How To Send Bulk SMS From PC & Advantages of Bulk SMS

The businesses often encounter with various types of questions like how to send bulk SMS from PC, what are the advantages of sending bulk SMS from PC etc. these type of question is always wondering by small businesses who want to set up their own call center. Thus I am going to address their queries on how to send bulk SMS from PC with this article.

There are around 80% businesses on the planet utilizing PC so you have to realize how to send mass SMS free from PC. There is a requirement of the internet to send bulk SMS from PC. There is no restriction to sending bulk SMS from PC. You can send a message to a thousand numbers of people in the meantime.

Additionally, a couple of years prior it was intense for us to acquire and convey SMS, it was a costly system and the paging updates were not viable organized. Truth be told, collaboration intersection has changed the technique of data sending and as of now with the help of bulk SMS software, it is achievable to outfit detail to the proposed watchers with effortlessness.

How To Send Bulk SMS From PC?

In the event that you need to realize how to send bulk SMS from PC, you need a dependable internet connection and PC. A network access or software is required to send bulk SMS from PC. For advancing a brand or administration sending bulk SMS from PC is productive. You can make an impression on a thousand clients at the same time.

Sending bulk SMS from PC can improve your business. It causes you to send special and value-based SMS from PC. All your data save in PC so at whatever point you need to communicate something specific. Sip2Dial is a leading call center solution provider who offers software system which helps business to send bulk SMS from PC.

Advantages of Sending Bulk SMS From PC

For businesses, sending bulk SMS messages from a PC is a cost-effective method to reach a targeted audience from anywhere in the world at any time. There are many ways you can send bulk SMS messages from your PC mention below.

  1. A flexible, lightweight program, with substantial business capacities

  3. Oversee and send SMS Text Messages from your PC as simple as E-Mail

  5. Send customized SMS’s at the pinch of a catch

  7. No month to month charges, no agreements, no concealed expenses

  9. More financially savvy than a phone call

  11. Tweaked Template messages

  13. Quicker than email

  15. Extremely secure and private

  17. Messages are held on the telephone, can be perused later

  18. Speak with substantial gatherings of individuals promptly

  20. Send boundless messages

  22. Numerous Recipients

  24. Mass SMS From PC does not charge for each message

  26. Address Book

  28. Oversee extensive telephone records

  30. Send mass writings

  32. Make an impression on the same number of telephone numbers as you need

  34. Include the same number of telephone numbers as you require

  36. Telephone numbers can be evacuated whenever.

  38. Include telephone numbers by bringing in a content record or enter the numbers physically

  40. An incredible consolidation office permits programmed individualization of messages to your entire database of contacts.

  42. Copy numbers are naturally expelled.

  44. Ideal for alarms, showcasing or essentially speaking with staff and customers.

  46. Incorporate union fields to customize messages.

  48. Make message layouts for much of the time utilized messages.


The Bulk SMS Text Messenger software is one of the best software projects. Once downloaded onto your PC, the Bulk SMS Text Messenger empowers you to deal with the majority of your SMS communication straightforwardly from your work area. The product is allowed to introduce and it enables you to oversee, send and get individual and mass SMS interchanges.

With this article, we discussed thoroughly on how to send bulk SMS from PC. If you think this article is informative then don’t forget to give your precious comment below the comment box.