User friendliness generally means a product or service that suits to the needs of a user. In Contact center business, users are considered as money, hence the term ‘user-friendliness’ has a lot to do with call centers. A call center software must be user friendly in order to manage the agents and callers. Sip2dial is one of the leading call center software providers in the world today. There are many products and services are there offered by Sip2dial but the interesting part is that they are user friendly and used by thousands of call centers across the globe.

  • More than 10,000 satisfied customers
  • 30% hike in the revenue of call centers
  • Presence in all over the world
  • Awarded Cloud Call Center Software

The Success Story of Sip2dial was never ending, so we decided to sit with Team Sip2dial to develop a little more knowledge regarding client friendliness of Sip2dial.

Q: How did you manage your clients when you began as a start-up?

Team Sip2dial: First and foremost, we must admit that we were not so confident at the beginning. When Sip2dial was launched, we never expected such a huge moment will come one day. We want to confess that we were unable to fulfill the needs of our clients when we were just a start-up. We were unable to convince call center owners to use our products until a few years ago, but we didn’t stop working on our marketing tactics which helped us managing our clients.

Q: What is special about Sip2dial’s cloud call center software?

Team Sip2dial: We can say that the features of our cloud call center software are more advanced than others. Our cloud call center software is equipped with advanced features like outbound call managing, Inbound call handling, call monitoring and recording, Real-time analysis, Campaign with multiple steps and many more. Most of these features are found in other cloud call center software but ours is tested and proven by many independent and authorized organizations.

Q: Is it true that you have more than 10,000 satisfied customers?

Team Sip2dial: What should be the answer to this question? Should we say we have more than that? Yes, we have more than 10,000 satisfied clients who are in contact center business. It is not because we provide more features, more services or solutions but it is the way how we treat our clients. We treat our clients as a family member of ours which is the reason for our success today

Conclusion- It was great to be with Team Sip2dial and ask them about how they have done so much for this industry. Though we asked a few questions we felt the friendly attitude of each and every member of team Sip2dial while conducting this case study.