Bulk SMS: How It Helps To Improve Your Business Presence

In the present competitive world of the market, everyone wants to be top. The marketing strategy is also changing according to customer needs. As we all know customer always demands unlimited benefits. Now businesses use digital platforms to connect with customers. A digital platform helps businesses to track growth and promotion of their business. Some businesses use web advertising to increase customer number. But there has some limitation in web advertising as it only reaches to the customers who used computers or laptop with an active internet connection.

Bulk SMS marketing, the most effective medium of communication nowadays. Bulk SMS helps businesses to reach their target audience. It also helps businesses to make their presence in the market. Today most of the people use mobile or smart-phones. People every time checking whether there is a new message or not. This text message is the easiest medium to reach customers. In this article, we will discuss how bulk SMS marketing helps to improve business presence.

What Is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a type of software service that allows businesses to send a large number of messages to a group of customers at the same time. While advertising product offering or service, bulk SMS service is one of the best media to use, this really flexible medium can likewise be utilized to improve customer.

Bulk SMS marketing is one of the popular kinds of mobile marketing. It is the quickest, easiest and cost-effective way to deliver information. Bulk SMS has a great open and response rate than compared to email marketing.

How Bulk SMS Helps To Improve Your Business Presence

Most of the businesses use bulk SMS to increase the leads and make their presence in the market. With a minimum investment of money, businesses can get effective ROI. The other benefits that it helps the business to improve their business presence

1. Speed

Business can send Bulk SMS whether it is a transactional or promotional message, a business can send bulk SMS in seconds. It helps to connect with the customer instantly.

2. Flexibility

Businesses can send bulk SMS to thousands of people whether it is a small or large group. One will dependably be able to alter the SMS crusades relying upon the supporters. In the event that one is gazing upward to report another brand, the messages can be effectively adjusted according to the necessities.

3. High Open Rate

The open rate of the message is high as compared to the email or fax. The open rate of the message is 95% while Email has 3%. Thus sending bulk SMS has a full chance of open rate. Earlier when businesses send bulk emails it was not checked by the recipient or in some cases ended in the spam folder. But sending a bulk message has a 100% chance of opening this. The recipient open as well as read all the messages.

4. Higher Conversion Rate

Bulk SMS is more focus and importance as compared to other traditional media. However some contest most of the recipient prefer to get in a conversion.

Short And Precise Messaging Style

Most of the customer believes, 160 characters may not help in passing the correct data as the message. The vast majority of the beneficiaries give positive reactions to exact and short messages, which are clear and do not set aside much effort to get mindful of the item or service advertised. One can even utilize short codes for the reason.

Maximum Reach

Today almost each and every people use mobile phones or smartphones. Bulk SMS helps businesses to reach the most numbers of people across the world. Studies state that a person in the city has just about 3 mobile phones for each individual. The number of people how to love content and get message has expanded significantly as of late. That is the reason bulk SMS marketing procedure can build the span of your battle effectively.


If you want to expand the site traffic to your organizations, the above ways are exceptionally useful in making a lead with Bulk SMS promoting methodology. It can assemble a confided in business with your imminent customers. A well-arranged methodology of SMS Marketing brings more customers, just as aides in structure positive associations with present clients. Sip2Dial is a leading call center software solution provider offers bulk SMS service for all types of business. Sip2Dial’s bulk SMS service helps businesses to make their presence in the market and generates leads.

The Impacts Of SMS Broadcasting On Our Business

Customers’ never-ending communication requirements have created new terms and conditions. The diversity of these terms and conditions has given rise to messaging as a unique and effective form of communication these days. Communication via messaging let businesses build trust in their consumers more than any other conversation channels. Message broadcating is a mode of communication that enables organizations to use the promptness of Text Messaging with the adequacy of One-to-One Conversation. It does not just have the ability to draw in your clients once a day yet, in addition, can start setting based two-way discussions that assistance in boosting deals.

In this article, we will try to give a brief discussion on SMS broadcasting and its impacts on our business.

First, Understand What Is SMS Broadcasting

SMS Broadcasting is a technique for sending instant messages in bulk to a large number of customers. Generally, you are communicating your instant message to your clients with opportune data legitimately to your client’s versatile. It helps to send outbound SMS in substantial amounts to clients from your web or portable application (e.g., sports scores, crisis cautions) or even gather information from your customers (e.g., political surveying, item reviews). There are two types of SMS broadcast such as:

Common SMS Broadcast

Clothing and food business use SMS Broadcast to publicize their advancement plots that are on, amid deal periods. “Good day! Skirts and Shirts are having a party time from 12 pm to 4 pm. everything is on a flat 40% discount, only for now!” These sorts of messages are SMS communicates with no close to home alterations. Their motivation is to educate something basic to a substantial group.

