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Nowadays call centers have become an integral part of any sort of business. Call centers are the places where customers interact with their service/product providers. They put their concerns or seek information from the agents employed there.

In this article, we will discuss on call center software designed an open-source framework. Is it helpful for call centers? How can it be used to improve the productivity of businesses? We will discuss this below.

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What Is Open Source Software?

Open source software is a type of software system that has its source code open. Anyone can use, distribute and modify it as per his/her requirements. There are many open source frameworks, for example, PHP, Bootstrap etc.

When it comes about Open source call center software, nowadays it is being used by most of the contact centers. Sip2Dial’s open source call center software is designed on open-source frameworks to fulfil the needs of small businesses.

Open Source Call Center Software

Why Use Sip2Dial’s Open Source Call Center Software?

1. Customizable

The main benefit of Open source software is that it allows users to customize its features. It allows users to modify its programming as per their requirements. Sip2Dial’s cloud-based call center software is designed on open source frameworks. This allows call centers to set up their own features according to their business objectives. Enterprises can modify this software and get the maximum benefits out of it.

2. Better Support

The open source call center software from Sip2Dial gives you better support as it is easy for quick deployment. Open source software is easy to maintain as it is not complex. Call centers can easily use Sip2Dial’s open source call center software with 24*7 supports.

3. Mobile Friendly

Sip2Dial’s call center software is designed to fulfill the needs of small businesses. Therefore it is mobile friendly and can be operated from various mobile platforms. Today almost everyone uses mobile phones; therefore the mobile-friendly nature of Sip2Dial’s call center software allows call centers to manage their agents remotely.

Call Center Software

4. Enterprise-Grade Solution

Every single industry is unique. The prerequisites and issues inside each are different as much as the arrangements required for them. It is about difficult to make programming that will entirely satisfy the requirements of any one sort of business. Sip2Dial’s open source call center software can be adjusted by the requirements of the business. And it can be altered by business specific needs to make an answer that can address the issues of explicit association.

Inbound Call Center Software – Get Here Inbound Call Center Software for Support Teams

Nowadays support teams are seen as one of the prime pillars of enterprises. They help businesses to address their customers and convert leads in a competitive environment. When we come to contact centers business, we find the true value of a support team. In call centers especially IT related centers are very much dependent on customer support teams. They observe the traffic, manage ads, organize promotional events and solve customers’ issues.

In inbound contact centers, businesses receive thousands of calls daily. Hence it is not a cake walk for human agents to manage everything without making any errors. To prevent human errors and work effectively inbound call center software is deployed by most call centers nowadays. In this blog, we will discuss on Sip2Dial’s inbound call center software and its uses in modern-day call centers.

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What Is Inbound Call Center Software?

Inbound call center software is a type of call center software that allows businesses to connect online activities as well as offline activities to get detail information about the caller. It helps the business the power to understand the target audience and their needs. It also helps the business to optimize their marketing strategy to improve ROI and performance.

Inbound Call Center Software Features To Help Your Support Team

1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is one of the important features of inbound call center software. It allows the caller to easily choose their selective department according to their needs based on a series of prompts. It helps the support team to connect with the caller. If all the agents busy, the IVR prompts the caller for hold the number as all agents are busy. Thus the caller will wait for their turn. it helps the agent to not miss a call.

2. Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution is very essential for any inbound call center software for effective customer service. Businesses always want to increase their customer number by providing good customer support service. Inbound call center software allows the customer to get the proper knowledge about the product or service. Automatic call distribution allows the call centers to route the call to the exact department or agents. Thus the support team gets the knowledge about the caller and their needs.

Call Center Solution Provider

3. Skill-Based Routing

Skill-based call routing is the final tool of inbound call center software for call routing toolkit. It can solve the problems based on the selection of interactive voice response. It allows the business to set up the skill of the agents, improve the customer-agent relationship. the telephone number the customer dialed and the guest’s chat history with the organization and also the specialist’s range of abilities, subject matter and whatever other builds that is essential for the call center, for example, the dialects their operators’ talk, their geographic area, and so on.

4. Built-In CRM

Routing caller to the most fitting operator is just a half portion of work to giving first class benefit with the help of inbound call center software as the agent gets the call, the genuine fun starts. So as to effectively resolve client issues, strategically pitch and up-move, or basically interface with guests, call center agent must approach precise data about the guest. Inbound call center software with an inherent CRM is one of the best tools to enable the operator to take the business in the right direction. If the customer has reached the organization previously, the operator will likewise observe their whole call history, call accounts, voice messages and with thorough data about the customer accessible continuously, operators will dependably realize who is calling and can change their methodology appropriately to give a first-rate client encounter.

Inbound Call Center Software With CRM

5. Real-Time Metrics

This is a basic feature of inbound call center software. An ongoing operator dashboard will give information like administration level, normal hold up time, longest holdup time, normal handle time, number of accessible specialists thus significantly more so operators can settle on progressively educated choices in light of the organization’s best advantage.

Sip2Dial’s Inbound Call Center Software

Sip2Dial is a leading call center solution provider who offers inbound call center software service for call center business. Sip2Dial’s inbound call center software is advance and enriches with some special features that allow business to leverage their customer experience. Sip2Dial provide updated features of inbound call center software to allow business to manage it smoothly.

Call Center Solution – Get the Best Call Center Solution Here for Your Business

Choosing the Best Call Center solution is most important for a call center business. As we realize that call center representative is working in with phone and cell phones. It is essential for organizations that give great programming framework so the worker can work with no obstruction. As we probably aware that all the call centers have these days need

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There are numerous companies that provide call center solution to businesses. These days the call center isn’t a call center; it is a multichannel contact center. Choosing the best call center solution is essential to improve the business brand value.

