5 Ways To Handle Angry Callers In Your Call Center

Human beings are made of certain beliefs or prejudices. These beliefs are composed of emotions and feelings. When things are in your favor, you will be happy while if it does not go your way, you can be sad or angry.

Call center business is all about dealing with the feelings and emotions of customers. Sometimes you will deal with an extremely happy and gentle customer, sometimes an annoyed one and sometimes a furious caller.

It is not an easy task to deal with frustrated or angry callers for a customer support executive. Some agents handle angry customers well while some fail to do so. We will try to find out 5 important ways to handle angry callers through this post.

1. Remember The Protocols

The first thing agents need to remember is the training protocols they learn during their training period. During the training period, the agents are made to follow verbiages and other technical protocols. Hence these basic protocols can help your agents handle any type of caller.

2. Don’t Take Things Personally

If you see army personals, they kill people, destroy areas but they are not called as criminals. It’s simple as they don’t do it to fulfill their personal purpose but the purpose of their nation. Similarly, you can learn things from them and not consider anything personal while working in a call center.

3. Let The Customer Speak

Always remember, the customer remains on the top in the eco-system of a business. Call center business is all about interacting with your customers and solving their issues. Therefore always give priority to the customer. For callers, the call center business sustains. Try to be a good listener and listen to the customer first before speaking anything. This will make the customer feel that you really care for his issues.

4. Sympathize With The Caller

In call centers, agents often encounter with some frustrated callers who come up with some issues like credit card not working, balance deducted or system not working. In such circumstance, the agent must sympathize with the caller before addressing to her/his queries. This will make the caller feel good and remain intact with the brand your call center endorses.

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5. Try To Solve The Problem

Lastly, the agent should make his goal to solve the problems of the customer. If the issue is not big, then the agent should try to solve it immediately from his end instead of giving any processes or methods of solutions to the caller. If the agent is not able to handle the caller, he should immediately forward the call to his senior executives or managers.


It is a fact that call center business is one of the most growing sectors across the world today. It gives employment to thousands of youths. In this blog, we tried to figure out five basic tips for the agent while dealing with an angry customer.

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