IVR solutions in India- get the best IVR solution here

Many companies are there that provide IVR solutions in India nowadays. IVR solution is the most important tool for any business to run it successfully. It helps the business to reduce cost and increase the customer satisfaction.

What is an IVR?

Interactive voice response or IVR is the combination of voice phone info and touchtone keypad choice that speaks with callers, gathers data and courses the calls to the relevant beneficiary. The main remarkable application of IVR solution is pre-recorded voice responses for the appropriate situations and call recording application which can use later.

There are many companies who provide IVR solutions in India to make the customer communication easy. The IVR solution simply reduces your capital investment and improves the customer service. Sip2dial is a leading call center software provider who offers best IVR solutions in India.

Features of sip2dial’s IVR solutions

Sip2dial provide IVR solutions in India at a reasonable price. it helps you to enhance your business communication and increase the customer satisfaction.  Sip2dial’s IVR solution can be used in the different communication process. They are as follows

Receive faxes to emails

Through sip2dial’s IVR solution you can send faxes to emails directly. It allows you to receive faxes directly on your mail ID globally.

Out dial capability

Sip2dial’s IVR solutions allow call centers to call their customers. When the customer is busy with other calls or not receiving the calls the outbound capability feature helps the agent to communicate with the customer.

Lunch program

The web-based reporting feature has a user-friendly interface which empowers you to the graph your calls monthly and yearly bases. You will have the capacity to send solicitations to clients with IVR solutions. You can set the time zone, make the synopsis report and view every one of the subtle elements of your buyers in a flash.

High calls flow

The IVR solution allows creating high call flows. IVR Solutions can be actuated in perspective of the Access Number (DID) or Mailbox Number Dialed. The more DID or letterbox number you have, you will get distinctive call streams for each number.

Touchtone detection

The IVR solution allows customers to select from a list of selections like entering the pin code, enter one time password etc. Sip2dial’s touch-tone detection is easy, fast and user-friendly which helps businesses to manage their customer calls.

Call transferring

The IVR solution helps the businesses and call centers to transfer calls easily. Through sip2dial’s IVR solutions, call transferring become easy and quick. It allows you to manage callers.

Text to speech

The Text to Speech highlight of IVR solutions is user-friendly and can perform multiple actions. You simply need to type any content on your IVR service and it will talk the content to your client. Call focuses can undoubtedly pre-record educational messages to manage their clients to go to the correct agent.

Voice recognition

Sip2dial offers IVR solutions in India which provide voice recognition feature.  It is quick, advantageous and basic. The voice acknowledgment highlight perceives words, names, letters, numbers and substantially more. Clients basically need to spell a word; the number or items name and the IVR’s voice acknowledgment highlight will perceive their issues and inquiries.


In this article, we discuss IVR solutions in India and how sip2dial provides the best IVR solutions in India. if you find this article informative than feedback us.