How To Build A Reliable Cloud Telephony System In India

After the “digital India”, the Indian market is bringing a transform into a different era. Numerous new services have come into the business to engage the organizations. Some time ago call center innovation was confined to just large enterprise companies, now ‘Cloud Telephony’ are connecting with SMEs and new businesses. in this article we will discuss how to build a reliable cloud telephony system in India.

Cloud telephony is rising as one of the quickest developing innovations of the decade. Its low setup cost and simple adaptability settle on it a simple decision for each business that needs to manage clients – each business. Businesses in India are profoundly aware of their client connect, which makes client telephone calls the foundation of numerous organizations in India. This is genuine even in the times of unstable web-based life and universal email. Thus, Cloud telephony has taken on the situation of the central infrastructure to organizations.

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What Is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a voice and messaging service that replaces the requirement for the ordinary business phone system like PBX, EPBAX, and so on.

Cloud Telephony is commonly substitution of your business telephone frameworks like PBX, EPBAX with cloud services. Through Cloud Telephony, it turns out to be simple for the client to interface with the group of onlookers on an adaptable and productive stage. The cloud-based telephony benefit has turned out to be efficient, most painful and the best means for cost-cutting for new companies, SMEs and undertakings.

How To Build A Reliable Cloud Telephony System In India?

With an expansion in reception, there is additionally an expanding desire for the reliability of the cloud-based telephony service. Be that as it may, cloud telephony accompanies one of the kind difficulties since it is based on two building squares – the Internet and communication.

Both the Internet and telephone system comes with unique kind of issues that is climate condition and policy regulation in the country. Here is some other challenges businesses face to build a reliable cloud telephony system in India.

1. Infrastructure

India is becoming the largest mobile phone users on the planet, making India the second-biggest telecommunication solution on the planet. In any case, India’s telecommunication is tormented with issues of call quality, particularly a high rate of call drops averaging at about 4%.

These issues are extremely regular and basic with physical PRI lines, where the network of calls is likewise subject to which streets are being burrowed on a specific day. These issues locate a simple solution with cloud telephony since there is bring down dependence on the physical foundation.

2. Call-Connection

Aside from call drops, which ordinarily happen after the call has been associated, issues with call network additionally exist. Call availability can be enhanced by a lot through cloud telephony. Calls that don’t interface because of transporter contrary qualities or web issues are distinguished and progressively retried by means of a few accessible courses and PRI lines. This is naturally done at the backend, without the information of the guest until the point when the connection happens.

3. Back Up Infrastructure

Cloud telephony companies guarantee a reinforcement set of PRI lines for each solution of numbers that they take into account. This excess guarantees that they have a repetitive (reinforcement) lines accessible for the fastest possible connection, to keep away from single purposes of disappointment.

4. Monitoring

Building a solid cloud telephony system over a flaky system is a test in itself. A significant part of the enhancement in the present call rates with cloud telephony have originated from always observing downtimes. By and large, downtimes were the aftereffect of the basic foundation like administrator issues, or communication line harms and not with the cloud telephony software itself.


Cloud telephony is prepared to coordinate its minds with India’s monstrous hunger for telecommunication. In any case, innovation additionally needs the help of strategy controllers to have the capacity to achieve its maximum capacity. It is an appreciated sign that the TRAI has opened the field for exchange to accommodate the worries of policymakers and technology provider. At last, advancement must be made through an all-around organized joint effort between the Government, policy maker, private businesses and customers. It just satisfies while being a piece of the solution is made simple.


What Is IVR System – Get The Benefits Of IVR System For Call Center Business

Nowadays Integrated voice response (IVR) system is an essential element for a call center. They are well known crosswise over call centers in various organizations and especially predominant in the call center of best in class organizations. IVR systems shape the foundation of viable steering systems, prompting enhanced call center productivity.

In this article, we will discuss clearly what is the IVR system? And why it is more essential in modern call centers.

