4 features that give Sip2dial’s Virtual Receptionist Software an edge over a Traditional Call Center Software

Inbound call center software

Today, we are in the 21st century and doing enormous development in the field of information and technology. The growing industry of contact centers in this world especially in Asian countries is one of the biggest achievements of technology for us.

Let’s talk about traditional call centers which have gained the attention of many consumer analysts in recent years. Well, a traditional call center generally means a call center where employees sit adjacent to each other and take care of the client business needs. The needs of customers can be random so as the agents who receive their calls in traditional contact centers. In traditional call centers, agents can work from a particular workstation but not from different distant geographical locations.

What is a Virtual Receptionist Software?
Virtual receptionist software is also known as call center software which exactly does what is expected from a receptionist. Generally, a receptionist at a traditional call center or at any private organization answer the call, welcome the caller, and intelligently forward the calls to the right department.

A virtual receptionist software ensures none of the queries of a customer goes unanswered which not only builds a good client-agent relationship but also boosts the brand image. Nowadays there is much advanced virtual receptionist software are available in the market. A good virtual receptionist software can do much more than your expectations. Here are 6 amazing features of Sip2dial’s Virtual Receptionist software/ Call center software that beats traditional call centers.

Call Tracking

Call tracking software is one of the most important features in a virtual receptionist software. It will be able to track all your incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls, calls made to each department and more. It is a must-have feature for every call center software as it helps companies to know their customers’ needs and communicate them well. Unfortunately, traditional call centers don’t have this facility due to lack of virtual receptionist software.

Call Recording

Today most call center software includes call recording as an essential feature for contact center business. In traditional call centers there are call recording options but not as much advanced as modern call centers where virtual receptionist software plays the most important role. Call recording feature must be advanced in order to record clearly all the customer’s conversations including missed calls. This can help improve the quality of conversation at contact centers and also allow senior agents to train junior representatives as per the desires of the customer.


Interactive voice response is another amazing feature that gives virtual receptionist software an edge over traditional call centers. Your IVR can make your brand shine by letting the customer know that you give priority to your customers more than anything else. Interactive voice response (IVR) system helps you route your customers to the right agent or department. It helps them get real-time information about services and products of yours. Therefore IVR is considered as one of the most important features in virtual receptionist software.

Spam Blocking

Spam blocking means to block fraud or irrelevant calls that increase the talk time rate of your agents. It helps you distinguish the most important customers of yours. You can easily know which customer needs help and give them appropriate solutions. Spam blocking feature is a basic yet must-have features for call center software.


Virtual receptionist software has become a part of call centers nowadays. You can also use this to fulfill your private needs as well. But generally for start-up businesses, it is a great tool to build a solid customer base.