6 Must Have Call Center Software Solutions For Start-Up Inbound Call Centers

Call center software solutions are essential to set up revenue generating call centers. There are various call center software solutions providing companies are there today, however, some basic software is there to be chosen by every startup call center.

Startup call centers dependably confront deterrents to produce a satisfactory measure of income. They lose their beat in the mid-method for the rivalry. Here are 6 must have call center software solutions for start-up call centers. Check it now!

1. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

It is essential for any bustling inbound call center to use a decent call distributing system. There are various types of enterprises around the globe who need to achieve their intended interest group by giving them great services and solutions. Inbound Contact centers are important to tell customers about items and services. Programmed call Distribution arrangement permits contact focuses to successfully course guests to the most appropriate expert or division in perspective of pre-described information.

2. Multi-Level IVR solution

As ACD is the establishment of significantly other essential inbound Call Center Software solutions. Multi-level IVR comes next in the rundown. Present day multi-level IVR solutions let customers choose where they need to be directed according to a progression of prompts. It permits inbound contact centers to redo the welcome, menus, levels and prompts so visitors can tune in to narratives with obliging information, was guided to a specific expert or leave a voice message for a division. One can state immovably today that Multi-level IVR is an income producer for occupied inbound call centers.

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3. Skill-Based Routing

Skill-based call routing is at last known as the last instrument in a start-up inbound call centers call steering toolbox. These call focus programming arrangements courses guests to the most qualified operators who can tackle their issues or offer proper advice in light of the Interactive voice reaction (IVR) choices. Expertise Based steering highlight is equipped for setting abilities of specialists, enhancing the nature of customer operator discussion according to land areas.

4. Customized Call Queues

Call queues are basic things in occupied inbound call centers. To enhance the client encounter contact centers must be comfortable with arranging and dealing with the cell lines. It is fundamental for each call center business to have their different lines for every department. At the point when most extreme line measure, holding up limits in each queue and different highlights like call back from queue and line to voicemail is resolved, contact centers can run easily pointing towards a superior ROI and great customer agent relationship.

5. Built-in CRM

At the point when callers are directed to an agent that is inexperienced, they don’t get the correct solutions. It is imperative to course consumers to the most qualified agent however it is only the half piece of the fight. Steering callers to the most proper agent is just a large portion of the fight to giving the first-rate benefit in a busy inbound call center. To determine client issues, the specialist ought to have the correct data about the customers. The best device to enable operators to take care of business right is called an implicit CRM and upgraded caller ID. Agents can easily gather all the data about the caller with the built-in CRM. The Built-in CRM will give the executives to get to the whole call history, a chance to call chronicles, voice messages and a greater amount of the guest progressively.

6. Business Tools Integrations

The business tools integration is one of the best call center software solutions for a start-up contact center. As Built-in CRM gives the outline of the shopper, business tools integration advances showed data of the buyers, with the goal that executives can have a 360-degree view about their clients.

At long last

At the plain end, it is critical for each contact center entrepreneur to realize that contact center business altogether relies upon how you accept and oversee calls. Regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established call center, you should utilize those call center software solutions that are progressed and advanced with some basic highlights.

5 Killer Features Of Dialer Software For A Flying Start-up Contact Center Business In 2018

The dialer is an application utilized as a part of call centers to automate the way toward dialing to outside telephone numbers with the goal that the specialist agents can take care of specific calls specifically. All things considered, since call centers need to expand the profitability per agent they utilize Dialer to monitor the conversations of the agent as well as manage the perspective of the customer.

If you are a start-up call center you should know the importance of Dialer software. Well, Dialer software generally refers to auto dialer software as manual dialers are not considered in this era of technology. There is a preview dialer, predictive dialer, and progressive dialer and we will discuss top 3 killer features that will help you start up a flying call center business.

1. Machine Detection Answering

Machine Detection Answering is one of the basic features that provides contact focuses on the potential to recognize live human picks from answering machines.
It helps the agent to deliver a message to the customer without waiting for telephone calls. Now, how it can help your start-up call center?
Well, machine detection answering can help your contact center to function more efficiently as it will let your newly launched product or service reach to its target audience using machine detection technology.
When your agents will deliver the right message to your customers, the start-up brand will gain the trust of the target audience.

