How Call Center Software Can Help Travel and Hospitality Companies

Travel and tourism customers often expect the best hospitality as well as customer support service. They always look for a personalized service at every step of their tour. Thu it is important for organizations to provide an uninterrupted service to the clients and fulfill them by being there with them even in crises period. Through call center software you can build a 24*7 customer care service for the traveling customer.

Today travel industry edges stay thin and under strain, as they are surrounded with a number of customers. Travelers often surf the web to locate the best deals, check reviews and communicate with the travel and hospitality service provider. Thus the provider needs to offer unique service and support to compete with another provider the capacity to contact clients wherever and at whatever point they have to contact them.

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Sip2Dial, leading call center software solution provider enable your travel and hospitality business to convey client benefit according to the dynamic needs of the market.Sip2Dial provide customized and cost-effective call center software service for clients across the world. It has the capacity to provide a solution that suits your business needs.

Benefit of Using Call Center Software In The Travel & Hospitality Industry
Multi-channel customer service

The travel and hospitality industry has seen an entire change because of the adoption of online innovation by clients. The accommodation of online booking, however, has not decreased the prerequisite for responsive client benefit for help or issue goals. While clients are as yet inclined toward telephone bolster, they are additionally open to living talk help. Email reactions and SMS notices are currently expected, as are self-benefit channels like IVR. Through our 24x7x365 multi-channel call center, we furnish travel and accommodation organizations with the way to associate with clients on any of these channels according to their inclination.

The consistency of customer care

The success of a tour and traveling business is situated around making clients feel uncommon, and as your call center software partner, we guarantee the client benefit you offer goes with the same pattern. Our call center operator prepares in your image esteems and to lead any discussion with your esteemed clients with affectability, cordiality, and kindness. We plan to make a positive impression about your business in each client connection in any communication channel.


The travel and hospitality industry is portrayed by peak season and off-season business. With Sip2Dial, you can be guaranteed of client benefit bolster for your standard business prerequisites and also when business ends up lively. We have the ability to scale up the assets doled out to your task, both regarding prepared staff and innovation, and additionally, give client benefit bolster crosswise over time zones.


If you are in the field of travel and hospitality business and looking for a good call center software for your business then your queries end with Sip2Dial. Try our free trial service for 30 days and decide which call center software you need.

How To Build A Reliable Cloud Telephony System In India

After the “digital India”, the Indian market is bringing a transform into a different era. Numerous new services have come into the business to engage the organizations. Some time ago call center innovation was confined to just large enterprise companies, now ‘Cloud Telephony’ are connecting with SMEs and new businesses. in this article we will discuss how to build a reliable cloud telephony system in India.

Cloud telephony is rising as one of the quickest developing innovations of the decade. Its low setup cost and simple adaptability settle on it a simple decision for each business that needs to manage clients – each business. Businesses in India are profoundly aware of their client connect, which makes client telephone calls the foundation of numerous organizations in India. This is genuine even in the times of unstable web-based life and universal email. Thus, Cloud telephony has taken on the situation of the central infrastructure to organizations.

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What Is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a voice and messaging service that replaces the requirement for the ordinary business phone system like PBX, EPBAX, and so on.

Cloud Telephony is commonly substitution of your business telephone frameworks like PBX, EPBAX with cloud services. Through Cloud Telephony, it turns out to be simple for the client to interface with the group of onlookers on an adaptable and productive stage. The cloud-based telephony benefit has turned out to be efficient, most painful and the best means for cost-cutting for new companies, SMEs and undertakings.

How To Build A Reliable Cloud Telephony System In India?

With an expansion in reception, there is additionally an expanding desire for the reliability of the cloud-based telephony service. Be that as it may, cloud telephony accompanies one of the kind difficulties since it is based on two building squares – the Internet and communication.

Both the Internet and telephone system comes with unique kind of issues that is climate condition and policy regulation in the country. Here is some other challenges businesses face to build a reliable cloud telephony system in India.

1. Infrastructure

India is becoming the largest mobile phone users on the planet, making India the second-biggest telecommunication solution on the planet. In any case, India’s telecommunication is tormented with issues of call quality, particularly a high rate of call drops averaging at about 4%.

These issues are extremely regular and basic with physical PRI lines, where the network of calls is likewise subject to which streets are being burrowed on a specific day. These issues locate a simple solution with cloud telephony since there is bring down dependence on the physical foundation.

2. Call-Connection

Aside from call drops, which ordinarily happen after the call has been associated, issues with call network additionally exist. Call availability can be enhanced by a lot through cloud telephony. Calls that don’t interface because of transporter contrary qualities or web issues are distinguished and progressively retried by means of a few accessible courses and PRI lines. This is naturally done at the backend, without the information of the guest until the point when the connection happens.

