Text Message Marketing To Help Start-Up Educational Institutes

Advantage Of Mass Text Messaging Software For Your Business

Education is one of the important sectors for investment. But nowadays, competition is at its peak in the education sector. Hundreds of educational institutes are now available for students. Though it is a good thing for people, yet it closes the doors for young entrepreneurs in this sector.

Business leaders suggest utilizing creative ways of marketing to create space for start-up businesses. I have seen many coaching sectors still using outdoor advertising to target their audiences. I don’t know how effective these ideas are in this era of technological advancements, but they have also aspirations to grow.

Anyways, can we use advanced software mechanism to help educational institutes in marketing? What about text message marketing? We know text messaging is one of the most effective ways of lead conversion as it is instant and to the point. Here we will see how marketing through text messages can help start-up educational institutes.

It Is Cost-Savvy

The first good thing about text message marketing is that it is cost savvy. As a start-up business, you do not need to buy costly equipment to conduct a bulk SMS campaign, but text messaging software. You can easily operate it through your existing computer and send thousands of promotional messages to your target audience. Start-up coaching centers can easily reach to students via text message marketing without spending money on posters and hoardings.

It’s Scalable & Mobile Friendly

Scalability simply is the ability to scale flexible from various states or levels. When anything that you use becomes scalable, it helps you in different circumstances in your business. Text messaging is scalable when it comes about marketing. A small business can utilize SMS marketing, as well as a corporate, can use it. For educational institutions, youth is the major target audience today. And anything that is mobile-friendly attracts the youth. A text messaging software can be a good choice for scalability and mobile-friendliness, not only that, you can use the text messaging software to send messages from PC to mobile.

Customizable & Secure

When educational institutes customize their text messages, they simply add extra characters to their texts and schedule their messages. For example, when a banking institute sends promotional messages to its target audiences in different areas, it can schedule their messages for different areas. It will increase the chance of the messages to be read by the recipients. Start-up educational institutes can use it for promoting an event such as Admission dates, Form fill-up dates etc. Text messaging is secure as it does not require internet.

High Conversion Rate

In many surveys by various marketing experts, it has been found that the response rate to an SMS is higher than that of an E-Mail. Nobody really likes to turn on the internet and check its mail but SMS, on the other hand, is offline and instant. It can help start-up Education institutes to attract their target audience via Text message marketing.


In the end, marketing holds the key for businesses in this era of cut-throat competition. According to CTIA, the response rate to an SMS is 90 seconds while to an Email is 90 minutes. Hence we thought to focus on how SMS marketing can help the education sector in this article.

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