Benefits Of Cloud-Based IVR Solution

As technology developed, the cloud-based IVR system developed accordingly. Now there are so many new technologies used in the IVR system. The time has gone where call centers need to maintain stale IVR call flows that offer a frustrating experience to customers. But now the technology has been updated and organizations create an IVR system that is flexible with cloud-based API to connect with the customers efficiently.

Today businesses are thinking that cloud IVR solution is more effective than call. Companies are using IVR service in every field from marketing, sales to customer support. Cloud IVR helps them to connect with their customer 24/7 by providing a self-service solution.

Cloud IVR solution allows businesses to respond to changing business realities with high performance and compliance. As we know cloud-based IVR solution helps call center to provide an effective customer service that leads to customer satisfaction. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of cloud-based IVR solution.

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Cloud-based IVR solution

Before we go to cloud-based IVR solution, first understand what IVR is. IVR software solution is a kind of software solution that allows customers to interact with a computer through DTMF tones by pressing buttons on the mobile or telephone keypad. It helps the business to route calls according to the customer needs. IVR software solution helps businesses to get information about the customers and their needs.

Cloud-based IVR is a kind of IVR system that is hosted in the cloud. Businesses can use an advanced cloud-based IVR solution without bearing squabble, and potential disruptions. Hence, businesses using cloud-based contact centers to minimize capital investments that are used in infrastructure and software.

Advantages of cloud-based IVR


Cloud-based IVR solutions are very effective that helps to reduce business expenses. At the point when calls are permitted to flood the call centers with zero stream control, time is squandered and assets can be abused. Actualizing cloud-based IVR solutions is the most ideal approach to pipe incredibly in, portioning guests into consistent gatherings and afterward passing them legitimately to the operator who can best administration their necessities.


The IVR solution system is not tied to phone hardware, so businesses can scale means adding and/or removing features according to their needs. This is instantaneous and extremely easy. It is another advantage of using cloud-based IVR solutions. There is no need to maintain or install hardware in cloud IVR solutions. Businesses can easily scale IVR services based on their business needs.


On the off chance that you’ve worked with an on-area IVR solution previously, you definitely realize that it is so basic to keep those systems fully operational. You’re most likely additionally mindful of how effectively they can go down. With cloud-based IVR solutions, the odds of personal time are disposed of. This is because of repetitive servers and reinforcement gear, which implies that regardless of whether a server was to go down, the IVR service keeps awake and running.

Performance Enhancing Tools

Cloud IVR additionally gives you an abundance of investigative understanding. First of all, it enables the business to follow the customer call volume, inception, and time allotment. This demonstrates valuable in connection to worker planning. Many call centers see higher call volume amid specific occasions of the day or week. By following this data, you guarantee bottlenecks are stayed away from. This helps cut down on lost business and awful customer reaction.

Increase Leads

Notwithstanding being a device for inbound communication, an IVR can likewise automate the way toward connecting with imminent customers. Maybe businesses need to produce leads for another advance offering or charge card. An outbound IVR can pre-qualify intrigue and bolster lead change, associating qualified prompts a live operator. By empowering deals to get the last known point of interest, your specialists can concentrate on what they are great at selling.


Cloud IVR solution additionally enables businesses to follow workers. This implies approach the measure of calls taken; in general, call span, level of by and large work done versus their colleagues, and the measure of time they spend in different states. This enables businesses to monitor the agent’s efficiency and general execution. If your business needs IVR upgrades, or if you’re looking to change your current IVR system try Sip2Dial’s cloud-based IVR solution free-trial service and explore the differences.

The Importance Of Smart IVR For Your Business

Bad customer experiences always stay with a business for a long time which is not good for the brand product or service. It may affect the next business communications like whether to continue with the brand in the future or not. Nowadays most of the customers prefer to deal with an automated system when place call to call center or contact center. Customers are becoming savvier to deal with these systems.

In this competitive world, businesses understand the importance of customer service and it can’t be ignored. Thus Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system enhances the customer to get their service easily. It is essential for your business to make your customer happy and satisfied. So a good customer service is always important for a business to increasing the brand value of their product and service. Interactive Voice Response makes the customer through self-service without interaction with the agents.
For a brand’s customer service cycle, IVR might be the first touch point. If it does not execute in a proper way your business will lose the customer. So it is essential for a business to ensure a better customer service experience for their customers.

