What is Cloud Telephony – Get the Best Cloud Telephony Service to Improve your Business

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud Telephony is the communication technology where all specialized gadgets and applications are facilitated at the service provider’s premises. Any businesses intrigued by utilizing this service don’t have to introduce any product or purchase any equipment to kick the service off. The service can be an IVR, call center setup, call recording and so on. These services can be begun on a customary telephone, versatile or a PC framework i.e. works area, PC or tablet.

India is seeing a noteworthy push to grow its advanced capacities, because of the present Indian Prime Minister’s drives for a totally Digital India. Spend gauges are to the tune of $17 Billion throughout the following three to five years, advanced India is set to infest all administrations open and private.

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The Digital India activity fundamentally centers around its residents accessing open administrations and advantages on the web. The expense of contacting its one billion individuals is by utilizing keen correspondence arrangements like Cloud Telephony. Cloud telephony makes it simple to oblige the enormous number of individuals endeavoring to get to these services since cloud telephony is uncommonly worked for scale, productivity and economy.

How does cloud telephony work

After you understand what is cloud telephony? Now you should know how it is work? Cloud telephony works when great old telephone lines, some of the time extensive banks of them, end at a server farm that utilizations particular innovation to make the data moving through those telephone lines open through a web interface. A similarity can be attracted to email. Email comprises of advanced information coursing through physical equipment wires got to through a web interface.

Other word, Cloud Telephony is the innovation that changes your business telephone framework to a business telephone on the cloud. It is a voice and informing administration that replaces the requirement for the ordinary business phone framework like PBX, EPBAX etc. Also, more often than not, it is truly basic for everybody to comprehend, make/receive (pick up) a phone call hangs up or detaches the call, play a sound file, transfer the call, gathering the call! With Cloud Telephony, this sort of communication capacities can be added to any PC application!

How cloud telephony improve your business

I think you all understand what is clod telephony? And how does it work? Now you should understand how cloud telephony improves your business? Cloud telephony can be a benefit for each business, regardless of what specialty they are in. Here are a couple of benefits to using this technology.

Easy customer support

Clients are an indispensable piece of each business, however handling client calls can be overpowering — they originate from numerous areas, they require your officials fathoming diverse issues, they keep running after some time, missed calls are signaling perpetually and, to top it all off, they require your administrators stuck to their seats. Cloud communication makes call administration boundlessly simple with the capacity to get various brings in parallel, record calls to investigate issues, track time and course calls.

Can work remotely

Cloud telephony inalienably bolsters the present remote and adaptable work culture and enables representatives to accept calls from their own cell phones. Numerous organizations today work from different areas and cloud communication make it simple to enable representatives to work from wherever they are. Client bolster, already observed as a capacity fastened to a work area and a phone, would now be able to occur from anyplace, without trading off on the nature of their work.

Call analyzing

Cloud telephony gives precise data on each call and SMS sent or got. Utilizing the information, organizations can investigate designs identified with issues like call volumes; the time is taken to explain the inquiry, number of missed calls, and so on. This specifically helps in streamlining reaction rates and enhancing reaction quality.

Perceptive call flows

Cloud telephony empowers customization of call-flows, empowering you to welcome your clients as per the seasons, extraordinary days and even time. Since it is altogether overseen by the product, it rushes to set up and change with a basic snap of the catch or a simplified of a couple of components.

Maintain call privacy

Telephone numbers have turned into the novel identifier for general organizations. The quantity of occurrences of these telephone numbers being abused is on the ascent. Cloud telephony empowers number covering, which implies that representatives and clients can converse with one another without knowing or getting to every others’ numbers.


Each business needs to scale up, however, this does not occur without happy clients. Changing to cloud telephony service makes it lighter and quicker to think about your clients. With rich features that seek a small amount of an expense of the customary system, scaling up abruptly looks less overwhelming. The greatest favorable position that accompanies cloud communication is that scaling does not need to incorporate expenses on an extra framework or physically including systems. Cloud telephony permits the expansion/cancellation/adjustment of clients through a couple of mouse clicks and enables the opportunity to make more calls and contact more individuals. Obviously, the expense is just intelligent of the utilization.

