How To Build A Reliable Cloud Telephony System In India

After the “digital India”, the Indian market is bringing a transform into a different era. Numerous new services have come into the business to engage the organizations. Some time ago call center innovation was confined to just large enterprise companies, now ‘Cloud Telephony’ are connecting with SMEs and new businesses. in this article we will discuss how to build a reliable cloud telephony system in India.

Cloud telephony is rising as one of the quickest developing innovations of the decade. Its low setup cost and simple adaptability settle on it a simple decision for each business that needs to manage clients – each business. Businesses in India are profoundly aware of their client connect, which makes client telephone calls the foundation of numerous organizations in India. This is genuine even in the times of unstable web-based life and universal email. Thus, Cloud telephony has taken on the situation of the central infrastructure to organizations.

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What Is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a voice and messaging service that replaces the requirement for the ordinary business phone system like PBX, EPBAX, and so on.

Cloud Telephony is commonly substitution of your business telephone frameworks like PBX, EPBAX with cloud services. Through Cloud Telephony, it turns out to be simple for the client to interface with the group of onlookers on an adaptable and productive stage. The cloud-based telephony benefit has turned out to be efficient, most painful and the best means for cost-cutting for new companies, SMEs and undertakings.

How To Build A Reliable Cloud Telephony System In India?

With an expansion in reception, there is additionally an expanding desire for the reliability of the cloud-based telephony service. Be that as it may, cloud telephony accompanies one of the kind difficulties since it is based on two building squares – the Internet and communication.

Both the Internet and telephone system comes with unique kind of issues that is climate condition and policy regulation in the country. Here is some other challenges businesses face to build a reliable cloud telephony system in India.

1. Infrastructure

India is becoming the largest mobile phone users on the planet, making India the second-biggest telecommunication solution on the planet. In any case, India’s telecommunication is tormented with issues of call quality, particularly a high rate of call drops averaging at about 4%.

These issues are extremely regular and basic with physical PRI lines, where the network of calls is likewise subject to which streets are being burrowed on a specific day. These issues locate a simple solution with cloud telephony since there is bring down dependence on the physical foundation.

2. Call-Connection

Aside from call drops, which ordinarily happen after the call has been associated, issues with call network additionally exist. Call availability can be enhanced by a lot through cloud telephony. Calls that don’t interface because of transporter contrary qualities or web issues are distinguished and progressively retried by means of a few accessible courses and PRI lines. This is naturally done at the backend, without the information of the guest until the point when the connection happens.

3. Back Up Infrastructure

Cloud telephony companies guarantee a reinforcement set of PRI lines for each solution of numbers that they take into account. This excess guarantees that they have a repetitive (reinforcement) lines accessible for the fastest possible connection, to keep away from single purposes of disappointment.

4. Monitoring

Building a solid cloud telephony system over a flaky system is a test in itself. A significant part of the enhancement in the present call rates with cloud telephony have originated from always observing downtimes. By and large, downtimes were the aftereffect of the basic foundation like administrator issues, or communication line harms and not with the cloud telephony software itself.


Cloud telephony is prepared to coordinate its minds with India’s monstrous hunger for telecommunication. In any case, innovation additionally needs the help of strategy controllers to have the capacity to achieve its maximum capacity. It is an appreciated sign that the TRAI has opened the field for exchange to accommodate the worries of policymakers and technology provider. At last, advancement must be made through an all-around organized joint effort between the Government, policy maker, private businesses and customers. It just satisfies while being a piece of the solution is made simple.


Cloud telephony providers in India- Get Best cloud Telephony services Here Now

The changing market of India has created a good environment for cloud telephony providers in India. Cloud is not a new technology in India as the IT revolution has already hit India in the early 90s. As the third largest consumer market in the world, India is becoming the hub of technological manufacturing these days.

It is a fact that no business can prosper without a solid customer base. Therefore call centers can play crucial roles in promoting specific products services or brands. There was a time when the traditional call center management system was used by call centers but nowadays cloud is the ultimate technology that calls centers to prefer.

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What is cloud telephony

Cloud Telephony is a type of communication technology where all communication systems are hosted on the cloud. Though it is a cloud-based communication system, it can be further distributed as per its working areas.

PSTN – There are many regions (India, Middle East) that do not authorize mixed calls of IP and PSTN based. Therefore these countries use PSTN based cloud telephony services.

IP – Basically IP or Internet protocol is used to deliver cloud telephony services.  Unlike the Middle East and India, western countries use VoIP enabled cloud telephony systems.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony Solutions

Cost saving

Cloud telephony system is cheaper than traditional telephone systems in terms of installation, uses, and maintenances.


Cloud-based systems do not require any additional Hardware installation. They also function smoothly on mobiles and computers.


Cloud telephony systems can be easily scaled up and down when businesses need. They can pay only for the number of features or services they use.