What Is IVR System?

Integrated voice response is a technology that enables people to communicate with PCs utilizing voice or a double tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signaling keypad. IVR enables clients to discover answers to their very own request by talking (utilizing the organization’s discourse acknowledgment programming) or giving data sources by means of a phone keypad.

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IVR utilizes prerecorded and progressively created sound to collaborate with clients. The key advantage to IVR frameworks is that they can deal with extensive volumes of calls, where just basic cooperation are required. IVR is otherwise called a phone menu or voice reaction unit.


How Does IVR Work?

To understand this, the IVR system comprises of the accompanying: a communication gear, programming applications, database, and the help foundation. To begin with, the PC is associated with the organization’s phone line.

IVR software must be introduced on the PC and furthermore, exceptional equipment called a communication board or communication card is required. At the point when, as a client, you make a call to the organization, the IVR software will react by giving you a pre-recorded welcome and after that requests that you pick a choice from a set menu. For instance: by squeezing the ‘one’ on the keypad you will get a given service.

Developed IVR systems incorporate discourse acknowledgment software that enables a guest to speak with a PC utilizing basic voice directions. Discourse acknowledgment programming has turned out to be modern enough to comprehend names and long series of numbers – may be a MasterCard or flight number.

Benefits Of The IVR System

1. Increase Customer Service

Through IVR system, a customer will feel that he or she is, as a rule, better-taken care of. With any inquiry that a client may have, a snappy reaction is constantly accessible. The reaction is enlightening and time proficient, and every one of the ones needs to do, is to adhere to the directions from the set menu.

This implies noting an approach the principal ring, in this way lessening client hold up time and cutting call volume and sparing time for both the customer and friends.

2. Countless Customer Assets

IVR system takes into account enormous personalization that makes a superior association with clients. Each IVR framework can be altered and modified with the customized welcome for the known guests. This is conceivable as the customer or the guest ID data is accessible.

Other than tending to a guest by their name, the system can likewise recognize and share any extra data particular to them. This could mean wishing the guest an upbeat marriage commemoration, or some other critical event.

In addition to software guest data, IVR systems accompany a few dialect choices which are custom fitted to particular customers or guests. In either case, it will make the client feel better over the long haul. Additionally one can record any customized welcome he or she may need and incorporate the fitting prompts to exchange guests to the relating division.

3. Develop A Company Image

The IVR makes the figment that your organization is so colossal; one secretary couldn’t in any way, shape or form deal with your call volume. With respect to the little organizations, it is exceptionally advisable to have the computerized system to set up their business’ picture.

With respect to the greater organizations, these systems cultivate an expert picture by keeping up consistency in client administration and call volume.

4. Increase Profit

Progressively, a huge part of business arrangements and exchanges occur via phone. A portion of the organizations lingered behind with the conventional method for having receptionists who react to the client calls.

IVR offers virtual receptionists and spares a great deal on work, using bitterly the assets of the business while addressing and serving the customer’s needs. Since the IVR will work 24 hours even under high volume calls, benefits will take off.

5. Increase Production

This is conceivable through call steering. Directing guests to the particular offices or staff part to address their requirements implies that there is a less time gone through meeting with partners to locate the correct answer or exchange the guest around until the point that they get what they require. This then again empowers the entrepreneurs to organize calls and consequently expanding the general proficiency.

With the IVR systems, your organization will take care of a high volume of calls without long call hold up times or even the focused on receptionists. This implies the customers will build their volume of calls.


In this article, we explain detail on what is IVR system and its benefits while use in the call center. If you think this article is informative. Then don’t forget to give your valuable suggestion regarding our service and product.

Cloud Telephony Services – Get Here Cloud Telephony Services for your Business

Today cloud telephony services change the communication infrastructure into a benefit driving development of businesses. Cloud telephony services offer benefits to a range of businesses, paying little respect to where they may be in the advanced life cycle, or whether they have effectively adopted a cloud-based model.

