center Solution

Outbound calls are the outgoing calls from your agents to customers which are done to promote your brand, product, service or for troubleshooting. An Outbound call center handles these calls and manages the trust bridge between agent and client.

Sip2Dial provides intuitive outbound call center solution that suits small, medium and large outbound contact centers. Our provided dialer software is of top-notch quality and ensures hassle-free management of your outbound call flow. Our Dialer software can be easily deployed on Premise, cloud or Hybrid type of model.

Blended Contact Center Solution

The combination of inbound and outbound calls is known as blended calls which include both clients agent queries as well as an agent of client communication. A Blended contact center handles both these calls which require effective contact center solution for better management.

Sip2Dial provides robust, feature-rich and effective blended contact center solution for small, medium and large contact centers. As we offer both inbound and outbound call center solution, the collaboration of these feature-rich software provides effective solutions for your contact center. We help you manage your clients, agents, call volume and organize your call flow instantly with our real-time analysis feature.