Cloud telephony solutions encrypt the data of the user and let the user recover from disasters easily. Hence they are secure and reliable.


Cloud telephony systems are better than conventional telephony systems as they are value for money from every aspect.

How to Get the Best Cloud Telephony Providers in India

To find the best cloud telephony providers in India is not so easy that it seems. You need to follow certain steps to do things quickly and start generating revenue from your business. Here are some basic steps that you need to follow to get the best cloud telephony providers in India.

Decide Your Needs

If you are planning to choose good cloud telephony providers in India, you must specify your requirement first. Once you set your requirements, the options in front of you will become more specific.

Check the price

Your budget is important when you go for cloud telephony providers in India. You should check the price of various cloud telephony providers in India and see which fits your budget.

Compare many

Now, if you have many cloud telephony providers who fit into your budget, then you have an option to compare. You can compare their reputation, client base, features, support, and privacy policy to have a clearer vision.

Do a Free Trial

Once you get some of the best cloud telephony providers in India, you must go for free trials of their services. A free trial is always good and it helps you experience the pros and cons of a service.

Now Choose the Best

Now you have the best cloud telephony providers in your hands. But if you want a single provider, then you can further compare and pick the one that suits your needs.


There are many people who love to advise and tell the right thing to others. But at the end of the day, everything depends on the user. Therefore it is you who has to choose the right thing for your business. It does not matter how good things are if they do not fulfill your needs they are not useful. Well, I just tried to discuss on cloud telephony benefits and cloud telephony providers in India. If you find this article helpful, please do not forget to mention your precious views below in the comment box.

Why India is an ideal place to set up a cloud call center

A cloud call center is a call center that uses cloud innovation to interchange calls, messages, Emails and web data between consumers and vendors. Businesses across the world are looking forward to embracing cloud technology due to its effectiveness these days.

Developing countries like the Philippines have become a hub to attract enterprises to set-up cloud call centers. A cloud call center is portable, mobile and cost-effective. Hence it can be set up in any geographical location.

But in this competitive era businesses need vast markets. And India is one of the fastest growing economies which can provide a sustainable and demanding market for businesses. In this article, we will tell you something about changing India. And describe why India is an Ideal place to set up a cloud call center.

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Young Demographic Profile

Every business you set up, you need young and efficient employees. Everyone knows that the call center industry is one of the busiest working sectors out there. If you want to set up a cloud call center, most of your services are going to be technical and specific.

India can be an ideal place for a business to set up a cloud call center. As per various surveys, 65% of Indians are below the age of thirty-five. Therefore it can be an opportunity for businesses to invest their money in India. Small businesses that want to set up cloud-based call centers can set-up a solid employee-team cost-effectively with the young demographic profile in India.

Fastest Growing Economy

Businesses are like floating leaves in a developing country. A growing economy can help businesses generate more revenue and brand equity. A cloud call center is based on the principle of promoting certain products or solving the issues of customers.

India can be an ideal place to help small businesses and startups to build a cloud-based call center. The GDP growth of India is 7.5% in 2018-19. Therefore you can get a good environment to set up your own business be it a cloud call center or anything.

Third Biggest consumer Market

The bigger the market will be the more ROI you can expect from your business. After China, India is considered as the biggest consumer market today. An Indian consumer is educated, intelligent and ready to spend money on quality products and services.

If you want to set up a modern-day call center or cloud call center, you cannot sideline India. You can find different types of target audience groups here in India. Unlike western countries, India has 28 states and 22 major languages. This linguistic dividend also affects the thinking process of consumers. Therefore it can be an ideal place to set up a cloud call center.

Welcomes Foreign Investment

The international community now sees as an open economy due to the foreign policies of the current Modi government. After the government of India’s approval on Foreign Direct Investment, it has become much easier for call center world to come to India.

If you are a non-Indian but want to build a startup cloud call center, you can easily get all government clearances in India. As I have mentioned before that the Indian consumer is tech-savvy and intelligent, you can expect a good ROI here.

Unemployment is the Issue

Every business wants to invest less and earn more these days. In most developed countries, the scope for start-up industries is less due to their stabilized economy. For a cloud call center business, all you need is a blend of technology and human intelligence.

In India, you can find the most talented individuals who are looking for jobs. According to the former NITI Aayog chairman 7.5 millions of Indians are looking for jobs. It is an opportunity for call center entrepreneurs to utilize the skill of Indian Youth. You can easily hire remote employees in budget-friendly expenses. For startup cloud call centers India is a great place to set up their business.

Bottom Line

Cloud call center business is the future of the call center world as per the current developments in call center industry. Therefore small businesses must embrace cloud innovation for better scalability, agent management, and customer satisfaction. In this article, we discussed why India is an Ideal place to set up a cloud call center business. If you find this article informative, please do not forget to mention your precious views below in the comment box.