Cloud call center software to eradicate the issues in on-premise based systems.

Our cloud call center software allows businesses to manage their call centers remotely and protect their data from external threats.

Sip2Dial’s cloud call center software gives agents the tools and data they need. Our cloud call center software offers an instinctive interface that links customer settings from various channels and directs to various agents.

Increase visibility and transparency and make things much easier.

Cloud Based Innovation - Sip2Dial

The best part about our cloud call center software is that it can eliminate hold time by providing for your clients the alternative to revive an agent call back when their position touches base to the front of the line.

Benefits of Our Cloud Call Center Software

Enabling conveyed
call centers

100 % repetitive
NOC support*

Seamless coordination with CRMs
and backed databases

Ability to convey Pure Cloud,
Hybrid and Private cloud

Why Choose Cloud Call Center Software

Most frequent questions and answers

A cloud call center software needs no infrastructures to be deployed. It only requires a software that is uploaded to the cloud. Businesses do not need to utilize extra device or storage software to install as all the data is stored in the cloud.

For small businesses, it is a crucial thing to spend less and does things in a faster time. Unlike premise-based applications, cloud-based call center software is easy to set up and time-saving.

Long before the introduction of cloud-based call center software, organizations used to install extra software to store the data of their customers.

After the installation of cloud call center software, it will become flexible to manage the data of your customers. The data will be stored on the cloud and can be used by contact centers without putting many efforts.

The conventional contact center can turn out to be an exorbitant undertaking with regards to being versatile. A large investment is required both regarding innovation and also the foundation.

A cloud-based call center software is more advanced than traditional software which means it can easily be scaled up and down to facilitate the needs of various types of businesses.

Security is an essential part of any kind of business be it online or offline. Traditional call center software is not that much effective to provide high-level security. Hence cloud-based call center software is the options for small businesses to provide top class security.

In a cloud call center software, most of the programs are password protected which ensures no third party will be involved in accessing the confidential data of an organization. One of the important features of a cloud-based call center software is that it stores the data on the cloud which is generally encrypted by the highest level of security programming.

The cloud-based call center software is more customer friendlier than conventional call center software. It is easier to integrate, with various applications and your existing computer. So it can help start-up call centers to perform their business without putting in much effort and money.

Though there are hosted call center software and browser-based call center software yet, cloud-based call center software is the clear winner here. It can be easily integrated with different platforms and smartphones which makes it more productive than others.

The most crucial thing that a cloud call center software does is that it stores the data of an organization on the cloud. A cloud call center software requires no extra hardware which means if any disaster happens, it becomes easier for call centers to save their confidential data.

The suppliers handle the majority of the issues and they have a tendency to do it quicker than the normal IT staff of the association. Actually, the speed of the recovery is four times snappier in the cloud-based call center software than the premise based ones.

It is a fact that whatever we do for sustainable industrial growth, we apparently harm our environment. Generally, call centers use huge machinery in large amounts which might be a concern for the eco-system.

The traditional way of contact center business is bulky, time-consuming while the modern way entirely preaches to use the software.

With a cloud call center software, businesses need less amount of machinery to deploy as all the data are stored in the cloud. No extra hardware is needed to deploy for a cloud call center software which means it can be a reliable option to save the environment.

The infrastructural and space costs are additionally lessened and a large portion of the operational costs are incorporated into the package gave by the provider. An extra use of contracting and accounting for the representatives is additionally diminished as a result of the virtual workforce include.

The support which is generally taken care of by the providers is additionally sensibly valued since comparable upkeep work is spread crosswise over numerous customers. With the utilization of cloud call center software, small businesses can economically manage their employees as well as clients.