Cloud call center software – Why Cloud more superior than traditional telephony system.

When it comes about cloud call center software, we imagine a modern day contact center. Cloud call center software is call center software that is hosted on the cloud. These days cloud call center software is raining hard over on-premise phone systems. It means cloud technology is emerging as a game changer in the call center industry. In this article, we will see a comparative analysis between cloud call center software and on the premise-based telephone system.

Cloud call center software vs on-premise based systems.

Time management: Cloud vs On-Premise Phone Systems

Time management is the most important thing in call center business. On-premise bases telephone systems always take more time to function. You need to purchase a lot of hardware and deploy them in your office. It will take a lot of time.

When it comes to cloud-based call center software time management becomes a cake walk. Cloud-based call center software is easy to install and requires no bulky hardware or equipment. It will save the most of your time as it is mobile friendly and flexible.

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Cost-effectiveness: Cloud vs. on premise Phone Systems

The cost of an on location call center can be restrictively high. You have to buy equipment (servers, headsets or telephone, PCs, and so forth.), permitting, and make the fundamental courses of action to your office space to suit everything.

Cloud-based frameworks work with no interest in equipment or foundation put something aside for a solid web association. This is the main preliminary cost for which to design since, without better than average data transfer capacity, your call focus won’t work appropriately.

Scalability: Cloud vs on-premise Phone system.

Scalability means the ability to scale. For a small business, it is always important to have a system that scales up and down. On premise-based call center management system fails to scale as per your requirements. It is not as flexible as compared to cloud-based call center software.

On the other hand, cloud call center software is smart and fits any size of business. You can easily scale up and down with a cloud-based call center management system. You can only pay for those features that are necessary for your business with cloud call center software. But you can’t do this with On-premise based systems.

Security: cloud vs. on-premise phone system

Security is important in any form of business. Small call centers often suffer due to lack of security. Conventional call center management system fails to provide proper security to call centers. In case any disaster occurs, call centers may lose their data permanently.

But cloud-based call center software is virtual and does not require any external space. You can easily manage your agents remotely from any location in the world. Cloud call center software is also good for the environment and reduces the chances of pollution. With cloud-based call center management system you can easily recover if any unfortunate event occurs.


In this article, I presented a comparative analysis of cloud call center software and on-premise based systems. From security to time management, every basic point has been discussed above. If you have any suggestions please feel free to mention your views below in the comment box.