What is SIP Trunking and How Does it Work – Get the Features and Benefits of SIP Trunking

What Is SIP Trunking

What is and how does it work? The small businesses always encounter with these types of questions while searching SIP trunking service for their business communication process. SIP Trunking is the simple and most financially savvy medium to interface your current PBX or Unified Communications system to general society exchanged communication organize (PSTN). SIP Trunking use you’re WAN or information system to convey calls to and from the PSTN, reducing the need to pay for costly ISDN administrations.

Through this article we will try to give you the detail information on what is SIP trunking and how does it work.

What Is SIP Trunking And How Does It Work?

What Is SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is a way to convey media transmission voice and media benefits over the Internet. However  you as of now have a VoIP telephone system or PBX (Private Branch Exchange) that bolsters SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), at that point SIP trunking can be a methods for conveying high caliber, solid advanced voice service for your business without the expense of extra equipment or the need to switch telephone system.

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In order to understand SIP, you should initially comprehend VoIP, which is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP empowers you to get telephone benefit through the Internet as opposed to getting it from your neighborhood telephone organization. VoIP gives methods for transforming simple telephone signals into advanced signs that can be sent over the Internet. Since numerous organizations as of now utilize VoIP inside their PBX on the Local Area Network (LAN) to associate with IP telephones, SIP makes utilization of VoIP to exploit shared lines.

How does it work?

The standard interchanges protocol for voice and video calls is SIP in a Unified Communications (UC) arrangement over information organize. This is the foundation of SIP trunking and it expels the need of an association with a customary telephone service. There is no requirement for any equipment, cabling, circuit boxes, and so on to associate with the telephone utility supplier.

In the event that your business as of now has a web association, the SIP trunking is laid over this for all intents and purposes, which wipes out the requirement for customary simple telephone lines. You can diminish the cost identified with the upkeep of the telephone lines and the approaching call costs by lessening the many telephone lines used in your business to a solitary purpose of the passage. Additionally, buying a DID or a Direct Inward Dialing telephone number with a SIP association is very cheap.

Features of SIP trunking

Toll-free numbers

In addition to having neighborhood coordinate internal dial numbers (DIDs), SIP Trunking additionally underpins 800 and other toll-free numbers for organizations that require them.

Multiple DID option

SIP trunking uncouples the physical area of the telephone from the telephone number, making it workable for organizations to have telephone numbers that seem nearby to a particular market without having a physical office in the region.

Call data records

Call Data Records (CDRs) enable clients to comprehend their correspondence needs and give knowledge into business exercises. The best arrangements make CDRs accessible in close continuous and make it simple to survey call history for up to a year before.

Disaster recovery

In a crisis, control blackout, or another occasion that keeps workers from getting into the workplace, SIP trunks can be rerouted to different areas with the goal that business can proceed continuously.

Advantages of SIP trunking


The essential preferences of utilizing SIP trunking are the communication benefits that are very critical alongside cost funds. On the off chance that your business brings about a high month to month telephone bills, IT and support expenses, high charges for approaching telephone lines, high expenses brought about for making long separation calls and furthermore having issues of constrained correspondence innovation, at that point deciding on SIP trunking can help your business essentially.

SIP trunking enables you to pay just for the telephone line you use. You don’t have to for all the additional simple lines that you don’t require and rather, you pay just for the minutes used or a channel required, in this way disposing of the wastage of assets totally and this likewise empowers you to utilize the correspondence all the more proficiently.


The greater part of the cutting edge phone frameworks bolster SIP trunking and you can exchange all your current associations with it and utilize your current telephone numbers.


SIP trunking and VoIP together make the correspondence benefits very solid by permitting excess. In the event that there is a framework disappointment or any crisis circumstance, every one of the administrations can be re-directed by the SIP trunking provider to an information line not being used or then again, the PBX can be changed to your cell phone to guarantee that your business is up and running with no interferences.


SIP trunking is profoundly versatile and since the framework uses a virtual association, if there is any adjustment in your business, you can change the administration, including the additional lines you need, and so on rapidly and easily.


SIP trunking can be invaluable to your business from numerous points of view; notwithstanding, before you move every one of the correspondences of your business to this system; you should assess the advantages and disadvantages of the SIP trunking framework against the current correspondence arrangement of your business and afterward settle on an official conclusion. In this article, we discussed what is SIP trunking and how does it work. If you think this article is informative don’t forget to give your comment below the box.

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