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IVR system cost often matters when a small business tries to set up its own call center. It happens because small businesses are very cautious while spending money. There was a time when handful IVR software providers were available across the globe. But nowadays the number has drastically increased to more than a hundred. If you want to set up your own call center, you may encounter IVR system cost-related issues. Hence we will tell you some basic things about the IVR system in this article.

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IVR software

IVR software is call center software that works to facilitate the voice response process of a computer in call centers. In this process, a preloaded computerized voice assists the callers and prompts them to press certain buttons for activating/deactivating specific services.

IVR system for small business Features

Customer Support

The customer support feature is one of the basic features in an IVR system. It is very important for small businesses as they often need help from their providers.

SMS Alerts

Businesses that are not yet established should woo their customers by sending them various SMS alerts regarding their calls or issues. This feature is also a must-have feature for IVR system

IVR Widgets

IVR widgets are necessary when it comes about complaint and management of callers. Therefore if you are a small business, you must consider IVR widgets feature in your interactive voice response (IVR) software system.

Multi-User CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is an important tool for call centers. With multi-user CRM, every agent in a call center can easily manage the data of the IVR system easily.

Cost Management

The cost management feature must come under the IVR system cost of yours. It allows you to manage to a blacklist of calls and cost management of your customers.

Why Choose Sip2Dial

Sip2Dial is cloud-based call center software that is specially designed for startup contact centers. It offers best in class IVR system under budget-friendly rates. Here is why you need to choose Sip2Dial IVR system for your business.


Sip2Dia’IVR system empowers call focuses to easily manage high call volumes. Guests will subsequently be facilitated to the agent or division that is most prepared for tending to their prerequisites or will hold up in a line when all agents are occupied.


At the point when callers are told by the computerized voice to the particular divisions, agents will know the most need-based calls in a flash. Sip2Dial’s IVR framework call centers will have the capacity to know the correct necessities of the customers and help them as indicated by that.


Sip2Dial enables you to do numerous tasks in a solitary time period. It can gather the data about your client’s needs and interests in your items. At the point when the callers will take after the guidelines from the IVR, they will say their interests or needs. It will help contact focuses on enhancing the quality of their administrations.


Sip2Dial’s Interactive voice reaction (IVR) framework will help you amid the training program of your new agents. You can utilize pre-recorded voices or messages to give the new hopefuls a chance to comprehend the essential guidelines and directions of call centers. It will enable your call center to get energetic and devoted specialists for your business.


If you simply have two or three people in your association, you can outline IVR prompts that empower guests to banter with bargains, support, promoting or concentrated help, etc. It doesn’t make a difference which division your clients pick, you can allocate a specific individual to go to every one of the calls also. With an IVR your customers will be propelled by your association’s self-evident expertise.


If you want to go for a decent IVR system cost offering company, you can register with Sip2Dial. Sip2Dial gives you a 15 days extra free trial than other companies. You can get a total 30 days of the free trial of the IVR system. Hence you can easily decide whether you want to purchase Sip2Dial’s IVR system or not.

Cloud-Based IVR – Get Cloud-Based IVR Solution for Your Business Here

Cloud based IVR is an IVR system that is hosted by a provider in the cloud. In this era of advanced IT communication, the IVR system is one of the most important tools to build a proficient marketing strategy.

IVR software definition

IVR software is a software system that enables customers to interact with a computer through DTMF tones by pressing buttons on the mobile or telephone keypad. It enables you to route calls according to the customer need. It helps you to get the information about the customer’s choice.

IVR service gives your callers a simple and intuitive option to access self-service along with the ability to be connecting to a live agent. It makes easier to handle high call volumes without hiring new staff. It allows you to improve customer service through quick routing calls to the correct person or department.

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Free IVR software

There is nothing like free IVR software. The IVR service provider offers a free trial of IVR software service that is called free IVR software. The free trial service is for 15 days to one month. During the free trial period the businesses to check out the qualities of IVR services such as sound quality,  fast calling, call routing, recording voice, etc.

Organizations can use advanced cloud based IVR services without bearing the overhead, squabble, and potential disruptions. Hence, businesses using cloud-based contact centers that minimize the capital investments in infrastructure and software licenses.

Why small businesses choose cloud based IVR service

Every small business looks for a medium to communicate with the customer in the best possible way for the most fruitful result. Thus cloud based IVR service is a tool that enhances caller in finding the solution easily. The cloud-based IVR system has following feature which attracts small businesses.


The small businesses often hesitate to spend a large amount of money on inventories.  The cloud-based IVR service is budget friendly. You can purchase cloud based IVR service at a reasonable price that saves your large amount of money which can be used for other purposes of business.


The small businesses don’t have much equipment to run a call center for customer service. A computer device and internet is required to run an IVR service. Because it is cloud based it can be used on the different platform.


The cloud based IVR service allows up and downing the call volumes. You can add and remove services according to your business needs.  The small businesses can use this cloud-based IVR service according to their requirement.


As IVR system is cloud based it is secure. All your customer data saves in the cloud. In case of any disaster, you can access your data easily. Cloud based IVR service encrypted your data so that it is secure from any cyber threat.

IVR service provider

The small businesses are always looking for a cheap IVR service provider who offers cloud based IVR service at a most affordable price. It is very important for small businesses to choose a cloud-based IVR service to make customer communication easy. IVR service provides a personalized customer experience.

Cloud based IVR improves different consumer service; for example, – call noting the time, feedback, tweaked dialect inclination, and others. IVR adds more potential to the client encounter that can be conveyed on the telephone call and that too with a decrease in human necessity.


In this article, we try to figure out various factors of cloud based IVR service and its importance for small businesses. If you find this article informative then please feedback us.