Focus on the core business

Cloud telephony takes away the weight of procuring, preparing and keeping up an enormous group on an assistant, yet essential capacity. Not at all like in plans of action that have client bolster as the center capacity, as (maybe) BPOs, most different organizations have the client bolster group working to help their other center capacities like item improvement and showcasing. Having cloud telephony resembles re-appropriating this basic however helper capacity to a specialist at a small amount of the cost, leaving the groups to center on center regions of the business once more.

Cloud telephony providers in India

There are thousands of cloud telephony providers in India who offers cloud telephony services to small business as well as call centers.  Cloud telephony is the most intelligent route for you to oversee business calls without trading off on quality and cost. A Cloud telephone system guarantees organizations have versatile and dependable access to bound together business correspondence with no weight of setting up the foundation.

Sip2dial is a leading call center solution provider in India who offers cloud telephony service to businesses, especially for small businesses. Sip2dial empowers cloud telephony solutions for your business. Mechanize your client communication with cutting-edge discourse acknowledgment, investigation, and revealing. With sip2dial you can get all your answer related to what is cloud telephony?


In this article, we tried to explain to you what is cloud telephony? How does it work and how it empowers your business communication? If you find this article informative then don’t forget to give your feedback below the comment box. Your feedback helps us to improve our quality and service effectively.

7 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Best Call Center Software

Nowadays it is very important to choose the Best Call Center Software for a call center. As we know all the call center have nowadays working with software rather than telephone.  It is very important for companies that provide good software system so that the employee can work without any hassle.

There are many software companies who provide call center software. in this digital revolution period, the call center is not a call center, it is a multichannel contact center who perform various communication process. It enhances businesses to communicate easily with their customer. Thus choosing the best call center software is very essential so that it will upgrade your brand value.

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7 tips to choose the best call center software

Every business has a contact center for their customer service. In today’s competitive marketing place as important as customer service, you can’t bear to settle on poor choices with regards to picking a call center software system.

Businesses always choose best call center software for their contact center for various communication processes. There are some key features should keep in mind while choosing best call center software. They are as follows.

 Set your Budget

Budget plays an important role in every business. When choosing the best call center software estimate your budget. If you set your budget, then it will be easy to choose the best call center software provider.

 Check Business objectives

After your budget planned, then think about your type of business. In business, there are much inbound communication or outbound communication or it may support both. Thus select which type of software you need for your call center.

Choose the target audience

You have to think about the customer. Your target should be clear. It will help you to choose the software provider who can full fill your customer needs.

Seasoned provider

There should be an experienced call center provider. Their software system is user-friendly and effective.

 Free trial

There are numerous software companies who provide the free trial of software for one month. You should go with these free trial basis system so that it will be easy to know, whether it is working effectively or not.


After using, you have to check the output you get. It is very important to get the perfect output. It increases your brand value and communication process.


Finally, you have to check the security of the software system. The information of the organization and the customer shouldn’t be leaked or hacked. Beside security, you have to as check about whether it is cloud basis. It should recover all the data at any disaster.

These are the 7 things we should keep in mind while choosing the best call center software. These features will help you to choose the best call center software from various options. Call center or contact center both are required software for their work conveniences.


We give you some tips to choose the best call center software through this article. If you find this article informative then give your precious comment below the comment box.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions in India- Get he Cheapest Cloud Solutions Here

In terms of affordability, there are many cloud contact center solutions in India. But when you decide to choose cloud call center solutions, you can not only rely on its pricing but also on various other aspects like features and efficiency. Therefore before we draw any conclusions here, we must know about the cloud technology and its uses in the call center industry.

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Cloud-based call center software

Cloud-based call center software is a type of call center software that primarily uses cloud technology to function. In short, cloud-based call center software is a software system that is hosted in the cloud.

Sip2Dial: Cloud contact center solutions in India

Sip2Dial is cloud-based call center software that offers cost-effective cloud-based contact center solutions in India. Among top cloud contact center solutions in India, Sip2Dial is known as the best call center solutions. It is due to the advanced feature, flexible UI and good customer support of this software. We will try to know the different features and advantages of Sip2Dial below.

Key Features of Sip2Dial

Inbound call center software features

1. ACD

ACD or automatic call distributor is one of the most important features in inbound call center software. The automatic call distributor helps contact centers to distribute the calls through various departments which will later be routed to appropriate agents.

