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Cloud based contact center solutions

Cloud-based contact center solutions

When it comes about cloud-based contact center solutions, we imagine a modern day contact center. Cloud call center software is call center software that is hosted on the cloud. These days cloud call center software is raining hard over on-premise phone systems. It means cloud-based contact center solutions are emerging as a game changer in the call center industry. In this article, we will see a comparative analysis between cloud call center software and on the premise-based telephone system.

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There are still some misconceptions among some small business owners who hesitate to use cloud-based contact center solutions. The traditional call center management system is not bad yet it is quite out-dated in terms of usability in this era.

In this article, we will discuss cloud-based contact center software. We will try to figure out what benefits you get when you switch to cloud-based call center software.

Cloud based contact center solutions benefits

Generally, call center software has many benefits than traditional communication systems. But when call center software is designed on open source framework it can have more advantages than common call center software. Here are some major benefits of call center software open source listed below.

Easy to use

Call center software open source is easy to use because it is built on open source frameworks like Asterisk, FreeSwitch, OpenSips, and WebRTC. You can easily use it on mobile devices as well as integrate it with various applications which make it more flexible than others.

Better management

For a call center, better management simply means the management of agents and customers. This is the core idea of call center management. Call center software open source is more flexible than other call center software and allows you to manage your organization without hassles.

Highly scalable

Open source software is free to use, modify and distribute. Therefore Call center software open-source becomes more scalable for small businesses. You can easily add the features you need and pay only for them. Later you may add more features as well.

More secure

Security is the main concern in the IT industry. Call center software open source is easy to collaborate with various applications which makes it secure. You can add as many security features you want with call center software open source.

Sip2Dial: Cloud based contact center solutions in India

Sip2Dial is cloud-based contact center software that offers financially savvy cloud-based contact center solutions in India. Among top cloud contact center solution providers in India, Sip2Dial is known as the best solution provider. It is because of the propelled include, adaptable UI and great client support of this product.


Generally, most Cloud call center software is built on open source frameworks. It is because companies always want to fulfill the demands of their consumers. Call center software open source is like a stock android platform which is easily customizable and upgradable. I think it is always good to choose call center software that gives you a quality and clean experience like stock android.

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