How To Choose The Best Call Management Software For Small Business In India

Call management software

What Is Call Management Software?

Call management software is a software system that helps to outline and actualize inbound/outbound phone call parameters. The procedure is most conspicuously used by companies and the call center industry and has its most astounding viability through a call logging software device.

As technology improves day by day, it is very important for businesses to invest in a proper call center with the proper call management software system. Because a call center is always the actual face of the organization and having a really good customer service will make the return of customers for more business with the organization in the future.

What Is Open Source Call Management Software?

Open-source call management software is a type of call center software whose source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Open-source call management software may be developed in a collaborative public manner.

Different Types Of Open Source Call Management Software

There are different types of call management software open source describes as follows

1. Predictive Dialer Software

The auto dialer software like OS dial, go autodial and crazy calls are predictive dialer software. OSDial is invariant three, and the most recent refresh incorporates, enhancements that save agents time and frustration. It comes with ten preconfigured phones to get ten agents making calls right away. Here administrator can choose whether agents are able to dial other extensions, make external calls, or transfer calls.

Ingo autodial software can handle inbound, outbound and blended calls. It also offers call recording capabilities and is built to comply with all laws of a country.

Crazy Call has many of the features you’d expect. It gets the ability to route calls to specific agents automatically on preset criteria. It also makes space between calls for agents to take notes and prepare for the next call.

2. Free Call Recording Software

The free call recording software can manually record telephone calls, view caller ID information and put callers’ on-hold with on-hold music. There are different types of free call recording software for Windows and Mac.

3. Free Call Monitoring Software

Call monitoring software is the act of checking continuous help calls to prepare new agents. There is no phone system. There is no need to pay for the inbound call but do for outbound calls.

4. Call Management Software For Small Businesses

Each organization visions for making an impressive customer care service for their clients utilizing the best call management software accessible in the market. It is challenging to find the best call management software for small businesses that give a cloud-based solution to connect flawlessly.

Call center management software is easy for small businesses to win more customers and deliver better customer service at lower cost. Management couldn’t be simpler. It’s a beautifully crafted user interface that allows you to manage calls, emails and digital channels with a single click.

Small businesses always need a smart and reasonable call management software solution. It allows you to communicate with customer at no extra cost. There are some features of call management software which helps small businesses can increase their brand value. The features are……

A. Core Features

The small businesses main concern is on customer relationship management service. Call management software provides effective CRM with the minimum capital investment so that they get advanced and additional features.

B. Easy Installation

The call management software is easy to install. There is no need for any additional system for this. You just need a system and an internet service. For small business it is helpful. Any person can handle the software.

C. Contact Management

Call management software helps small businesses provide customer support. It allows the businesses to manage their customer detail.

D. Monitoring And Performing

The call management software helps easily check whether call center agents are working well or not. It cans monitoring call, agent ranking, and feedback of customer.

Call Management Software In India

India is the third largest consumer market in the world. From startups to the large organization using call management software to increase its customer support. Therefore thousands of call centers are developed to provide customer support. Call management software system allows the business to develop their services to their clients round the clock. It is the effective way to connect with the customer.

This call center management software allows you to manage all your inbound/outbound call. It helps you to increase CRM of your businesses. Most of the businesses in India are using call management software to handle the customer service effectively.


Spending a great deal of income on ads, and serious promoting arranging won’t be worth much if there is nobody to attend and provide help to the clients when they are calling the organization. Studies have demonstrated that an absence of call focus arrangements can wind up bringing about a monstrous loss of income. Most of this is due to the inability of handling incoming calls, while the rest can be attributed to having outdated call management systems.

Hence choosing best call management software is very necessary to enhance your service for a business. in this article, we try to give you some key features to choose the best call management software for small businesses in India. We think it helps you to find the best call center management software in India.

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