2. IVR

Interactive voice system or IVR is also an important feature for call centers. This feature helps call centers prompt their callers to buy or choose specific services. IVR also helps in routing callers to the right agents and in agent training program it plays a crucial role.

3. Skills-Based Routing

In inbound call centers, skill-based routing feature works to help callers. It uses the various data of callers including their geographical location and language to route them to the appropriate agents or departments. For example, if a caller belongs to China, the skill-based routing feature will route its call to the agent that speaks the Chinese language.

4. Customized Call Queues

In inbound call centers, thousands of calls are received daily. Therefore call centers to need to manage these calls. Here customized call queues allow call centers to arrange callers in queues with respect to their needs and service areas.

5. Built-in CRM

Built-in CRM is the most important tool in inbound call center software. It allows agents to view the data of their consumers and call center managers can also check the client-agent relationship performance here. Therefore CRM becomes the basic feature of good call center software.

Outbound Call center software Features


The click to Dial feature of a call center software basically helps call centers to manage their outbound call flows. This feature helps call centers to dial out those customers whose details are already there in the CRM. This feature reduces the workload on your agents and boosts their productivity.

Answering Machine Detection

The answering machine detection feature is one of the most important features in a call center. It allows call centers to screen calls that are answered by pre-recorded messages. This feature reduces the call drop rates in call centers and boosts the productivity.

Call Back Schedule

The call back schedule feature allows call centers to schedule calls back. This feature is also used in inbound call centers yet outbound call centers use it to improve the client-agent conversation quality.

Sip2Dial: Call center software Free

When we talk about free cloud contact center solutions in India, we must consider the mindset of Indian user as well. The Indian consumers always expect something more at lower prices. Therefore Sip2Dial brings the most amazing free trial offer for all call centers. Now you can just go for a 30 days free trial by registering with Sip2dial.

Call Center Solutions India – How To Choose The Right Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions In India

Who Provides Call Center Solutions In India?

A call center solution provider in India provides call center solutions in India to address and fix the issues of call centers and contact centers. A call center solution provider should have the ability to address call centers as well as cloud-based contact centers.

Cloud Based Call Center Solutions In India

There are different kinds of call center software and companies to provide call center software solutions in India. The same number of call center software solutions accessible today, here and there it turns out to be difficult for you to make sense of which is correct call focus answer for your business.

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Which features do you require for your business? How secure your call is? How effective your call center solutions are in dealing with your customers? Every one of these inquiries can influence your psyche to stall out and postpone your basic leadership process.

How To Choose The Right Cloud Based Call Center Solutions In India?

When you decide to buy something, you often search on the web or ask people to know whether the product is good or not. But sometimes these things are not enough and you need some good tips to choose the right solutions.

India is one of the fastest growing economies around the world today. In India there are a lot of opportunities are there for setting up cloud-based call centers. Be that as it may, we will present some basic things that can help call centers choose right cloud-based solutions.

1. Decide Your Business Objectives In India

If you are looking for a cloud-based call center solutions in India, you should decide your business objectives in India. If you have a hardware manufacturing company then your business objectives will be different than that sells software.

2. Collect The Database Of Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions Providers In India

You need to collect the database of various call center software sellers before you choose the right cloud-based call center solutions in India. Some call center software providers offer free trials while some may charge on the basis of features. Therefore a relevant database of them must be collected.

3. Go For A Seasoned Call Center Solutions Provider In India

It is not difficult these days to know seasoned enterprises; therefore you should choose an experienced call center solutions provider in India. You may search on the web and ask for reviews from various users. You can post your requirements on various reliable and popular forums like Quora to know about seasoned call center solutions provider in India.

4. If Required, Ask For A Free Trial And Use It For Some Days

Free trials are necessary if you want to test a product or solution before buying. After you follow all the steps that I mentioned, you can also try some call center software on the free trial basis. Free trials will ensure that the features you want are provided by your chosen call center software providing company.

Bottom Line

In the end, it’s you who have to decide what type of call center solutions in India you need. In this article, I just tried to bring out some ideas that I think are necessary before choosing a cloud call center solutions in India. If you have any suggestions please do not forget to mention it below in the comment box.

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