3. Back Up Infrastructure

Cloud telephony companies guarantee a reinforcement set of PRI lines for each solution of numbers that they take into account. This excess guarantees that they have a repetitive (reinforcement) lines accessible for the fastest possible connection, to keep away from single purposes of disappointment.

4. Monitoring

Building a solid cloud telephony system over a flaky system is a test in itself. A significant part of the enhancement in the present call rates with cloud telephony have originated from always observing downtimes. By and large, downtimes were the aftereffect of the basic foundation like administrator issues, or communication line harms and not with the cloud telephony software itself.


Cloud telephony is prepared to coordinate its minds with India’s monstrous hunger for telecommunication. In any case, innovation additionally needs the help of strategy controllers to have the capacity to achieve its maximum capacity. It is an appreciated sign that the TRAI has opened the field for exchange to accommodate the worries of policymakers and technology provider. At last, advancement must be made through an all-around organized joint effort between the Government, policy maker, private businesses and customers. It just satisfies while being a piece of the solution is made simple.


Questions To Ask When You Buy Cloud Telephony Service For Your Business

Communication always plays an important role in any businesses. As most of the business takes place over the telephone. Today, there are numerous directs in play like email, talk, video conferencing, to impart for organizations. But telephone plays the best medium of communication when it comes business interaction with the customer.

Numerous organizations are pushing their heritage telephone systems past their years. The impact of this is felt when the system falls flat, calls are missed and deals are lost. Cloud telephony helps the small businesses particularly startup companies to secure their customer’s data on the cloud. It is the most effective medium nowadays businesses use.

If you are effectively considering updating your business telephone system to a shrewd one that can deal with calls, scale your business, keep your clients educated and not have you pitch your spirit to get it, with this article we will help you to get all your answer.

Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony is the innovation that moves your business telephone framework to the cloud. It is the most intelligent path for you to oversee business calls without bargaining on quality and cost.

Nowadays Cloud computing is the most trending subject and the term ‘Cloud communication’ is likewise getting a great deal of reaction in the business houses. Everybody needs its very own set up for the client support and cloud communication benefits offer it to them. The cloud benefit moves your business approaches the cloud. The customer taking care of ends up less demanding with the cloud communication system setup.

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Questions to ask when you buy cloud telephony service for your business

How can you install this phone system easily?

A telephone system should be easy to install and manage. This is harder to accomplish with on-start arrangements or what is normally known as the EPABX system. The setup must be finished by an expert, the hardware is costly, and it takes up a considerable measure of office space. The upkeep costs and the reliance on the expert help are likewise high.

Cloud-based telephone frameworks, then again, empower you to impart in a more affordable and increasingly streamlined way. Since the whole framework is on the cloud, you save money on land cost (a major factor with a considerable measure of little workplaces!), upkeep and paying for a man to oversee it. You can join, go out for an espresso, return and see that your telephone system is live-it is that straightforward!

What are the features available in the phone system?

This is the most important thing to ask, to check if your requirements are in arrangement with the features of the system. An on-introduce system has constrained features – the initiation takes weeks, the intermediaries must be confined to their work areas, no call recording alternative, scaling is intense, the support and refresh bothers are a story for one more day.

With cloud communication, you can get a straightforward ring stream and run in under 30 minutes. A warm and proficient IVR welcome will make your clients feel welcome, and the workers can accept approaches the abandon being banded to their work area. Scaling is simple, programmed and you get boundless help as you develop.

How far the cloud telephony system is reliable?

Reliability is the one viewpoint that each business thinks about. Cloud telephony has one of the kind difficulties on account of the two building squares it is based on communication and web. The telephone and web lines in India are undependable. Be that as it may, a great specialist co-op develops consistently to give you the best understanding.

Cloud specialist organizations more often than not have reinforcements for each telephone and web access supplier which guarantees that regardless of whether one is encountering a downtime, the other is dynamic.

How was the security of the cloud telephony system?

Security is a major concern when you need to depend on client data with an outsider. In spite of the fantasy that security is a test yet to be tended to; cloud communication is a path in front of the inheritance system as far as security.

The information is put away in secure server farms that are hosted on servers on a cloud benefit which offers unrivaled highlights like scrambled information stockpiling, secure access and so on. The information can likewise be effortlessly recovered freely.


It is essential that you should be clear about necessities and business controls when you are picking between telephone frameworks. You need to contrast the best and the best and pick a framework that enables you to pick, introduce and begin without stressing over its respectability or execution each and every day. With the complexities that exist in the conventional system, cloud telephony obviously develops an unmistakable victor.