2. Do Not Call

The Do Not Call feature is a crucial feature of a Dialer software. This feature is very important for your start-up call center as it enables the users to put any number in the Do Not Call list by simply clicking on few numbers.
When the client is empowered by this facility, he trusts your agents and the information you share to him. Undoubtedly this is required in a start-up call center and you will get this from the Dialer software.

3. Pre-Qualification of Calls

The least talked but important feature of a Dialer software is to predict the mindset of the customer from the call history. If you have heard about the predictive Dialer, you will visualize this entire phenomenon in your mind.
As a start-up business, you need to fly high which means you don’t need invalid calls at all. The pre-qualification of calls feature allows you to detect whether the caller is interested in your product or not.
The interactive voice response system will follow your consumer and once he responds you will come to know whether it’s a genuine lead or not.
Isn’t is an amazing feature? We think it will help you boost the productivity of your call center as well as the agents.

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4. Recording Calls

Call recording is a common but effective feature of a Dialer software. Call recording feature allows you to check the quality of the calls and help you be secured legally.
Call recording feature allows small contact centers to organize their agents, system and enhance the client-agent trust bridge. One thing you must remember that call center business entirely depends on the customer and its satisfaction.
Your calls are entirely C2B or B2C, which means you are directly interacting with the consumer. This Call recording feature will allow you to train your agents and help your customers in case of anything bad happens.

5. Text-to-Speech

This is the fifth feature we are discussing in this article but don’t think it has less importance. It allows you to prepare the IVR scripts by analyzing the user’s behavior.
Text to speech feature is very easy to operate and client friendly feature which can help your agents to quickly plan scripts for accumulating caller-specific data.


There are many a lot of amazing features are there in an auto-dialer software. In this article we tried to focus on Text-to-speech, call recording, machine answering, Do-not-call and pre-qualification of calls for making your call center business run smoothly. We hope you will get some new and creative idea to start-up as a call center entrepreneur.

How can AI (Artificial Intelligence) improve the performance of call center software?

Nowadays the world is excited to witness the technological beauty of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Big tech investors like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook are now trying to make many Artificial Intelligence powered devices and software. There are many start-ups or small technical enterprises trying to involve some part of AI in their products or services. Contact Center business is a kind of industry that directly relies on the views of the consumer or the public. It helps other businesses to promote their products and solve the problems of their customers. Many advancements have already been there in the field of contact center software development, but yet the AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered call center software has to come.

What really an AI-powered Call Center Software Can Do?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science that tends to perform the tasks requiring human or animal intelligence. It is the definition of AI that probably is known to most of us but the real question is the technology and its impact on various sectors. In this article, we will discuss how AI can improve the performance of call center software. Here are few things that may get changed in call centers with the implementation of AI Powered call center software.

Caller’s query prediction
When Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence will be powered by Call Center Software, the predicting ability of different dialer software will be improved. Now a call center software can predict the query of the caller by analyzing the previous calls or the voice and wordings of the customer. This will not only help the agent to give better solutions to customers but also let the callers know that they are given priority by the company.

Efficient Communications
With an AI-powered call center software, the communication facilities of a contact center can be improved. When I say ‘communication’, I mean the communication through VoIP or other ways. The AI-powered call center software may forecast the errors and detect the loopholes in the communicating area, which will allow call centers to maintain a constant communication with consumers. In another way, the communication also will be efficient. That way may be to handle the customers who are irritated or don’t spend much time with the agent. Unlike human agents, AI-powered chatbots can handle customers without losing the temper which will enhance the customer experience.

Manual Cost Reduction
AI-powered call center software may require a less hardware to be installed. It also can help call centers to employ less human agents than today. This will no doubt decrease the manual cost of contact centers but may cause serious human unemployment in contact center industry.

Final Lines
In the end, it can be said that Artificial Intelligence is a necessity of mankind right now. It may not replace human intelligence fully but can co-operate with it and give good results in making this planet a better place.