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Nowadays call centers have become an integral part of any sort of business. Call centers are the places where customers interact with their service/product providers. They put their concerns or seek information from the agents employed there.

In this article, we will discuss on call center software designed an open-source framework. Is it helpful for call centers? How can it be used to improve the productivity of businesses? We will discuss this below.

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What Is Open Source Software?

Open source software is a type of software system that has its source code open. Anyone can use, distribute and modify it as per his/her requirements. There are many open source frameworks, for example, PHP, Bootstrap etc.

When it comes about Open source call center software, nowadays it is being used by most of the contact centers. Sip2Dial’s open source call center software is designed on open-source frameworks to fulfil the needs of small businesses.

Open Source Call Center Software

Why Use Sip2Dial’s Open Source Call Center Software?

1. Customizable

The main benefit of Open source software is that it allows users to customize its features. It allows users to modify its programming as per their requirements. Sip2Dial’s cloud-based call center software is designed on open source frameworks. This allows call centers to set up their own features according to their business objectives. Enterprises can modify this software and get the maximum benefits out of it.

2. Better Support

The open source call center software from Sip2Dial gives you better support as it is easy for quick deployment. Open source software is easy to maintain as it is not complex. Call centers can easily use Sip2Dial’s open source call center software with 24*7 supports.

3. Mobile Friendly

Sip2Dial’s call center software is designed to fulfill the needs of small businesses. Therefore it is mobile friendly and can be operated from various mobile platforms. Today almost everyone uses mobile phones; therefore the mobile-friendly nature of Sip2Dial’s call center software allows call centers to manage their agents remotely.

Call Center Software

4. Enterprise-Grade Solution

Every single industry is unique. The prerequisites and issues inside each are different as much as the arrangements required for them. It is about difficult to make programming that will entirely satisfy the requirements of any one sort of business. Sip2Dial’s open source call center software can be adjusted by the requirements of the business. And it can be altered by business specific needs to make an answer that can address the issues of explicit association.