SIP Trunks

Upgrade Your Existing Phone line with SIP Trunks from Sip2Dial and Save up to 50% on communication costs.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol which is crucial for business communication especially in contact center industry. The functions of a traditional phone line and SIP trunk are almost same but different in one aspect. SIP trunk is virtual while traditional PRI (Primary Rate Interface) is analog. SIP trunk allows all the communications to be routed through the same network and adds your voice data as another IP application to ensure the quality of calls.
Sip2Dial is a leading SIP trunk provider, which means we offer a single solution for your business needs. Your local and international calls will be routed over a single, secure and fully redundant network. With more than 5 data centers around the world, our network is seamless and tailored as per your business needs.

Why Choose SIP Trunk?


With traditional phone lines, you may not be able to scale your needs as per your requirements but SIP allows you to manage your business from remote locations. When your voice and data passes through a single network, it helps you to manage your workers or agents properly.

Cost Saving

With traditional phone service, you need to install extra hardware and software installation while SIP needs no extra installation. SIP trunking also allows you to reduce your costs while international, long distance and local calls. You don’t need to end up with a mystifying bill at the end of your session but get a simple, understandable pricing with SIP trunking.


Traditional wire line communications can get damaged in case any natural disaster occurs. SIP allows you to communicate seamlessly with your clients during natural disasters which makes it an essential way of communication for small businesses. As SIP uses a single network, it is also secure for protecting your information.


If you are using traditional phone lines, you will get limited features while SIP trunking allows you to use multiple features and customize them as per your business needs.