Open Source Call Center Software – Definition, Features and Benefits for Small Businesses

Open source call center software is a type of call enters software that has its source code open for developers and non-developers. Basically, when a system is developed on the open-source framework, it is considered as a free system for everyone to modify and distribute further.

Nowadays open source software or technology is very important. It gives everyone an equal chance to contribute to developing software or technology. Open source call center software has changed the conventional call center industry drastically. It has given small businesses an opportunity to customize their call center software system as per their requirements.

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Basic Features of an Open source call center software

1. Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is one of the basic call center software that is even found in open source call center software. It works automatically to call or attend calls in the absence of a human agent. A predictive dialer is used both in inbound and outbound call centers.

2. Click-To-Call

In open source call center software, click to call feature is a basic feature. This feature allows the agents to make outbound calls without hassles. This feature brings you the database of your customers which make you easily determine your customers’ needs.

3. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

Automatic call distributor (ACD) is an important feature for a call center. It helps route incoming calls to the right agent. It is capable of delivering effective results during high call loads. Automatic call distributors also handle call duration call volume and wait for time.

4. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive voice response (IVR) system is the most important feature in a call center. Nowadays the IVR system is being used in different areas like the health sector, the education sector, and the defense sector. This feature prompts the customer with preloaded voice messages and redirects to the right call center agent.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Open Source Call Center Software

A. You Get Customizing Option

With open source call center software, you will get personalization option easily. This means your developers can easily research your needs and design the software the way you want. You can add various options and contribute to the security, UI and other aspects of it.

B. You Can Choose Features

Open source call center software allows you to add or reduce features. If you want limited features, you can reduce your features from it. As its source code is open you will not face any problems in modifying it. When it comes about defense sectors it really becomes important to strengthen the security of call center software.

C. You Can Integrate It With Apps

Another important benefit of open source call center software is that it can be modified to support various applications. It can also be integrated with various mobile phone based applications. This will help small businesses to boost their productivity.


In the end, open source call center software is important for various sectors like health, defense, and education. In this article, we provided some details on the features of open source call center software. If you find this article informative, do not miss to say a few words below in the remark box.