What is Call center solution

Call center solutions are products and services that explain the particular requirement for client relationship management (CRM). A call center solution is frequently an aggregate bundle like bound together interchanges or turnkey item, for example, outsources call center.

Sip2dial is a leading call center service provider who offers call center solutions to every type of business whether it is small or big. Sip2dial mainly provide three types of call center solutions they are as follows

Inbound call center solutions

An inbound call center solution is the most integral part of each and every call center. This solution system solely handles incoming calls from your clients and successfully reacts to their necessities, premise your business parameters. Our inbound call center solution available with numerous features such as

  • Hosted IVR
  • ACD
  • Skill-based routing skills
  • Priority routing
  • Time-based routing
  • Queue monitoring
  • Barge-in & call monitoring
  • Real-time dashboard & analytics
  • Call recording
  • Multi-channel communication
  • CRM integration

Outbound call center solutions

Where there are customers, a business must pursue. With the present clients imparting by means of different stages, you require a similarly lithe Contact Center that backings numerous channels to all the more likely interface with them. Our multi-channel Outbound Call Center solutions enable you to focus on your particular portions and upgrade customer services. The features of sip2dial’s outbound call center solutions are

  • Preview dialer
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Progressive dialer
  • IVR blast – SMS & Voice
  • Call monitoring
  • Real-time dashboard & analytics
  • Call recording
  • Multi-channel communication
  • CRM integration

Blended call center solutions

A blended call center solution will have every one of the highlights of inbound and outbound contact focus. Regularly expansive call center processes partition its activities into inbound and outbound focuses. In a blended call center solution, an agent can influence active calls to can likewise get approaching calls.

Benefits of call center solution of sip2dial

Sip2dial gives communication solutions for call centers and undertakings of various sorts and sizes. The creative and versatile innovation stage sip2dial offers repetition, multi-tenure, extensibility and quick improvement of new features for quicker pivot time. They are a perfect answer for any sort of call center or Enterprise independent of size, innovation (TDM or VoIP), nature of activities, or workforce appropriation.

Sip2dial provides numerous call center solution benefits to businesses that run a call center for their business communications. The benefits are as follows

Reduce price

Sip2dial can be the more financially savvy solution for procuring and keeping up a whole call center workforce in-house. It lessens costs related to staffing a fragment of call center agent (as the outside specialist organization handles their own operators). It likewise diminishes foundation and overhead expenses as external service provider use their very own call center solutions, servers and communication.

At long last, it transforms a noteworthy settled expense into a variable cost: talented work is there when you require it, and not costing you a pretty penny when you don’t. Taken together, these can signify colossal investment funds and altogether enhance your primary concern.

Improve the quality of calls

Having a staff of magnificently prepared and educated off-introduce consider focus specialists that can deal with calls inside a minute’s notice can altogether enhance benefit quality amid pinnacle hours. Flood calls can be steered to them, diminishing hold up times and client dissatisfaction. Furthermore, both your in-house operators and also your redistributed specialists won’t feel surged when conversing with clients amid pinnacle hours as they probably are aware there are a lot of qualified specialists to handle the majority of the calls that come in. This will drastically enhance the nature of client administration and reduction hold up times amid pinnacle hours.

Increase service level

If the service level is a metric you are hoping to enhance, co-sourcing your call focus workforce might be the arrangement you require. At the point when call volume increments and administration level is declining, you can redistribute the flood calls to contracted specialists. This will diminish the holdup time and increment benefit level.

24*7 customer service at low budget

Hiring an external service provider to deal with considers when your in-house operators aren’t working can be a phenomenal method to give the nonstop administration, without keeping up every minute of the everyday workforce of in-house operators. Outside specialist organizations can answer calls after business hours, on the ends of the week and amid occasions. Your staff will welcome the standard timetable and your clients will love the diehard loyalty.


Sip2dial’s call center solution can be an amazingly powerful strategy to upgrade client benefit, increment productivity and lessen hazard without yielding your primary concern. It could be actually what you have to drive your organization in front of the opposition. If you find this article informative don’t forget to send your feedback below the comment box.

3 Basic Factors To Consider While Choosing A Call Center Solution Provider.

There are many call center solution providers around us that grow and fall every day. Call center business is a kind of business where growth and downfall directly upon the feedback and mindset of the customer. As this era is going through the technological advancements, most call centers are powered by software especially cloud-based.

In this article, we will be discussing contact center business where the focus point will be call center solution providers and how to choose them.

3 Basic Features of the call center software

If you are a small business owner but want to go for an effective call center solution, you need to check the basic features of the call center software you want to buy for your call center. There are different types of call centers such as inbound, outbound and blended. Each call center has its own requirement, so you need to check the features like call routing, call forwarding, call recording and instant analysis of customer’s queries and the data of the agents.

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1. Security and Encryption

Security is the most important thing that you need to look in your call center software. The traditional way of contact center business is not that much secure as it does not encrypt the information, calls, and messages of the clients and agents. Modern contact center software is cloud-based which protects the data of small businesses, caller’s details and history of customers queries by encrypting it through the advanced framework. If you want to buy a call center software, you should consider this point to get an edge over your competitors.

2. The Reputation of the Provider

For a small business, it is essential, to go for a reputed call center solution provider to make sure the money is invested in the right direction. Reputation means you will be assured of the maintenance and support as most international brands provide seamless call center software solution.

3. Budget-Friendliness

Budget-friendliness of a call center software means a lot for a small enterprise. No start-up call center would like to afford expensive call center solution providers as contact center business is a risky business. If you are going to buy a call center software solution, you must check various call center solution providers and their prices in order to choose the best one for your business.


In the end, all these points we discussed are basic points and there can be further things as well to look into while choosing a call center software solution provider. We hope this article will give you the vision to satiate your call center requirements and motivate you to manage your call center flawlessly.