Best Dialer Software manage your outbound call flow

Our Predictive Dialer allows you to make automated calls by predicting the situation.

Our Dialers for Contact Centers

Predictive Dialer

This dialer works following a dialing algorithm that predicts when an agent will be available to attend calls. As it makes call automatically by predicting the situation, it is called the predictive dialer.

Uses The predictive dialer of Sip2Dial can be used in large call centers to increase the efficiency of call flow by connecting the callers to the appropriate agents. It is good for B2C calls for example; cold calling, telemarketing or giving an information to a large audience.

Progressive dialer

This dialer works with the indication of the agent whether he/she is available to take the call. Then it follows the database to dial calls automatically.

Uses The Progressive Dialer of Sip2Dial can be helpful for boosting the productivity of small and medium call centers. It helps in lead generation, Enhancing agent-client relationship and the efficiency of agents.

Preview dialer

This dialer works after the agent selects which calls to be dialed from his/her database. As this dialer has less automatic functions, it is otherwise known as the first level of auto dialers.

Uses The preview dialer of Sip2Dial is helpful in a B2B lead generation as it let the agent know the caller manually. It is used in contact centers with less call flow but high talk time; for example, B2B calls within a particular company or organization.

Dialer to Organize Your Outbound Call Flow

In Modern Day Contact Center Industry, Dialers are considered as automatic software for dialing external phone numbers to help agents attend calls selectively. Dialers are otherwise known as auto-dialers due to their high-efficiency in conducting outbound call campaigns.

Key Features of our Dialer Software

CRM Integration

Our Dialers can be easily integrated with any CRM

DND Filtering

Sip2Dial’s dialer filters DND numbers automatically to help telemarketers to scrub mobile numbers against NDNC/NCPR data

Detailed Analytics

Sip2Dial’s dialer is capable of providing relevant call reports, live analytics, campaign reports and dashboards that helps in making good business decisions.

Set Pacing Ratio

Our Dialer empowers supervisors to set pacing ratio which maximizes agent productivity.