Why India is an ideal place to set up a cloud call center

cloud call center

A cloud call center is a call center that uses cloud innovation to interchange calls, messages, Emails and web data between consumers and vendors. Businesses across the world are looking forward to embracing cloud technology due to its effectiveness these days.

Developing countries like the Philippines have become a hub to attract enterprises to set-up cloud call centers. A cloud call center is portable, mobile and cost-effective. Hence it can be set up in any geographical location.

But in this competitive era businesses need vast markets. And India is one of the fastest growing economies which can provide a sustainable and demanding market for businesses. In this article, we will tell you something about changing India. And describe why India is an Ideal place to set up a cloud call center.

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Young Demographic Profile

Every business you set up, you need young and efficient employees. Everyone knows that the call center industry is one of the busiest working sectors out there. If you want to set up a cloud call center, most of your services are going to be technical and specific.

India can be an ideal place for a business to set up a cloud call center. As per various surveys, 65% of Indians are below the age of thirty-five. Therefore it can be an opportunity for businesses to invest their money in India. Small businesses that want to set up cloud-based call centers can set-up a solid employee-team cost-effectively with the young demographic profile in India.

Fastest Growing Economy

Businesses are like floating leaves in a developing country. A growing economy can help businesses generate more revenue and brand equity. A cloud call center is based on the principle of promoting certain products or solving the issues of customers.

India can be an ideal place to help small businesses and startups to build a cloud-based call center. The GDP growth of India is 7.5% in 2018-19. Therefore you can get a good environment to set up your own business be it a cloud call center or anything.

Third Biggest consumer Market

The bigger the market will be the more ROI you can expect from your business. After China, India is considered as the biggest consumer market today. An Indian consumer is educated, intelligent and ready to spend money on quality products and services.

If you want to set up a modern-day call center or cloud call center, you cannot sideline India. You can find different types of target audience groups here in India. Unlike western countries, India has 28 states and 22 major languages. This linguistic dividend also affects the thinking process of consumers. Therefore it can be an ideal place to set up a cloud call center.

Welcomes Foreign Investment

The international community now sees as an open economy due to the foreign policies of the current Modi government. After the government of India’s approval on Foreign Direct Investment, it has become much easier for call center world to come to India.

If you are a non-Indian but want to build a startup cloud call center, you can easily get all government clearances in India. As I have mentioned before that the Indian consumer is tech-savvy and intelligent, you can expect a good ROI here.

Unemployment is the Issue

Every business wants to invest less and earn more these days. In most developed countries, the scope for start-up industries is less due to their stabilized economy. For a cloud call center business, all you need is a blend of technology and human intelligence.

In India, you can find the most talented individuals who are looking for jobs. According to the former NITI Aayog chairman 7.5 millions of Indians are looking for jobs. It is an opportunity for call center entrepreneurs to utilize the skill of Indian Youth. You can easily hire remote employees in budget-friendly expenses. For startup cloud call centers India is a great place to set up their business.

Bottom Line

Cloud call center business is the future of the call center world as per the current developments in call center industry. Therefore small businesses must embrace cloud innovation for better scalability, agent management, and customer satisfaction. In this article, we discussed why India is an Ideal place to set up a cloud call center business. If you find this article informative, please do not forget to mention your precious views below in the comment box.

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