How To Fix Your Small Business Issues With Voice Broadcasting Software In 2018?

Voice broadcasting software is a platform to perform mass communication process, known as Voice broadcasting. This form of communication begun in the 1990s and is a mass communication technique, and spread across the world.

Mainly small businesses tried to include this software to increase the productivity of their contact centers. Voice broadcast became one of the dominant methods for corporates and medium enterprises for reaching their target audiences.

In this article, we will try to figure out the importance of voice broadcasting software in small enterprises and fix some basic problems. Whether it is relevant to utilize voice broadcasting software to fix these problems in 2018 or not, we will discuss below.

1. Trouble in Reaching your Target Audience?

Small businesses often spend the very low amount of money and deploy traditional telephony system to reach their target audience or consumers. Traditional telephone systems are less effective and cannot optimize hundreds of your contacts instantly. We are in 2018 and we can use voice broadcasting software to enhance the business communications of ours.

A Voice broadcasting software can help you to reach hundreds of your customers from your existing system within a few minutes. In case you are a start-up or small operation, you will fix your many problems which are directly related to your callers with voice broadcasting software.

2. Problem in customization and app integration?

If you are facing the problem to integrate your telephony system to certain mobile based applications, you can fix this issue with voice broadcasting software. Customization is important in a small business as small businesses are intended to satisfy more customers.

When you customize your voice message recordings, it adds a personal touch of your business in the message. Your customers will be happy after listening to some concerns and peppy talks of their store manager or service provider.

Mobile applications have gone to the next level after the inception of smartphones. Any business that wants to sustain in this competitive world, must admire the importance of mobile applications.

Traditional telephony system has no such facility of mobile app integration while modern voice broadcasting software is easy to install and integrate with various mobile applications.

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3. Trying to be budget-conscious?

It is obvious for a small business to be budget-conscious. Investing a large amount of money can be risk-full for small enterprises especially call centers.

Be that as it may, in 2018 we can fix the problem of expensive hardware and installation. A voice broadcasting software doesn’t need extra installation rather works fine with your existing computer.

The cost of voice broadcasting software is not that much expensive. It is a no-risk option for small contact centers who want to improve the productivity of their brand within a limited budget.

4. Facing troubles in Tracking your callers

If you are a contact center, you need to track your customers to know how they give their feedback on your products and services.

In 2018, you can track the detailed reports of your clients with voice broadcasting software. As a small business, you must track your customers and know the Detailed call broadcast reports.

Most importantly you will be able to know, who is responding to your voice broadcasting messages and who is not which will improve the efficiency of your small business.

5. Failing to make an impact on sales?

Sales mainly mean to market certain products or services with the purpose or pull customers towards a particular service. Voice broadcasting is a very familiar term in the contact center industry which is a way to reach the target audience of a particular brand or product effectively.

If you are unable to expand your sales, you should not be worried at all but utilize a feature-packed voice broadcasting software. A good voice broadcasting software will no doubt strengthen your sales area by allowing you to send thousands of voice messages instantly. This means you can send an ad, appeal, review or send any kind of information to your customers within a few minutes.


In the end, the fact of the matter is that voice broadcasting can definitely be one of the most advanced ways of building a good brand in the contact center industry. For a small business, it is always important to continuously fix problems and grow in this era of cut-throat competition. In this article, we tried to solve a few common problems for small businesses with the available knowledge of voice broadcasting software. We hope this article may help you in solving different types of small business issues with the help of voice broadcasting software.

5 Killer Features Of Dialer Software For A Flying Start-up Contact Center Business In 2018

The dialer is an application utilized as a part of call centers to automate the way toward dialing to outside telephone numbers with the goal that the specialist agents can take care of specific calls specifically. All things considered, since call centers need to expand the profitability per agent they utilize Dialer to monitor the conversations of the agent as well as manage the perspective of the customer.

If you are a start-up call center you should know the importance of Dialer software. Well, Dialer software generally refers to auto dialer software as manual dialers are not considered in this era of technology. There is a preview dialer, predictive dialer, and progressive dialer and we will discuss top 3 killer features that will help you start up a flying call center business.

1. Machine Detection Answering

Machine Detection Answering is one of the basic features that provides contact focuses on the potential to recognize live human picks from answering machines.
It helps the agent to deliver a message to the customer without waiting for telephone calls. Now, how it can help your start-up call center?
Well, machine detection answering can help your contact center to function more efficiently as it will let your newly launched product or service reach to its target audience using machine detection technology.
When your agents will deliver the right message to your customers, the start-up brand will gain the trust of the target audience.

2. Do Not Call

The Do Not Call feature is a crucial feature of a Dialer software. This feature is very important for your start-up call center as it enables the users to put any number in the Do Not Call list by simply clicking on few numbers.
When the client is empowered by this facility, he trusts your agents and the information you share to him. Undoubtedly this is required in a start-up call center and you will get this from the Dialer software.

3. Pre-Qualification of Calls

The least talked but important feature of a Dialer software is to predict the mindset of the customer from the call history. If you have heard about the predictive Dialer, you will visualize this entire phenomenon in your mind.
As a start-up business, you need to fly high which means you don’t need invalid calls at all. The pre-qualification of calls feature allows you to detect whether the caller is interested in your product or not.
The interactive voice response system will follow your consumer and once he responds you will come to know whether it’s a genuine lead or not.
Isn’t is an amazing feature? We think it will help you boost the productivity of your call center as well as the agents.

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4. Recording Calls

Call recording is a common but effective feature of a Dialer software. Call recording feature allows you to check the quality of the calls and help you be secured legally.
Call recording feature allows small contact centers to organize their agents, system and enhance the client-agent trust bridge. One thing you must remember that call center business entirely depends on the customer and its satisfaction.
Your calls are entirely C2B or B2C, which means you are directly interacting with the consumer. This Call recording feature will allow you to train your agents and help your customers in case of anything bad happens.

5. Text-to-Speech

This is the fifth feature we are discussing in this article but don’t think it has less importance. It allows you to prepare the IVR scripts by analyzing the user’s behavior.
Text to speech feature is very easy to operate and client friendly feature which can help your agents to quickly plan scripts for accumulating caller-specific data.


There are many a lot of amazing features are there in an auto-dialer software. In this article we tried to focus on Text-to-speech, call recording, machine answering, Do-not-call and pre-qualification of calls for making your call center business run smoothly. We hope you will get some new and creative idea to start-up as a call center entrepreneur.