This blog may help for the people who were in the business-to-customer domain. In this blog, we will try to explain to you the basic anatomy of the IVR system and its importance for your business.

IVR- definition and types

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a telephony system that empowers the dial cushion for recognizable proof, division, and steering of guests to the most suitable operator within the team. It is a simple and effective and will essentially lower expenses and increment productivity inside any organization.
A simple IVR system for call center flawlessly courses your customers to the correct specialist or division utilizing adaptable call mechanism. There can be distinctive kinds of IVRs utilized in a call center:

Self-Service IVR

Smart IVR system also called automated voice that allows businesses to serve high call volumes at a low price. It helps to identify and segment callers to resolve their problems without transfer the call to the live agent or operator. When the callers are unable to find the solution they require at that time only calls are transferred to the live agents. This helps the call center agent to become more effective and productive to deal with complex interaction.

Hosted IVR

A hosted IVR solution allows the business to access own IVR application. This allows businesses to provide 24/7 customer service. Hosted IVR system is the best option for businesses to gain loyalty and increase brand value.

Agent-Assisted IVR

This type of IVR helps the call center or contact center to optimize the operation cost as well as deliver consistent customer service. The call center agent can use a pre-recorded voice message to start the dialogue with the customers. This helps the call center to eliminate customer frustrations.

The importance of the IVR system for your Business

The Interactive Voice Response or IVR software use pre-recorded voice prompts and menu to provide information to callers with a touch-tone telephone keypad dialer to gather information about the customers and their queries. Most of the business is now looking for best IVR service provider that helps them to manage an inbound and outbound call center. It helps your business to reduce the cost. Let’s talk about other benefits of an IVR system.

Call Resolution

Customers need an instant solution for their queries. They don’t want to wait for a long time to interact with the agent. Thus companies need to implement smart call routing that route to the best agent of their organization to resolve the solution. Companies need to design smart IVR flow to minimize customer wait time and fast query resolution.

24*7 Customer Service

The main purpose of IVR is to attend customers even if the agents are not available. A smart IVR helps your business to play a pre-recorded message to allow the self-service to the customer.

Handle High Call Volume

A smart IVR system facilitates effective IVR workflows that enable seamless customer support . It helps your business to reduce the customer wait time. A smart IVR system helps your business to handle high call volumes easily and smoothly.

Handle Multilevel IVR

An intelligent IVR system allows multi-level flow in the IVR by using multiple pre-recorded messages. It ensures the companies that their customer is routed to the right agent for queries without the need for human assistance.

Automate Operations

It is essential to automate the IVR for the mundane customer queries resolution so that the agents can focus on solving the important issues. The smart IVR helps to increase agent productivity and also improve customer support and satisfaction.

At the end

IVR system is the best option for improving customer satisfaction. IVR acts as a virtual receptionist that can handle large volumes of calls. There is no need for any person to course the call to the agent. The smart routing facility of IVR system helps to route the call to the available agent to reduce the waiting time of customers.

Interactive Voice Response System – Get IVR For Your Business Here

Businesses often think that the Interactive Voice Response system is only for customer support. Actually, it can do much more beyond customer support. It not only helps to expedite sales but also helps to collect feedback from the customers. Nowadays most of the business uses an Interactive Voice Response system to use in various modern ways to connect instantly with the customer with a small investment of money. Business professionals are using this self-service technology to connect with the customer 24/7. In this article, we will discuss on Interactive Voice response system and how Sip2Dial’s IVR system help you in different ways.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System-Definition

Interactive voice response system or IVR is an automated telephone system that allows businesses to interact with callers and collect information about the purpose of their call and route the call to the appropriate agent or department. The customers enter data utilizing either voice or by making determinations from pre-decided alternatives utilizing their touch-tone phone keypads. Interactive Voice Response system improves call center productivity by precisely directing calls to the most suitable offices or staff to deal with customer needs.
Sip2Dial is a leading call center software solution provider offers the best Interactive Voice Response system to small business who wants to set up a call center to connect with their customers. Sip2Dial’s IVR system helps the business to connect with the customer positively beyond the customer support service.

