Difference Between Promotional and Transactional SMS – The Comparison Between Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS

The small businesses often wonder about the differences between promotional SMS and transactional SMS. Nowadays sending text message is the most effective mode of communication. As compared to traditional medium of communication SMS reach the target audience very quickly.

Nowadays SMS isn’t just being utilized for individual communication yet in addition for business purposes. They are utilized for advancements and additionally to send information. Sending SMS is one of the effective advertising tools to help in growing business. Bulk SMS service is used for the advertising process. There are two types of bulk SMS service- promotional SMS and Transactional SMS. Both of them have diverse targets and objectives. Both of the SMS doors have particular sort of qualities and are utilized in the significantly more solid and in addition in a savvy manner. The value-based SMS and Promotional SMS focus on the diverse crowd.

With this article, our industry experts have explained the difference between promotional SMS and transactional SMS in detail.

Promotional SMS Definition

Promotional SMS is a kind of SMS through which an organization usually sends to its clients to advance a particular item or service. This classification incorporates any kind of offers and showcasing messages; which could possibly be required. Limited time SMS must be sent to the clients who have not yet actuated DND benefit. Definitely, no one like these promotional messages thus there is a way to stop receiving this type of message.

Features Of Promotional SMS

1. Cheapest and most effective method of communication.
2. 98% open rate and are opened within five minutes of reach.
3. Best success rate and quick response
4. Reach a large number of audiences in a single click.
5. Easiest and the fastest way to send information.

Transactional SMS Definition

Transactional SMS are the sort of messages that are sent to the clients for passing the data regarding the item and administration. For example, A message sent any e-commerce entry to the customer with respect to the installment made against the expense of the item. Or A message sent by the bank to the record holders as far as the parity of the week after week sum or concerning any sort of exchange that happens. At SMS World a legitimate sort of layout is offered according to the endorsed standards and directions with the end goal that there will be no sort of issues.

Advantages of Transactional SMS

1. The messages are effectively sent through DND numbers
2. With the assistance of mass SMS administrations, accessible one can without much of a stretch convey pressing data
3. Dissimilar to the time limitations in the Promotional SMS the value-based SMS can be shared for any sort of time requirement.
4. The API door helps in the coordination of the product with the goal that customized SMS can be effectively sent.

The Comparison Between Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS

Both promotional and transactional SMS are essential for a brand. In any case; limited time messages are not really as required as transactional SMS for clients who are as of now faithful. Then again; to pull in new customers; promotional SMS can be successful.

Sending any such kind messages, be that as it may, requires administrations of a decent organization. With the end goal to pick a decent SMS promoting and entryway specialist organization, you as a business should be characterized about your requirements and after that comprehensively discover an answer.

Transactional and promotional SMS are picking up consideration due to the advantages they offer, for most advantages anyway specialist co-ops’ nature of work matters. Both the Transactional & Promotional SMS are sent to the customers using an automated text messaging software to save time, furthermore these software helps in tracking the opening rate of the SMSs.


Both the types of SMS are critical and have distinctive points of interest. They can be utilized in a way so that there are successful methods for promoting to get extraordinary business. In this article, we discussed the difference between promotional SMS and transactional SMS. If you find this article is helpful then don’t forget to give your precious comment below the comment box.