Brand building is important in any kind of business. Call center business needs a strategy with advanced software to be established as a brand. Sip2dial is one of the renowned call center software provider throughout recent few years across the globe. Voice broadcasting software is a must-have a system for a call center business as it allows you to reach millions of people through voice instantly. Here is a case study about Sip2dial’s Voice broadcasting support software and its requirement in brand building.


There were many challenges before Sip2dial introduced its voice broadcasting software into the market. The main problem was that there was a howling in contact centers about implementing extra hardware and software for managing their callers. “We have the vision to give the right solution to our clients by building a reliable voice broadcasting software’’ said the chief designer of Sip2dial in 2014 while addressing a conference of CEOs in the Philippines.

Doing a survey on call centers

Once, John Dewey, a famous American Philosopher had well said ‘’a problem well put is half solved.” Team Sip2dial made repeated surveys on contact centers and their issues on voice broadcasting. They mostly focused on East Asian countries and tried to short out the issues. There were many bugs in the existing software which was revealed by many surveys done by independent agencies.

Preparing a roadmap to success

After the survey was done, team Sip2dial approached many other software providers to build a new and effective software for voice broadcasting. Well, not much responses were received from other companies but still, there was a howling of change among many users. It took few months to build the new voice broadcasting software with zero bugs and advanced features.


A new era of communicating with multitudes of people at one time had started just after the launch of Sip2dial’s voice broadcasting software. The most amazing thing that took place was the hike in the percentage of call centers using Sip2dial’s products. About 23% of startups in East Asia installed the software from Sip2dial because they had already realized the effectiveness of this software. The voice broadcasting software of Sip2dial is now a pioneer in call center industry. It helps small businesses to boost their productivity and establish their brand with a little investment.