How Sip2Dial’s IVR system can use in different ways

Lead routing

The interactive Voice response system is rapidly turning into a completely new channel that can bolster business activities and quicken lead generation. A few organizations are replacing outbound telemarketing exercises by pre-qualifying drives utilizing an IVR. For inbound deals, advertisers have found IVR innovation is perfect for lead scoring: like qualifying inquiries on internet frames, you can promptly measure enthusiasm by utilizing an IVR to tune in to a client’s reaction. In the event that the lead scores sufficiently high, Sip2Dial’s IVR can guide the call to a certified deals specialist to finalize the negotiations.


Client’s IVR experience is the same then some other association with the brand. Proactive advertisers realize that when inbound calls happen, it’s a prime chance to infuse brand esteems, present an extraordinary offer, or convey a custom showcasing message while steering them to their asking for the goal. Interactive Voice Response frameworks are likewise being utilized in coordinated showcasing efforts: by including a basic IVR telephone number to an email or print commercial and neighborhood numbers work best. With Sip2Dial’s Interactive Voice Response system, Clients can undoubtedly call to participate in a challenge, recover a unique offer, or take an overview and amid those mechanized calls, imperative promoting messages can be reaffirmed.

Payment Processing

One of the more conspicuous and worthwhile works of IVR is to allow customers to coordinate clear payments, for example, paying bills or invigorating record information. The usage of IVR, for this circumstance, grows settlement by empowering customers to reach tone or voice-started development. With a keenly arranged phone menu, Sip2Dial’s IVRs empower you to easily tailor call streams to capably and securely pipe your visitors. For associations, the usage of this personal development contraption makes gathering portions direct and customers slant toward it.


When booking a client appointment, make sure to ask customers for their telephone number to send an update utilizing IVR technology . Automated reminders of reservation in the restaurant, planned vehicle fixes, or pending medicinal appointment are progressively turning into the standard. The comfort factor alone makes it an easy decision for clients to share their telephone number. What’s more, with regards to decreasing no shows, Sip2Dial’s IVRs have made colossal investment funds for organizations.

For survey

Surveys are an incredible method to collect prompt criticism and settle on educated business choices dependent on client input. There is numerous customer call center in which a survey is fitting, the most widely recognized of which is following an ongoing exchange or communication with client service. Sip2Dial’s IVR-empowered overviews are generally constrained to only a couple of decision questions, with the most imperative inquiry situated from the get-go in the call to oblige for client drop-off! Since the IVR can catch the voice of the client, another best practice is to ask open-finished inquiries rather than offering a menu of reactions. Anyway actualized, IVR Surveys are a perfect technique to gather continuous input so business can adjust with the clients’ consistently evolving requirements.

Receptionist Software: Get Here Free Virtual Receptionist Software

In call centers when we talk about a receptionist, it refers to a human agent or a programmed device. In today’s world, virtual receptionist software is being used by most call centers. Handling customers and their issues today requires professionalism and alertness. For human agents, it is very difficult to bring a hundred percent perfection.

Call centers require intuitiveness and perfection to give their customers a good experience and quality service. Therefore they also need to be available every time. In this blog, we will discuss Sip2Dial’s receptionist software and how it can help enterprises to give the right solutions to their customers at the right time.

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What Is Virtual Receptionist Software?

Virtual receptionist software is a software system that receives calls, texts web content automatically. It is a form of artificial intelligence. Generally, the interactive voice response (IVR) system is regarded as the prime virtual receptionist software but there is other software that also does the same. In the future, we might see AI-powered systems in contact centers to take the calls of customers.

IVR Recording Software

How Sip2Dial’s Receptionist Software Helps Call Centers?

1. Receiving All Phone Calls

Sip2Dial’s Virtual receptionist software is useful in overseeing calls for organizations. These days’ organizations are conveying receptionist software to not release any of their guests without getting any reaction. Virtual receptionist software with A.I can be amazingly critical later on.