Variable SMS Broadcast

Variable SMS broadcast uses by cell phone industries, banking sector, and telephone sectors. They utilize individual modifications in spaces that are variable. For example, the name is a variable; the outbound framework brings information for those spaces from the connected database. These communicate incorporate various factors. At the point when the body of the message is the equivalent however some data changes, the outbound system database by and by proves to be useful.

Benefits of SMS Broadcasting

1. Great Convenience

Regardless of whether it is through mobile or online SMS, instant messages stay to be an extraordinary method to convey. What is far superior is that they are simpler to make and spread, particularly when SMS communicate is utilized. Utilizing only one number to send to many, you can eliminate promoting time and endeavors.

2. Affordable Price

Sending instant messages by bulk is moderately cheap as compared to conventional media. Be that as it may, the reaction rate is stunningly high, which is something you would not accomplish through print media. You can send a mass text message to announce (SMS Broadcasting) exceptional advancements, make client studies and different campaigns without spending a great deal.

3. Direct Response

As long as the content of the SMS appeals to a client, a direct and quick response is almost always guaranteed. What does it take for a prospect to respond, anyway? Knowing that they’re dealing with a local phone number can put them at ease and thus respond quickly.

Sip2Dial’s SMS Broadcasting Software

A cloud telephony company like Sip2Dial uses SMS Broadcasts to follow who has been conveyed the message and the sky is the limit from there. Organizations can utilize them to track who is normally perusing these messages. This encourages them to center around focusing on those individuals more. This level is diminishing expenses for individuals who are not getting messages and exchange those expenses to create potential clients. The cloud sagaciously prevents messages from going to individuals who are in DND mode.

You can likewise utilize SMS Broadcast to publicize numerous others of your cloud communication solution . Your messages can contain your without toll number subtleties, or a number that you have elevated to get assessments utilizing missed call administrations; or virtual numbers and so forth.

By using Sip2Dial’s SMS broadcasting software you can generate leads for a particular purpose. This is the impact of SMS Broadcasting in our business.

Best Text Messaging Service – Get The Best Text Messaging Service Here

Today we all are familiar with text messaging. It is the easiest and quickest method of communicating any sort of text messages. Conventional telephony system allows us to send text messages via our mobile phones for personal purposes. But this process is not used in the commercial sectors. Businesses require Bulk SMS sending which is not possible via traditional text messaging systems.

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Therefore to achieve their goals businesses depend on Text messaging software. Text messaging software allows businesses to send Bulk SMS to hundreds of recipient at the same time. But sometimes it becomes difficult for small or start-up businesses to choose the best text messaging service in their region.

There are many text messaging service providers available nowadays. To choose an affordable yet reliable text messaging service is not an easy task. Businesses need to analyse things comparatively before making a decision. In this blog, we will tell you about Sip2Dial, the best text messaging service provider in India. We will discuss on features and advantages of Sip2Dial’s text messaging software here.

Bulk SMS Texting

Administrative Features of Sip2Dial’s Text Messaging Software Services


For businesses, creating workflows is important. The cloud-hosted Text messaging software allows you to make any type of workflow virtually.


With the subscriber segmenting feature, administrators can divide recipients based on various aspects to streamline the instant messaging process and improve the productivity of their team.


The subscriber analytics feature empowers small businesses to track the patterns of customers and show the information of clients with responsive subscriber graphing tools.


The messaging analytics is one of the best administrative features of Sip2Dial’s business text messaging software. It allows businesses to track their achievements and goals.

Business Text Messaging Software

Why Sip2Dial Is Best For You?

Highly Responsive

  1. Highly responsive on mobile and PCs due to friendly UI.
  2. Designed to emphasize multiple conversations
  3. Becomes responsive when agents need to be alerted.
  4. Helps businesses to collaborate with branches and transfer conversations.

Easy To Manage

  1. It is easy to set-up without any bulky hardware installation.
  2. It is user-friendly due to its open-source interface.
  3. The mobile compatible dashboard allows you to see current statistics and wait times.
  4. You can access your Bulk SMS account anywhere.

Robust Functionality

  1. Surpass geographical hurdles and reach your target audience.
  2. Create one to one conversations with group broadcast messages.
  3. Personalize your text messages without spams and errors.
  4. Supports data encryption and cloud access when required.

Text Messages

Employees Friendly

  1. Capable of handling multiple conversations.
  2. Gives response when employees are occupied.
  3. Facility to analyse customers’ history.
  4. Ability to integrate with other systems and applications.

How to Get Sip2Dial’s Text Messaging Software

Unlike other text messaging service providers, Sip2Dial gives you the best value on your investment. You do not need to spend your money before trying our Text messaging software freely for 30 days. Remember 30 days is a long time because other providers provide only 15 days free trial facility. If you want to know the pricing structure, you can chat with our experts. And after that, you can fill the registration form for a free Trial. Now you can explore the features and benefits of Sip2dial’s text messaging software.

