Sip2dial is one of the pioneers in the contact center industry. From call tracking software to advanced interactive voice response system, Sip2dial has done reasonably well in building highly demanded contact center software. Team Sip2dial is known for its dedication towards their clients and working faster than others in this industry. When it comes to building something new for commercial purposes it’s always a hard task to achieve. The text messaging software of Sip2dial is one of the few milestones that team Sip2dial has achieved in recent years.


Generally creating a text messaging software is not so difficult in this era but challenges arise when the trends of message marketing change day by day. Team Sip2dial was given a responsibility to build an advanced and functionally improved text messaging software just about 2 years ago. They had to change the present scenario and build something futuristic which was necessary at that time. The biggest challenge was to convince the CEO as he was little adamant to make any changes to the current software. He had said at that time “When we are doing well with the present software, why should we take a risk of making changes to it?”. With traditional way of call center business, the ROI was not increasing which was the reason for team Sip2dial willing to build a new text messaging software.


It does not matter how big challenges are, if your mind is firm then you will overcome everything. When the challenge of convincing the CEO came, it took almost a month to make him convinced. After being convinced the CEO stated, “I trust my team and I am not afraid of taking risks for my company”.

The text messaging software was loaded with amazing features when it was done. They were able to put many contact center friendly features in that software such as personalizing text messages, automated responses, viewing responses, sending bulk messages, anonymous visitor tracking, Easy SMS creation, character count and many more.

In the end, the software was made, which was the ultimate solution for contact centers. The revenue of the contact centers mostly depends upon how customers react to their products and solutions. An advanced Text messaging software can not only help contact centers managing their customers but also generate good revenue by saving extra hardware installation costs.


“We never expected such a response from people,” said the Chief developer Mr. Mike Hardy at Sip2dial on the annual success party of Sip2dial last year. Yes, it was indeed a great achievement for team Sip2dial as they had done a great job for small business owners.

There were many call centers which wanted to buy this text messaging software from Sip2dial just after its launch. An independent survey done by an Indian contact center analyst says that the sudden launch of Sip2dial’s text messaging software captured the market in such a way that around 20% of growth has been seen in startup call centers in recent months.