Christmas Wishes To Your Clients With Voice Broadcasting Software

When you feel something jingling in your heart and driving it to love everything, just understand that it’s time to say ‘Merry Christmas’. Everyone waits eagerly for this day to celebrate the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ and spread love across the world.

In most countries, Christmas is a public holiday. It is a day to make our mind and body stress-free by offering our prayers before the lord. Christmas is widely celebrated across work-places in many countries. Actually, it is important for every organization to bring some cheer to its employees and customers.

Wishing your employees and customers on Christmas will not only make them happy but also boost their morale and productivity of your company. It is the day to make your customers feel that you really care about them apart from your business relations.

If you have a huge demographic group as your target audience, you cannot wish everyone via traditional messaging and telephony systems. Therefore you need to use advanced technology to reach your clients and say them ‘Merry Christmas. What about using voice broadcasting method? Yes, it’s one of the most effective ways to broadcast thousands of voice messages to your clients at the same time.

Let’s Understand How Voice Broadcasting Works

Voice broadcasting is a process that allows businesses to record the calls of their customers and broadcast pre-recorded messages to them.

The pre-recorded voice messages are like pre-recorded calls that are broadcasted via sophisticated programming known as voice broadcasting software.

How To Use Voice Broadcasting Software To Wish Your Customers

1. Prepare The List of the recipients

At first, you need to prepare a list of your customers whom you want to target on the event of Christmas. Targeting does not mean on the basis of any commercial purpose. It is simply a friendly approach towards the consumers on Christmas.

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2. Decide What You Want To Convey

Second thing is to decide what you really want to convey to your customers. Christmas is a great day and no business should miss the opportunity to wish their consumers on this day. With your wishes, you must share something about your business with your clients. This needs to set up in your mind.

3. Use Heart Touching Phrases

While making pre-recorded calls, you should know some limitations. Make sure you use emotional phrases that motivate the customer to listen to your wish completely. Sometimes customers get bored and disconnect the call. Ensure your pre-recorded calls touch the hearts of your clients from the beginning.

4. Make Events To Engage Your Clients

In a survey, it has been found that more than 50% of consumers love to buy things on the basis of how they are being treated by the vendor. Therefore try to improve your customer satisfaction rates by rewarding Christmas gifts to your customers. You can also organize some events to engage your customers with your products or services.

5. Customize Your Messages

With voice broadcasting software you can easily send scheduled messages to your customers. You do not need to worry about deploying any human agent as automated voice broadcasting system can easily reach your target audiences without any hassles. If you have numerous products, then you might need customization as every product has a specific customer base.

6. Appreciate & Inspire Your Clients

Generally, it is difficult for a business to gain the trust of its customers nowadays. It has become a daunting task to impress customers only with the quality of your products/services. Therefore most marketing experts and leadership consultants emphasize emotional bonding between customer and vendor. You should use the opportunity of Christmas to side-line B2B talks and inspire your clients by appreciating their choices and thoughts.

7. Remember, It’s The Day Of Joy

It is most important for you to know that festivals bring happiness to our lives. And on Christmas people want to spend some quality time with their families. Therefore make sure that you do not disrupt the precious moments of people but participate with them.

Best Practices for Setting up Your Virtual Call Center

A virtual call center is a kind of contact center in which the organization’s agents work remotely rather than being working in an office. The agents manage their work from any place of the world. Virtual call center software allows teamwork from various locations.

Virtual call center software is one of the best solutions for many employees as they can work from home. The virtual call center software saves a lot of money. It saves the housing and equipment cost of businesses. Nowadays many businesses are interested in a virtual call center, mainly the startups and small businesses.

Virtual call center software work over Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP it means by using internet service to make calls. The agents only need a solid internet connection to run a virtual call center from any geographic distribution.

Practices For Setting Up Your Virtual Call Center

Choose The Right Office Setup

Virtual call centers run from two places one is from agent’s home and another one is from a satellite company. Both provide certain types of service.

1. Work-From-Home Agent

The cost-effective method to set up a virtual call center is to set up an office at home. It allows the employee to work freely without any interruption. This is one of the best an option to hire a few agents in different locations. Thus you don’t have to pay any rent for the office. It saves some invested money for your business.

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2. Satellite Offices

If businesses hire multiple employees from a single location, a business needs to set up a satellite office. Renting a little office is very important if the operator you’re enlisting don’t work an at-home office. Look for little strip shopping centers or places of business with little spaces that offer minimal effort rents so as to spend the minimum sum conceivable.

Ensure You Have Basic Call Center Essential

Whether you enlist an at-home specialist or rent an office for a group, the setup of your virtual call center remains generally the equivalent. You require a blend of a couple of bits of equipment, some virtual call center software, and a solid internet connection. The majority of the things are anything but difficult to get a hold of, and some you may as of now have.

1. Equipment

Except if you decide on an on-commence programming arrangement, the main two bits of equipment your specialists require is a workstation and a USB headset.

2. Personal Computer

Personal computers will, in general, perform superior to anything workstations for the expanded handling power required to run a consistent call focus.

3. Headset

A USB headset takes into consideration clearer association and higher-quality calls, and its absence of batteries shields the headset from biting the dust mid-call.

4. Web Connection

An astounding web association is a need. Particularly when utilizing a cloud-based virtual call center solution, a Wi-Fi association won’t be sufficient. A broadband internet connection is required to guarantee the high caliber all things considered.

5. At-Home Agents

In the event that your specialists will telecommute, expect them to a speed test on their web to ensure it will have the capacity to deal with the high outstanding task at hand of a call center connection.

6. Satellite Offices

When setting up your satellite office, guarantee the supplier you select offers fast, broadband Internet. Try not to attempt to get a good deal on your Internet bundle; this is a standout amongst the most vital factors in running your call center.

7. Hostile to Virus Software

Hostile to infection and spyware insurance software protect the two operators’ and your data from programmers. At the point when your representatives are working from remote areas you have less access to what they’re doing on the Internet, so having the legitimate enemy of infection programming will guarantee nobody can discover secret data or accounts.

8. Manage Virtual Call Center

After your virtual call center is set up, you should now oversee it. You will probably oversee them in an unexpected way. You may oversee them specifically or to choose another person to deal with the administration of your remote specialists and their conceivable services.


In this article, we discussed practices while setting up a virtual call center for your business. the virtual call center software allows its agent to manage calls from any geographical distribution easily. if you think this article is informative to give your comment below the box.