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Cloud Call Center solutions

Cloud call center solutions definition

Cloud call center solutions are a product or service that is based on cloud technology for call centers. In other words, cloud call center software is used to provide cloud call center solutions.

Today there are hundreds of cloud contact center solutions providers across the world. Therefore businesses often get confused while choosing the right call center software for their call centers. In this article, we will do a comparison between Sip2Dial and other providers cloud call center solutions.

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Cloud call center software comparison



Sip2Dial is cloud-based call center software that has all the advanced features you need to start up a call center business.


There are many call center software providers who lack in many advanced features like customized call queues, built in CRM etc.



Sip2Dial is specially designed for small businesses, therefore the pricing of Sip2Dial is much cheaper than other providers in the market.


Many renowned call center software providers are there who do not reduce their cost due to their strategic alliance with big corporate houses.



Sip2Dial is a flexible call center software that has proven it’s efficiency by helping thousands of small businesses across the globe.


Many Good cloud call center solutions providers are there who provide great services yet they cannot be said as efficient because of the fewer uses of their services by small businesses.



Sip2Dial is a leading call center software that provides 24/7 support to its users. As small businesses often hesitate to embrace new technologies, this is a great initiative taken by Sip2Dial.


In this case, many other providers also do the same as Sip2Dial does but they need to be more supportive to start-up call centers.

Free Trial


When it comes about a free trial, Sip2Dial is way ahead of other companies. It provides a 30 days free trial of its cloud call center solutions.


There are many contact center solutions providers who offer 10-15 days of free trial to the users. This is only good for an established call center but not for start-up businesses.

Top Cloud Call Center Software Features of Sip2Dial


Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Skills-Based Routing

Customized Call Queues

Multi-Level IVR


Predictive Dialer

Click to Dial

Call back schedule

Local number option


Multiple campaign management

Historical reporting

Agent performance dashboard

Business Tools Integration



Call recording

Do not disturb

Call conferencing

How to Start Up With Sip2Dial

Try not to stress? You don’t have to buy exorbitant equipment. Very little speculation is required too. When you enlist with Sip2Dial, their specialists will complete a little overview. Also, inside a couple of minutes, you will have the capacity to introduce their cloud call center solutions. It is exceptionally intended to help new companies and small ventures.

What Benefits You will get

Great Customer Service

Sip2Dial is designed to help your agents to access, pool and exchange information in real-time. With Sip2Dial you will be able to offer a great customer service to your consumers.

Analyzing power

Sip2Dial gives you the power to analyze your performance and track the metrics of your contact center. This will help you take strategic decisions for your business.

Best Performance

Sip2Dial is very flexible to use. Therefore you can expect the best in class performance from Sip2Dial.

Cloud call center solutions: Final Thoughts

If you are a call center business owner, you need to decide what type of cloud call center solutions you need. Your decision may change the entire scenario of your business. Therefore you must pick the right call center solutions wisely. In this article, we presented you the comparative analysis of Sip2Dial’s cloud call center solutions. If you find this article helpful, please do not forget to give your views below in the comment box.

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