What is Call Tracking? 5 major benefits of call tracking software

What is Call Tracking

What is call tracking?

What is call tracking? How is it done? All these questions are genuine for someone who wants to know about call centers. Call tracking is a process that measures the number of leads and quality of leads generated by all the channels in an advertising campaign.

What is call tracking System?

Call tracking system is a software system that records the data of incoming calls in a call center. Call tracking system is based on the technology that measures the behavior of callers in call centers.

What is Call tracking number?

A call tracking number is a unique number linked to individual client engagement processes. Call tracking numbers are used by millions of business houses to track the performance of their websites, PPC campaign, Adwords campaign, and SEO and media campaigns.

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5 benefits of call tracking software

In this era of information and technology, businesses are facing competitions every time. Sip2Dial as a reliable call tracking software provider offers cost-effective solutions to help small businesses to grow. Before you go for a free trial of our call tracking software, you need to know about the benefits of our call tracking software.

1. Mobile Friendly
The digital era has entirely changed the mindset of the consumer and the market as well. It is now a daunting task for a start-up business to grow into an established company. In such circumstances, new ideas are necessary. And call tracking software is apparently an innovative idea to surpass the competitive market.
The call tracking software provided by Sip2Dial is designed in such a way that it is easy to be operated from any mobile device. The open source integration of call center software allows it to function on various platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux effectively.

2. Customizable

Customization is a thing that helps businesses to provide specific and targeted solutions to their clients. The call tracking software from Sip2Dial is easy to personalize which means you can track the numbers whenever you wish. A call tracking software keeps all the information of your call center, like callers’ data, call length and number of calls. Therefore call centers can easily customize their services by being able to take quick decisions.

3. Affordable

The call tracking software offered by Sip2Dial is cloud-based which means you do not need any extra and bulky hardware deployment. It gives you the ability to measure the performance of your campaigns such as PPC, Adwords, and Social Media Marketing.

4. Productive

The Call Tracking software offered by Sip2Dial has various advanced features like caller ID, Call time, date, caller region, call source, call length and callers point of interests. With call tracking software you can easily target to different geographical location and run your campaign. You do not need to worry about tracking your performances as call tracking software keeps all the data of your campaigns which you can see on your mobile device.

5. ROI Driving

The Call tracking software from Sip2Dial allows small businesses to determine what their actual ROI is for various marketing campaigns. Small businesses can easily know how their Ads are performing by using unique phone numbers.

At long last

A call tracking software is a crucial system for call centers to have. It not only helps contact centers but also other small businesses as well by keeping all the important data. If you find this article informative, please do not forget to mention your precious views below in the comment box. It will help us improve our services and products.

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