Telephony Provider – Get the Best Cloud Telephony Provider Here

Nowadays getting the best cloud telephony provider is essential for any business. Cloud telephony provider is offering a number of benefits to large as well as small business. Cloud telephony enables the business to be lean, enabling them to focus on their center competency, which is the developing pattern nowadays. It enables representatives to work from anyplace making an adaptable workplace.

Cloud telephony is the virtualization of communication foundation. You possess the telephones; however, the communication servers, PBX, and trunk dialing are situated in the cloud. This makes it workable for you to connect your telephone to the cloud from anyplace given you have a decent web association. Thus it is important to find a good telephony provider for your business communication.

In this article, we discuss how choosing a best cloud telephony provider features for your business and improve customer satisfaction.

What is cloud Telephony Solution?

Cloud telephony is a type of communication technology where all specialized gadgets and applications are facilitated at the specialist organization’s premises. It is an internet-based voice and information communication system that replacing the need of conventional business telephone system.

Sometimes before businesses were not familiarities with cloud telephony. Business grasped things like call controlling, IVR, call recording, examination yet not cloud correspondence. There are a thousand amounts of call centers who use cloud telephony service to enhance their associations as India is turning into the biggest customer advertise in this universe. So every business needs best cloud telephony service benefit at a sensible cost. Henceforth getting to be cloud telephony provider is precarious.

There are many cloud telephony provider in this digital market world. Sip2dial is a leading cloud telephony provider, who offers all types of cloud telephony services to the businesses.

Features that make sip2dial is a cloud telephony provider

24*7 customer support

Sip2dial works 24*7 for their customers. Sip2dial’s customer support team provides 24*7 supports to their customer and resolves their problems.  Sip2dial never let their customer alone to face the problems. Be it a specialized glitch, or only data about the working of the item, you can advance your inquiry whenever, regardless of whether it’s post-midnight.

Proficient account management

Sip2dial gives special attention to their each and every customer. Sip2dial assign you a dedicated account manager to manage all the queries related to cloud-based call management system. Account manager recalls each and every detail of your business telephone framework, past tickets raised, and goals gave. Along these lines, in the event that you require any assistance, simply contact your record administrator, impart the issue, and afterward unwind. Every one of your issues will be dealt with.

Secure your privacy

Client protection is the most extreme worry for sip2dial. It esteems your protection like simply like its own. It has unbreakable wellbeing boundaries and stores your information in encoded shape. Sip2dial empowers secure trade of information from the server to the web and portable programs while dispensing with all robberies and unapproved get to dangers to your business information and protection.  Sip2dial says, “Your information, our obligation.”

Value for money

What’s the biggest fear while buying cloud software? You bought it, paid the annual premium, and then the system goes haywire. You complain you shout. But nothing is going to work now. You have lost the money.

Now, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. Sip2dial believes in customer satisfaction and makes both ends meet to fulfill customers’ needs. Also, it has a 30-day refund policy in place. So, if the system doesn’t meet your expectations, your total money gets refunded. Moreover, even before you pay, you get 15 days free trial to know and understand the product features.

Offline functioning system

It is one of the best features of sip2dial. In spite of the fact that the entire cloud communication framework is available by you through the web, that doesn’t imply that blame in your web association will stop the framework.

Indeed, even without the internet, all the features of this cloud communication system works totally fine, and you can get to every one of your information once it gets adjusted to your system.

Uptime and load balancing

Sip2dial gives 99.9% uptime and load adjusting, and along these lines keeps business from confronting a misfortune at pinnacle times. Your high call volume and endless client questions are dealt with effortlessly.

Indeed, even at the season of any regular cataclysm, it’s one of a kind load adjusting feature of sip2dial that supported by 9 server farms crosswise over 6 topographies enables your business to continue and guarantees the undisrupted working of your telephone framework.


Sip2dial is one of the renowned cloud telephony providers who help your business to provide full customer satisfaction.  If you think this article is informative for you to get a best cloud telephony provider then don’t forget to give your precious comment below the comment box.

What is Cloud Telephony – Get the Best Cloud Telephony Service to Improve your Business

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud Telephony is the communication technology where all specialized gadgets and applications are facilitated at the service provider’s premises. Any businesses intrigued by utilizing this service don’t have to introduce any product or purchase any equipment to kick the service off. The service can be an IVR, call center setup, call recording and so on. These services can be begun on a customary telephone, versatile or a PC framework i.e. works area, PC or tablet.

India is seeing a noteworthy push to grow its advanced capacities, because of the present Indian Prime Minister’s drives for a totally Digital India. Spend gauges are to the tune of $17 Billion throughout the following three to five years, advanced India is set to infest all administrations open and private.

