Call Center Software Free Trial 2018: Price, information and how to choose the best of all

Using call center software free of cost is a common thing these days. Most seasoned companies are providing call center software on a free trial basis which is due to the growing competition in the market.

Sometimes entrepreneurs spend their time in taking free trials and become confused while choosing the right call center software. In this article, we will tell you the detailed information about free call center software, its price and the process of choosing the right one.

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Call Center Software Free Trial, Price

Every time you go to purchase a product, the price of that product impacts on your mind more than anything. Hence it is essential for you to know the price of call center software before going for a free trial.

Basically, there are two main types of call center management system used by call centers. Cloud-based call management system and On-premise based system are the ones that we see being used in contact centers.

If you want to choose call center software, you don’t need to worry much. Basically cloud-based call center software does not require any costly hardware deployment or maintenance cost.

Call Center software Free Trial, benefits

Choosing call center software for a free trial can give you certain benefits. There are numerous call center providers today across the globe who allows you to do free trials of call center software. But why should you go for a free trial? What are the benefits of a free trial? We are going to tell you why you need to go for a free trial below.

You Can Know About the Features

It is important for you to know about the different features of your call center software before you use it. There are advanced features like automatic call distribution (ACD), Skill-Based Routing and multi-level Interactive voice response that you must include in your call center software solutions.

A free trial will let you know which features you need or which features are missing from the software. It will help you have a deep idea on call center software, its features, and functionality.

You can check the productivity

While using call center software on a free trial basis, you should check whether it fulfills your business requirements or not. If you find your call center solution addressing the requirements of your consumers, you may decide to buy it.

In case you find that your call center software is not boosting the productivity of your call center, you can go for another provider. Therefore a free trial will give you the benefit of choosing the right call center software.

You can check It’s Security

In this era of information and technology, nobody can guarantee that their data is secure. Once you go for a free trial, you can look into the loopholes in the security department.

It is important for a small business to make sure that their data remains safe in case any natural disaster occurs. So if you are using cloud-hosted call center software, you need not be worried at all. Cloud-based call center software is more secure than traditional call management systems.


In this article, we tried to bring you the detailed information on the call center software free trial, it’s price and benefits. In case you find this article helpful please do not forget to mention your precious views below in the comment box. It will help us improving the writing process of ours.

Call Management Software: Price, Information solution

Call management software is also known as call center management software. It helps call centers to manage their database, caller’s queries, and requests. Call management software is also used to promote specific products or services.

Call management software provides various services to call centers like inbound and outbound call management, email and text message management and web sharing. In this article, we are going to discuss on call management software, its price and everything you need to know.

Sign Up For A Free Trial of Cloud Call Center Software & Tune Up Your Business for Performance & Efficiency!

Price of Call Management Software

These days Call management software utilizes the cloud to store the data of customers and agent. Therefore it does not require any bulky and costly hardware deployment. Advanced call management software is mobile friendly and can be operated during natural disasters. You do not need to spend much in the maintenance cost of cloud-based call management software.

There are numerous call management software providers today. Hence the price varies from company to company. But it is cheaper than traditional telephone management systems in long run.

Detail Information of Call Management Software


Call management software requires no extra hardware installation. So you can easily deploy it in any place you want. Unlike on-premise based telephone setup, it does not need any maintenance cost which helps small businesses to save their money.


Traditional phone lines or on-premise based call management system requires a discrete hardware or software system. But cloud-based call management software system works with a bundle of features that ensures the security of your contact center. All the data from your agents and customers are stored in the cloud. And you can access it anytime.


In call center business clients stay on the highest priority on the rundown. Thus it is imperative for a contact center to ensure that the client-agent relationship goes well. Call management software enables you to improve the association with your callers. Call management software like predictive dialer, voice broadcasting software, Interactive voice response and call tracking software helps call centers to manage their callers effectively.


If you want to set up a contact center, you must integrate your management system with various applications. Cloud-based call management software is robust and mobile friendly. It integrates your system with various mobile applications. This makes you reach your customers more effectively than traditional call management systems.


For small businesses, it is important to invest less and earn more. If you want to start up a call center, call management software can help you reduce your costs. Call management software is mobile friendly and integrates with various applications. It allows you to manage your customers from any geographical location across the globe. With call management software you can easily hire employees from different countries and manage them remotely.


Cloud-based call management software is more secure than traditional call center software. It keeps your data in the cloud which protects you from illegal cyber attacks. In case any natural disaster occurs; you do not need to worry about your cloud-based call center software. You can easily recover your data and operate remotely from any geographical location if any damage occurs to your office.


Brand equity is a thing that totally depends upon how consumers think about your offerings. If you offer good products or services, nobody can stop you from leading the market. Call management software can make a favorable environment to let you provide the best solutions to your customers. You can easily establish yourself as a reliable brand with call management software.

Sip2Dial as Best Call Management Solution

In this era of digital revolution, you can find thousands of call center software providers in your country or outside. But you need to go for a seasoned call center management software provider. Sip2dial is one of the leading cloud contact center software providers across the globe. It helps contact centers of every size create powerful customer connections. Our call center support software creates more successful customer interactions by increasing the productivity of your contact center.


