How To Send Bulk SMS Using Sip2Dial’s Text Messaging Software

How To Send Bulk SMS?

It is very essential to get the idea, how to send bulk SMS free of cost. Now Bulk SMS messaging is the central communication tool for businesses and organizations across the world. Due to the popularity of bulk SMS services, there are many platforms available to suit the needs of anyone wanting to send bulk SMS.

The Bulk SMS is one such software program that you can download it onto your PC. The Bulk SMS software allows you to manage all your text messaging communications directly from your desktop. It is easy to install and permits you to send and receive and manage individual bulk SMS communications.

The Bulk SMS Text Messenger software also hosts a range of features that are available at no extra cost. These features include:

  1. It Personalizes your Message
  2. It helps you in scheduling your SMS.
  3. The bulk SMS software can be linked to external data sources: Outlook, Pastel, SQL Server and other ODBC data sources.
  4. It helps you to message to large target groups and individuals
  5. There is detail reporting of all SMS communications.

How To Send Bulk SMS From PC To Mobile?

The bulk SMS can be sent from PC to mobile. It is the effective process of communication to promote your business. Sip2Dial provide bulk SMS software to send your messages from PC to mobile. Once you register with the free trial text messaging software from Sip2Dial, you have to create a Bulk SMS account. After that, you need to open a Sip2Dial text messaging user page. Next is choosing the selective country to send a message. Now select your target audience you wish to text. Then you can enter their phone numbers. The next step is entering your email address in order to receive feedback. Now type your message and enter the security code. Then Send the message. Now you can customize your messages if you want to broadcast your SMS in a scheduled way. After you are done, your data will be saved on the cloud to ensure the security of the important data of your contact center. If you want to continue this process then you have to buy Sip2Dial premium.

How To Send Bulk SMS Online?

Sip2Dial’s text messaging software helps you to send bulk SMS online. There are numbers of steps to send bulk SMS online through Sip2Dial.

  1. Sign up for a free Sip2Dial’s text messaging service.
  2. Now you have to buy the SMS credit.
  3. Then upload or add your contacts.
  4. You can compose your message in English or any regional language.
  5. You can easily enhance your campaigns like personalized with merge field, insert short link and attach files, surveys and more.
  6. Now send a message.
  7. Then track the exact delivery time and advanced campaign call reports.

How To Send Bulk SMS Free To India?

Sip2Dial’s text messaging software allows you to send bulk SMS free in India. You can communicate with various customers across India. It is easy to enhance your service within a short time. Follow the steps how to send bulk SMS free to India.

Once you open a Bulk SMS Web to SMS account, it will permit you to ingress your online account from any internet connected Web browser.

  1. Open Sip2Dial text message.
  2. Now choose the country you want to send a message…
  3. Select the target audience you wish to text.
  4. Enter their phone numbers.
  5. Enter your email address in order to receive feedback.
  6. Type your message and enter the security code.
  7. Send the message.
  8. Now you can personalize your messages if you want to broadcast your SMS in a scheduled way.

After you are done, your information will be saved on the cloud to ensure the security of the important data of your call center.


In this article, we are trying to give brief information regarding how to send bulk SMS. Now it is easy for you to use bulk SMS in your contact center s to enhance your service effectively. You can feedback us and can help us to improve our services.

Bulk SMS Service Provider: Low Cost Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS Service Provider In India

Now it is not so difficult to find a good bulk SMS service provider in India. In this digital revolution period, India is one of the fastest growing economies across the globe these days. Therefore, investors are looking towards India to build their businesses. The Indian market is generally ideal for call centers as consumer demand always remains on the higher side here. There are hundreds of contact centers that use bulk SMS service in India. There is numerous bulk SMS service provider in India. From a rural area to metro cities, the bulk SMS software is used to promote businesses. Bulk SMS is the latest mode of communication for contact centers to promote their businesses and services.

We are going to give a brief discussion regarding bulk SMS software service provider in the major cities of India. They are as follows:

Bulk SMS Provider In Chennai

Chennai is a center for IT hubs in India and one of the fast emerging business center in India too. As Chennai is having a large number small business, large enterprise, educational institute. So there is a lot of competition among business enterprises. So every entrepreneur tries to use the best marketing policy for increasing and promoting their businesses. Sip2Dial is a leading bulk SMS software service in Chennai. You can send bulk SMS through Sip2Dial’s text messaging software easily.

Bulk SMS Provider In Mumbai

Mumbai is known as financial and entertainment capital of India. The city is recording with the highest GDP ever. There is a lot of competition in Mumbai, as FDI and startups are increasing every day. So there is various contact centers provide services and promote their brand through bulk SMS service. Sip2Dial provides bulk SMS service in Mumbai. It helps the contact centers to provide fast services and advertising of their product quickly.

Bulk SMS Provider In Bangalore

Bangalore is the capital of IT industry in India. There are numerous contact centers in Bangalore. Due to its suitable geographical distribution and communication facilities, many foreign companies set up their contact centers in Bangalore. Sip2Dial is a leading bulk SMS provider in Bangalore.

Bulk SMS Provider In Jaipur

Jaipur is mix with small business and large enterprises. Mostly for small businesses Jaipur is the best place to set up your business. Sip2Dial provides bulk SMS in Jaipur. This service helps the contact centers and small business to promote their brand.

Why Is Sip2Dial The Best Bulk SMS Service Provider?

Sip2Dial is a new service provider in the business of bulk SMS services, fitting out for all types of customers, big, medium and small size organizations through our innovative solutions for sending bulk SMS all over India through various SMS network browsers. SMS marketing is one of the best options to communicate with people immediately. Bulk SMS service is quite easy and affordable.

For the past two years, we create diverse business enterprises with secured SMS gateway. We are the most leading and reliable bulk SMS service provider in India. We have successfully designed and delivered many campaigns for our clients. We are very keen to share it with all those who are looking for an effective medium to reach out to their clients within seconds at prices that fit with the budget. Sending bulk SMS messages is not only a trend but most of the big and small businesses prefer to send bulk SMS to their customers and targeted audiences through bulk SMS gateway to keep them updated and also to promote new launches every now and then.

Sip2Dial is the most cost-effective and fast bulk SMS service provider. This service helps you send messages to various users with a user-friendly interface. The Sip2Dial’s services allow you to send Business SMS to improve your business immediately and without any obstacle. Send bulk SMS in India with the promise of the instant delivery and cheapest pricing. Login to Sip2Dial and select from the range of pricing plans to pay only for what suits your particular requirement. Sip2Dial’s bulk SMS service is easily accessible on all devices including laptop, desktop, and an internet-enabled mobile phone. Sip2Dial provides convenient options for making payment.

Now in this competitive business era, our bulk SMS service has expanded its wings and started delivering efficient solutions for OTP service, Transactional Bulk SMS, Promotional Bulk SMS. We are the most authentic player in the messaging solution market offering a wide range of services such as Voice call service, Opt-in SMS, Short code service, a two-way messaging solution with Long code, toll-free service provider with customized support Miss Call Alert service. We are experts in providing customized promotional bulk SMS packages with & without sender Id.


As we discussed, there is numerous bulk SMS provider across India. Bulk SMS is the cheapest mode of communication as compared to a traditional form. Through bulk SMS service you can reach the target audience easily and the chances of the reading message are high. It is cloud-based and secured.