2. Empowering Web Chat

Sip2Dial’s receptionist software isn’t constrained to calls just yet online communications too. At the point when clients connect through a site and look for cooperation from operators by means of live visit, virtual receptionist software keeps them occupied by profiting them required data.

3. Helping In Agent Training

Virtual receptionist software can keep the recorded information on customer and agent interaction. This encourages call centers to prepare their specialists by profiting them the pre-recorded calls of senior administrators or supervisors. Pretty much every call centers use pre-recorded calls to prepare their specialists these days.

Receptionist Software

Sip2Dial’s Receptionist Software Features

A. Call Tracking

A live agent should have the capacity to follow every single approaching call, active calls, missed calls, calls made to every division. It will enable you to realize your clients better and offer them superior involvement as far as what they’re hoping to accomplish from the call.

B. Call Recording

All client discussions, including missed calls, ought to be recorded for close observing of procedures and delegates. The recorded calls are important for agents to know their mistakes and accomplishments. The call recording feature will also allow call centers to train their new agents.

C. Analytics

Get all applicable call reports, live examination and battle cover a bound together dashboard. See how clients are communicating with your business and settle on better business choices. The Analytics feature of Sip2Dial’s virtual receptionist software allows you to see the daily achievements of your call center.

Virtual Receptionist Software

Get Here Sip2Dial’s Receptionist Software For Free

Sip2Dial’s receptionist software is equipped with advanced feature and intuitive interface. You can easily register with us for a 30 days free trial of our software.

Free Voice Broadcasting Software – Get Here Free Voice Broadcasting Software

Today voice broadcasting is used by most businesses for promoting their brands. It is a process that allows businesses to broadcast bulk pre-recorded calls to hundreds of recipients at once. The tool that is used to execute this process is known as voice broadcasting software.

There is numerous voice broadcasting service providers available today across the world. For a start-up call center it becomes difficult to choose the right voice broadcasting software with advanced features. In this blog we will discuss on the features of Sip2Dial’s free Voice broadcasting software.

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Get The Best Features Of Sip2Dial’s Free Voice Broadcasting Software

Transfer Calls To Right Agents

This feature allows users to make their agents attend those calls that they have expertise. This feature allows callers to be transferred to the right agent if they feel it necessary to have a conversation with a live agent. This is one of the most important features of voice broadcasting software.

Features Of Broadcasting Software

Data Import & Filtering

The data import and filtering feature of Sip2Dial’s voice broadcasting software allows users to import their data from other devices and filter it as per their requirements. For example, you can use the data import feature to get the phone numbers of customers and filter it on the basis of the ages or activities of customers.

Customized Caller ID

The customized caller ID feature of Sip2Dial’s voice broadcasting software, allows users to manage their customers effectively. Customized caller ID allows you to give a name to a phone number so that it can be displayed on your dialed list. For example, when you type ‘X’, the number of X will be displayed on the screen and you will be able to dial the number easily.

Integration With Mobile


Sip2Dial’s voice blast software is mobile friendly and designed in such a way that it is compatible with various mobile and PC based applications. This feature allows users to access various data on their mobile and computers. Users can use this data for various purposes like knowing about their customers and their interests.

Voice Blast Software

Personalization Of Messages

The personalization of voice messages enables customers to schedule their messages as per their requirements. With this feature, call centers can track the activities of their customers and broadcast their messages (promotional/informational) to them as per their requirements.

Auto Re-Dial And Re-Send

The auto re-dials and re-sends feature of Sip2Dial’s voice broadcasting software allow users to reach their customers even when they are not ready to answer the calls. For example, you dial a number and it does not respond. In this case, this feature allows you to resend the voice message to your customers automatically.

Voice Broadcasting Software

Multi-Language Support

In call center business, a multi-language feature of broadcasting systems is important. If you see the Indian customers, they are totally diverse on the basis of languages. Therefore this feature can help call centers to target audiences from different geographical regions across the globe.

Report On Callers’ History

The voice broadcasting software of Sip2Dial has the feature of historical reporting. This feature helps call centers view the history of callers. For example, when a caller responds to the voice broadcasting message via IVR system and interacts with the live agent, this will be displayed in the history. Apart from this, all messages that are broadcasted will also be displayed to the user.