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The Digital India activity fundamentally centers around its residents accessing open administrations and advantages on the web. The expense of contacting its one billion individuals is by utilizing keen correspondence arrangements like Cloud Telephony. Cloud telephony makes it simple to oblige the enormous number of individuals endeavoring to get to these services since cloud telephony is uncommonly worked for scale, productivity and economy.

How does cloud telephony work

After you understand what is cloud telephony? Now you should know how it is work? Cloud telephony works when great old telephone lines, some of the time extensive banks of them, end at a server farm that utilizations particular innovation to make the data moving through those telephone lines open through a web interface. A similarity can be attracted to email. Email comprises of advanced information coursing through physical equipment wires got to through a web interface.

Other word, Cloud Telephony is the innovation that changes your business telephone framework to a business telephone on the cloud. It is a voice and informing administration that replaces the requirement for the ordinary business phone framework like PBX, EPBAX etc. Also, more often than not, it is truly basic for everybody to comprehend, make/receive (pick up) a phone call hangs up or detaches the call, play a sound file, transfer the call, gathering the call! With Cloud Telephony, this sort of communication capacities can be added to any PC application!

How cloud telephony improve your business

I think you all understand what is clod telephony? And how does it work? Now you should understand how cloud telephony improves your business? Cloud telephony can be a benefit for each business, regardless of what specialty they are in. Here are a couple of benefits to using this technology.

Easy customer support

Clients are an indispensable piece of each business, however handling client calls can be overpowering — they originate from numerous areas, they require your officials fathoming diverse issues, they keep running after some time, missed calls are signaling perpetually and, to top it all off, they require your administrators stuck to their seats. Cloud communication makes call administration boundlessly simple with the capacity to get various brings in parallel, record calls to investigate issues, track time and course calls.

Can work remotely

Cloud telephony inalienably bolsters the present remote and adaptable work culture and enables representatives to accept calls from their own cell phones. Numerous organizations today work from different areas and cloud communication make it simple to enable representatives to work from wherever they are. Client bolster, already observed as a capacity fastened to a work area and a phone, would now be able to occur from anyplace, without trading off on the nature of their work.

Call analyzing

Cloud telephony gives precise data on each call and SMS sent or got. Utilizing the information, organizations can investigate designs identified with issues like call volumes; the time is taken to explain the inquiry, number of missed calls, and so on. This specifically helps in streamlining reaction rates and enhancing reaction quality.

Perceptive call flows

Cloud telephony empowers customization of call-flows, empowering you to welcome your clients as per the seasons, extraordinary days and even time. Since it is altogether overseen by the product, it rushes to set up and change with a basic snap of the catch or a simplified of a couple of components.

Maintain call privacy

Telephone numbers have turned into the novel identifier for general organizations. The quantity of occurrences of these telephone numbers being abused is on the ascent. Cloud telephony empowers number covering, which implies that representatives and clients can converse with one another without knowing or getting to every others’ numbers.


Each business needs to scale up, however, this does not occur without happy clients. Changing to cloud telephony service makes it lighter and quicker to think about your clients. With rich features that seek a small amount of an expense of the customary system, scaling up abruptly looks less overwhelming. The greatest favorable position that accompanies cloud communication is that scaling does not need to incorporate expenses on an extra framework or physically including systems. Cloud telephony permits the expansion/cancellation/adjustment of clients through a couple of mouse clicks and enables the opportunity to make more calls and contact more individuals. Obviously, the expense is just intelligent of the utilization.

Focus on the core business

Cloud telephony takes away the weight of procuring, preparing and keeping up an enormous group on an assistant, yet essential capacity. Not at all like in plans of action that have client bolster as the center capacity, as (maybe) BPOs, most different organizations have the client bolster group working to help their other center capacities like item improvement and showcasing. Having cloud telephony resembles re-appropriating this basic however helper capacity to a specialist at a small amount of the cost, leaving the groups to center on center regions of the business once more.

Cloud telephony providers in India

There are thousands of cloud telephony providers in India who offers cloud telephony services to small business as well as call centers.  Cloud telephony is the most intelligent route for you to oversee business calls without trading off on quality and cost. A Cloud telephone system guarantees organizations have versatile and dependable access to bound together business correspondence with no weight of setting up the foundation.

Sip2dial is a leading call center solution provider in India who offers cloud telephony service to businesses, especially for small businesses. Sip2dial empowers cloud telephony solutions for your business. Mechanize your client communication with cutting-edge discourse acknowledgment, investigation, and revealing. With sip2dial you can get all your answer related to what is cloud telephony?


In this article, we tried to explain to you what is cloud telephony? How does it work and how it empowers your business communication? If you find this article informative then don’t forget to give your feedback below the comment box. Your feedback helps us to improve our quality and service effectively.