Business Text Messaging Software – Get Here Best Business Text Messaging Software For Your Call Center

Nowadays text messaging software has become an integral part of call center business. They are using text messaging for sending promotional and informational notifications to their clients. Different sectors like E-commerce, logistics, Medical and educational sectors are using Bulk-SMS to improve their brand value.

As per definition text messaging software is a tool that is used to send messages to multiple recipients at the same time. In this blog, we will discuss Sip2Dial’s text messaging software and how it can help your business.

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Main Features of Sip2Dial’s Text Messaging software

1. Multiple Conversation Management

Sip2Dial’s Text messaging software is designed for small businesses. The multiple conversation management features of Sip2Dial allow call centres to manage hundreds of message recipients at a time.

2. Multi-User Log In

Sip2Dial’s text messaging software allows users to log in to the text messaging software and manage conversations from the same number. Each user can view the conversation with various recipients as they come to the portal.

3. Message Scheduling

The message scheduling feature of Sip2Dial allows users to schedule their messages and send to recipients whenever they want. It helps call centres to reach customers and make them read the messages they want to convey.

Text Messaging Software Scheduling

4. SMS To Mail Forwarding

The SMS to mail forwarding feature of Sip2Dial allows businesses to forward text messages to the Email of customers for making sure they read the messages.

5. Sip2Dial API

Sip2Dial Developers API helps call centers to sync their contacts and inbound, outbound call log list. It is intuitive and convenient for everyone to use.

Why Sip2Dial’s Business Text Messaging Software Is A Must For Call Centers?

A. Gives You Immediate Results

According to CTIA, text messages are seen within 90 seconds while Emails take almost 60 minutes to be seen. Therefore Sip2Dial gives power in your hands to interact with your customers the way you want. As the response rate is high on text messaging, you can get immediate results.

B. Allows You Connect Offline Clients

If you have problems in reaching your customers who live in remote areas, text messaging can be more effective. Those recipients, who have no internet connection, can easily receive your text message. Therefore Sip2Dial’s business text messaging software becomes effective in building a solid customer base for you.

Text Messaging Software

C. Cheaper Than You Think

Sip2Dial’s text messaging software is cloud-hosted therefore you do not require any additional and costly hardware deployment. You can easily start your campaign without spending much capital and expect a good ROI from your Bulk SMS campaign.

Get Sip2Dial Business Text Messaging Software Now!

Sip2Dial offers you a 30 days free trial facility of its B2B text messaging software. You can easily sign up with Sip2Dial and register yourself to explore the amazing features of Sip2Dial’s text messaging software.

Text Message Marketing To Help Start-Up Educational Institutes

Education is one of the important sectors for investment. But nowadays, competition is at its peak in the education sector. Hundreds of educational institutes are now available for students. Though it is a good thing for people, yet it closes the doors for young entrepreneurs in this sector.

Business leaders suggest utilizing creative ways of marketing to create space for start-up businesses. I have seen many coaching sectors still using outdoor advertising to target their audiences. I don’t know how effective these ideas are in this era of technological advancements, but they have also aspirations to grow.

Anyways, can we use advanced software mechanism to help educational institutes in marketing? What about text message marketing? We know text messaging is one of the most effective ways of lead conversion as it is instant and to the point. Here we will see how marketing through text messages can help start-up educational institutes.

It Is Cost-Savvy

The first good thing about text message marketing is that it is cost savvy. As a start-up business, you do not need to buy costly equipment to conduct a bulk SMS campaign, but text messaging software. You can easily operate it through your existing computer and send thousands of promotional messages to your target audience. Start-up coaching centers can easily reach to students via text message marketing without spending money on posters and hoardings.

It’s Scalable & Mobile Friendly

Scalability simply is the ability to scale flexible from various states or levels. When anything that you use becomes scalable, it helps you in different circumstances in your business. Text messaging is scalable when it comes about marketing. A small business can utilize SMS marketing, as well as a corporate, can use it. For educational institutions, youth is the major target audience today. And anything that is mobile-friendly attracts the youth. A text messaging software can be a good choice for scalability and mobile-friendliness, not only that, you can use the text messaging software to send messages from PC to mobile.

Customizable & Secure

When educational institutes customize their text messages, they simply add extra characters to their texts and schedule their messages. For example, when a banking institute sends promotional messages to its target audiences in different areas, it can schedule their messages for different areas. It will increase the chance of the messages to be read by the recipients. Start-up educational institutes can use it for promoting an event such as Admission dates, Form fill-up dates etc. Text messaging is secure as it does not require internet.

High Conversion Rate

In many surveys by various marketing experts, it has been found that the response rate to an SMS is higher than that of an E-Mail. Nobody really likes to turn on the internet and check its mail but SMS, on the other hand, is offline and instant. It can help start-up Education institutes to attract their target audience via Text message marketing.


In the end, marketing holds the key for businesses in this era of cut-throat competition. According to CTIA, the response rate to an SMS is 90 seconds while to an Email is 90 minutes. Hence we thought to focus on how SMS marketing can help the education sector in this article.