3 Basic Factors To Consider While Choosing A Call Center Solution Provider.

There are many call center solution providers around us that grow and fall every day. Call center business is a kind of business where growth and downfall directly upon the feedback and mindset of the customer. As this era is going through the technological advancements, most call centers are powered by software especially cloud-based.

In this article, we will be discussing contact center business where the focus point will be call center solution providers and how to choose them.

3 Basic Features of the call center software

If you are a small business owner but want to go for an effective call center solution, you need to check the basic features of the call center software you want to buy for your call center. There are different types of call centers such as inbound, outbound and blended. Each call center has its own requirement, so you need to check the features like call routing, call forwarding, call recording and instant analysis of customer’s queries and the data of the agents.

Sign Up For A Free Trial of Cloud Call Center Software & Tune Up Your Business for Performance & Efficiency!

1. Security and Encryption

Security is the most important thing that you need to look in your call center software. The traditional way of contact center business is not that much secure as it does not encrypt the information, calls, and messages of the clients and agents. Modern contact center software is cloud-based which protects the data of small businesses, caller’s details and history of customers queries by encrypting it through the advanced framework. If you want to buy a call center software, you should consider this point to get an edge over your competitors.

2. The Reputation of the Provider

For a small business, it is essential, to go for a reputed call center solution provider to make sure the money is invested in the right direction. Reputation means you will be assured of the maintenance and support as most international brands provide seamless call center software solution.

3. Budget-Friendliness

Budget-friendliness of a call center software means a lot for a small enterprise. No start-up call center would like to afford expensive call center solution providers as contact center business is a risky business. If you are going to buy a call center software solution, you must check various call center solution providers and their prices in order to choose the best one for your business.


In the end, all these points we discussed are basic points and there can be further things as well to look into while choosing a call center software solution provider. We hope this article will give you the vision to satiate your call center requirements and motivate you to manage your call center flawlessly.

5 Things to consider before choosing VoIP for small business.

VoIP remains for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is likewise alluded to as IP Telephony, Internet Telephony and Internet Calling. It is an option method for making telephone calls that can be extremely shabby or totally free. The ‘telephone’ part isn’t generally present any longer, as you can convey without a phone set. VoIP has been named the best innovation of the most recent decade.

It is obvious to switch to Voip for small business from old traditional copper wire telecommunications but before you go for VoIP here are five important points for you to consider as you are a small business owner and taking risks without consideration of right and wrong may not be good for your business.

Reason for choosing VoIP
Many companies take a hard look at Wireless VoIP because they want the freedom (or lack thereof) that Wireless VoIP presents but there are many other ways to get facilities that VoIP provides. Ensure that the explanations for conveying Wireless VoIP can’t be reproduced somewhere else simpler and your business just deserves to be equipped with VoIP technology.

Types of VoIP you are looking
Believe it or not there is more than one type of Wireless VoIP. Wireless VoIP with 802.11b/g is a mass choice but VoIP can also be deployed using a DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) based solution. As you are a start-up and can’t invest much, you can go for DECT an excellent alternative.

Your coverage area
Based on how many square feet you are looking to cover with a Wireless VoIP solution, you will need a varying about of access points and or repeaters.

Who will use the service?
You know, the market is big and it is changing day by day so as the needs as consumer and products are correlated with each other. There are different types of wireless IP phone handsets are now available on the market. In your organization, many employees are there and they have specific needs, so you need to pay attention about the features of those VoIP phones and make the needs of your employees be fulfilled.

Your expectations?
Anything new one does it expects much more from it but you should know that cellular or traditional telecommunication framework is entirely different from Wireless VoIP for small business. Now you can’t jump the gun and hold the cannon so easily, because wireless VoIP may present tons of upside, it is not as mature as cellular technology and hence there will be hurdles. If you are expecting VoIP to be like cellular phones, you are simply expecting too much.

Last But Not the Least
At the end of the day, what matters is how effectively you did your job and here your job is to run your company smoothly. So when you decide to do anything or to utilize any new framework or technology you need to know about the risk factors as well as the benefits. Here we discussed few points about VoIP technology but it’s you who will see, analyses and then decide.

Support your customers with call center Support software.

Sip2dial offers best call center support software that helps you win more customers, and offer fast, helpful customer service across every channel, without capital investment.
Call center software (or contact center software) lets telephone calls from your clients and clients achieve your operators for client administration, arrangements and deals. In the outbound contact demonstrate, it is the place your operators put calls to planned clients.

Good customer experience is the main goal of every contact center. Every call is important, and a strong technology platform provides your agents with the tools they need to make a favorable impression.

Contact center software does more than make phone calls and allow live interaction. It includes integration with information resources so that agents in the call center can quickly access and provide solutions to customer problems. Software and technology can upgrade the call center to an online communication channel that is second only to a storefront presence. Interactive voice response (IVR) allows customers to navigate and self-qualify, up to the point where a live agent can take over the phone call.

So if you are looking for best call center Support software , I have mentioned the unique one for you. If you want to know more ask your questions in the comments section below. Also share this post and let others know what’s happening around and what’s new is coming up every day!

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