Interactive voice response (IVR) to deliver Your Vision

Using our Interactive voice response (IVR) system you can easily prompt your customers and route them to the right department to fix their issues.

Sip2Dial enables you to adopt a nimble strategy to the manner by which you benefit your client base by means of your Interactive Voice Response software. We replicate real-world call, monitoring and analyzing the outcome of each call to make sure that your clients fulfill their expectations. Our best IVR system architecture Check system capacity with our load test includes, send new iterations to your voice system effortlessly utilizing our useful testing alternative.

Route the caller to the right agent & Thrive with High Call Flow

Our cloud-based IVR system helps organizations in robotizing client associations and business forms. with IVR capabilities, call routing, messaging, feedback collection, analytics, code development and payment processing capabilities features our cloud-based IVR system helps users set up infrastructure and maintain data centers.

What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a type of call center management software that helps customers or callers to route their calls to the appropriate agent. It let the user follow the instructions that are preloaded and choose the right button to speak with the right agent from a specific department. For example- If a customer has to deactivate his service, he dials a toll-free number which instructs him to press a particular button to go to the deactivation department. This not only helps the consumer to get benefitted but also builds a strong trust-bridge between the agent and the customers.

Fax to Email

Sip2Dial’s IVR system empowers its users to receive and send faxes. It allows you to receive faxes on your email ID hence you can access it from any part of the world.

Out dial Capability

Sip2Dial’s IVR system allows call centers to call their customers. The advanced out dial capability feature of Sip2Dial’s IVR gives you numerous option to choose in case your customers are busy or not answering the call.

Launch Program

Our IVR is capable of running another program or call within IVR when you wish. This feature can be used in several practical ways including to run notepad, virus scan, disk defragmentation and back up, this feature can be used.

Web-Based Reporting

The web-based reporting feature has a user-friendly interface which enables you to the graphs of calls on hourly to yearly basis. From this software, you will be able to send invoices to customers. You can easily set the time zone, create the summary report and view all the details of your consumers instantly.

High Call Flows

The most amazing feature of the IVR system is to create high call flows. IVR Scripts can be activated in view of the Access Number (DID) or Mailbox Number Dialed. The more DID or mailbox number you have, you will get different call flows for each number.

Touch Tone Detection

Touchtone detection feature of IVR system which allows Customers to choose from a list of selections like entering the pin code, enter one time password etc. Sip2Dial’s touch-tone detection feature is quick and user-friendly which helps contact centers to manage their customers.

Call Transferring

With our IVR system call transferring of callers becomes easier and faster. Sip2Dial’s IVR system let callers be transferred with a blind transfer and a supervised transfer.

Features of our Interactive voice response (IVR)

Our IVR system is robust, reliable and feature-packed. It will give you a relevant and solid customer base. Now guide your customers to the right agent. Give the required solution. And build your brand like never before.

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Text to Speech

The Text to Speech feature of an IVR system is easy to use and do actions with it. You just need to type any text on your IVR system and it will speak the text to your customer. Call centers can easily pre-record informational messages to guide their customers to attend the right agent.

Voice Recognition

The speech recognition feature of the IVR system is fast, convenient and simple. The voice recognition feature recognizes words, names, letters, numbers and much more. Customers simply need to spell a word; the number or products name and the IVR’s voice recognition feature will recognize their issues and queries.

Database access

The database access feature of Sip2Dial allows users to interact with multiple databases like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft word, FoxPro, SQL Server, Oracle etc. It is capable of performing basic actions such as writing, reading and querying as well.

Voice Messaging

Sip2Dials IVR has the advanced feature of voice messaging which allows the callers to access the IVR system abandon and retrieve messages. The message that is sent by callers is dated and kept in an organized manner.

Voice to Email

Sip2Dial’s IVR system is capable of delivering a voice message to any specified Email address. Users can listen to messages on their computers or mobiles from any internet terminal in the world.

Why Choose Us

Most frequent questions and answers

Our IVR system is feature packed and allows you to do multiple tasks in a single time frame. Our IVR system can collect the information about your customer’s needs and interests in your products. When the callers will follow the instructions from the IVR, they will mention their interests or needs. It will help contact centers in improving the quality of their services.

Our Interactive voice response (IVR) system will help you during the training program of your new agents. You can use pre-recorded voices or messages to let the new aspirants understand the basic rules and regulations of call centers. It will help your call center; get passionate and dedicated agents for your business.

Our IVR system enables call centers to effortlessly deal with high call volumes. Callers will consequently be coordinated to the agent or division that is most equipped for addressing their requirements or will hold up in a line when all specialists are busy.

When callers are instructed by the computer-spoken voice to the specific departments, agents will know the most priority based calls instantly. With our IVR system call centers will be able to know the exact requirements of the callers and assist them according to that.

New businesses and small call centers can utilize our IVRs to influence it to create the impression that their organization is bigger than it really is. In the event that you just have a couple of individuals in your organization, you can design IVR prompts that enable callers to converse with deals, support, advertising or specialized help, and so on. It does not matter which department your customers choose, you can assign a particular person to attend all the calls as well. With an IVR your clients will be inspired by your organization’s demonstrable skill.