How To Create IVR Prompts That Emotionally Impacts On The Customer Psyche

IVR always plays an important role in offering a customized customer experience. It is an automated phone response system that individuals see, hear and relying upon this a client to make an impression about your business.

Your IVR menu when combined with an elegantly composed and voice prompts easily, empowers a client to look for his way through your telephone system. A large portion of the occasions, IVR gets unfavorable criticism on account of ineffectively developed IVR message, unintelligible IVR recording, and an excessive amount of language in the content. This prompts guest disappointment and a lost business opportunity.

Here, we have assembled some satisfactory IVR messages to enable you to see how an unmistakable and succinct IVR content can do wonders for your business.

1. Welcome Greetings

Welcome is the first message that guests hear when they call your organization. Having a plainly explained welcome message for your guests is essential for your business. When a client’s telephone number is coordinated to their subtleties from the CRM database and the IVR content is perused out likewise. Dynamic IVR isn’t effective for the association; it is additionally demonstrated to support consumer loyalty.

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2. Menu Greeting

Interactive voice response enables the guest to enter the command on the keypad and pick where they might want the call to be coordinated. This can be a first-time guest who happened to sit before your site or an old client with an inquiry.

3. Waiting IVR Greeting

Your operators might be loaded up with consecutive calls. It is essential to take into account the present guest and yet, you can’t lose a potential client who is as of now at stake hanging tight to associate with a specialist. An IVR recording can coordinate your client with the following prompts.

4. Non-Business Hour Greeting

IVR content educating your clients of non-business hours is as important as an appreciated welcome. Your client is contributing his/her profitable time to contact you however doesn’t know about your non-operational hours. You can illuminate the guest that your office is shut, express your business’ working hours, and give alternatives to abstain from losing a client or another business opportunity.

“A debt of gratitude is in order for calling ABC [Company Name]. We lament illuminating you that our office is right now closed. This type of message you can record with IVR.

5. Voice-Mail Greeting

Each customer call is a new business opportunity, and putting your guest on hold for long can prompt awful attention for your business. This is the reason organizations currently furnish guests with an inn/bankrupt hour’s phone message alternative. A straightforward IVR message that welcomes the guest before exchanging him to the assigned voice message amid the connected task times of the business.

6. Consumer Durable

This field has been seeing a noteworthy development inferable from the lift in the economy. The dissemination channel has gradually moved from taking into account just Tier I and II urban communities to towns too. A brief IVR content aide in keeping the client on top of it and fortifies brand steadfastness.


IVR is not just sending greeting to the customer or caller. It is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to send message or information or advertise to a large number of targeted groups. If this article gives some solution regarding your queries, then don’t forget to give your valuable comment below the comment box.