Cloud Telephony is the communication process where all communication gadgets and applications are facilitated at the service providers premises. Any business keen on using these service don’t have to introduce any product or purchase any equipment to kick the administrations off. The service can be an IVR, call center setup, call recording and so forth. These services can be begun on a conventional telephone, portable or a PC framework i.e. works area, workstation or tablet.

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Cloud telephony services

Cloud telephony services change your business telephone system to a business telephone on the cloud. It is a voice and information service that replaces the requirement for the ordinary business phone system like PBX, EPBAX and so forth, And more often than not, it is really basic for everybody to comprehend, make/receive(pick up) a phone call, hang up or separate the call, play a sound document, call exchange, consider sending, gathering the call! With Cloud Telephony, this sort of communication capacities can be added to any PC application.

Cloud telephony services help the businesses to build their own call center on cloud sans any foundations.  It helps to protect the customer’s privacy by canceling their own telephone number. It gives mass virtual numbers to commercial centers and marketing campaign.

Cloud telephony providers

A cloud telephony provider is that who offers cloud telephony solution to businesses. Cloud telephony provider offers a range of cloud telephony services to businesses who want to run a call center for their business communication. The cloud telephony provider offers IP PBX solutions, Predictive Dialers, VoIP services, and other Call Center Solutions.

Switching to cloud telephony is significantly less demanding and temperate than keeping up your old PBX framework. Cloud communication fills in as a device for automation of business telephone system. It wipes out the requirement for a secretary or manual treatment of business calls.

Sip2dial is a leading cloud telephony provider who offers cloud telephony solutions to call centers. It helps the call center to make communication easy and protect the customers’ details. It allows the business to increase their productivity with better communication service.

Benefits of cloud telephony services for your business

Small business

Effectively set up small call center – Now the small business can easily set up a call center just by paying the month to month membership charges which aren’t conceivable with an inheritance call center service.

Business Call Recording and examination – Many small businesses might want to record all business calls for future audit and investigation.

Versatile solution: Start with 1-2 seats, then increment or lessening to any number of seats dependent on business needs. Begin an IVR on distributed portable or landline number, to decide sound proficient. It tends to be begun on a conventional cell phone or landline


The combination with CRM and Ticketing arrangement – The cloud telephony solution easily incorporated with all online CRM and ticketing arrangement. CTI (cloud communication reconciliation) is an absolute necessity for consistent correspondence and client service.

Reporting and Analytics: Full component arrangement suppliers give a point by point call investigation and reports, which help in business choices.

Easy up gradation: The heritage Call Center Solution is unyielding and complex to update, however with Cloud telephony up gradation of software or equipment is taken consideration by the service provider.


In case you’re still not utilizing cloud communication or not understanding its maximum capacity, trust me, you’re lingering behind your rivals, and missing out on a considerable measure of business benefits. Cloud telephony services turn communication technology into an asset driving the development of their business. By assessing their own needs against the advantages that cloud offers, companies can ensure they harness the power of the cloud for their growth.

How Cloud Telephony is Transforming the Contact Center World

Cloud telephony is an Internet-based voice and information correspondences where media communications applications, exchanging and capacity are facilitated by a third-gathering outside of the association utilizing them, and they are gotten to over general society Internet. Cloud administrations are a wide term, alluding basically to server farm facilitated administrations that are run and got to over an Internet foundation. Up to this point, these administrations have been information-driven, however with the development of VoIP (voice over Internet convention), voice has progressed toward becoming the piece of the cloud phenomenon. Cloud telephony (otherwise called facilitated communication) eludes particularly to voice administrations and all the more particularly the substitution of customary business phone hardware, for example, a private branch trade (PBX), with outsider VoIP benefit.

Today, in any case, as innovations have progressed significantly further, an ever-increasing number of organizations are acknowledging the gigantic advantages of moving their telephone frameworks to the cloud. Something other than VoIP, cloud telephony interchanges frameworks like Hosted PBX empower organizations to assemble, convey, and scale venture correspondences frameworks more than ever.

A Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) moves the elements of costly on location PBX equipment to the cloud, disposing of establishment, activity and upkeep costs for organizations, as their VoIP specialist co-op has their PBX for them offsite.

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We should investigate five different ways cloud telephony transforming the contact center world:

1.   No More Reliance on Traditional Landline Phones

One of the best favorable circumstances that have left the multiplication of the web is its capacity to deal with information activity, as well as voice and video, as well. Therefore, inheritance landline and on location PBX frameworks are presently on out. In their place comes cloud correspondences, which encourage enormous cost reserve funds, and present an entire host of rich business highlights – including video conferencing, call directing, phone message to email interpretations, and numerous all the more other than – empowering more quick-witted work processes, more viable inner and outer interchanges, and more noteworthy profitability.

2.   Freeing Customers from the Bonds of Big Telecommunications Companies

Cloud telephony providers-ops are both preferable and less expensive over the conventional simple contributions of occupant suppliers and their quick outdating hardware. For a really long time, these huge telecom organizations have basically held their business clients prisoner with long-haul duties at out of this world costs. Facilitated PBX suppliers, by differentiation, do the exact inverse by enabling organizations to pick their own considering plans and evacuating the constraints that long haul contracts have verifiably set on them.

3.   Big Call Savings for Thousands of Businesses

Current cloud interchanges administrations empower entire swathes of cost reserve funds, including boundless neighborhood, long separation, and global calls, which all come at a settled, low month to month rate. By changing to a Hosted PBX cloud correspondences arrangement from a customary telephone framework, the normal business sets aside to 70% on their interchanges costs.

4.More Big Savings on Infrastructure and Maintenance Costs

Organizations that move their interchanges frameworks to the cloud spare a huge number of dollars on foundation and support costs. Without agonizing over overwhelming telephone establishments, gear, and correctional administration plans, associations of all sizes can discharge truly necessary assets to build up their business in other, more productive ways.

5.   Enabling a Remote Workforce

Non-independently employed remote working has soared as of late. As per late information aggregated by FlexJobs, 3.8 million US representatives telecommute at any rate half of the time – up from 1.8 million of every 2005. Before, representatives who needed to work remotely were compelled to set up either a virtual private system (VPN) or have a totally independent telephone line introduced in their homes only for work. Cloud correspondences have torn down these hindrances, and organizations everywhere throughout the world are profiting from a more joyful and more gainful workforce as an immediate outcome.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions in India- Get he Cheapest Cloud Solutions Here

In terms of affordability, there are many cloud contact center solutions in India. But when you decide to choose cloud call center solutions, you can not only rely on its pricing but also on various other aspects like features and efficiency. Therefore before we draw any conclusions here, we must know about the cloud technology and its uses in the call center industry.

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Cloud-based call center software

Cloud-based call center software is a type of call center software that primarily uses cloud technology to function. In short, cloud-based call center software is a software system that is hosted in the cloud.

Sip2Dial: Cloud contact center solutions in India

Sip2Dial is cloud-based call center software that offers cost-effective cloud-based contact center solutions in India. Among top cloud contact center solutions in India, Sip2Dial is known as the best call center solutions. It is due to the advanced feature, flexible UI and good customer support of this software. We will try to know the different features and advantages of Sip2Dial below.

Key Features of Sip2Dial

Inbound call center software features

1. ACD

ACD or automatic call distributor is one of the most important features in inbound call center software. The automatic call distributor helps contact centers to distribute the calls through various departments which will later be routed to appropriate agents.

2. IVR

Interactive voice system or IVR is also an important feature for call centers. This feature helps call centers prompt their callers to buy or choose specific services. IVR also helps in routing callers to the right agents and in agent training program it plays a crucial role.

3. Skills-Based Routing

In inbound call centers, skill-based routing feature works to help callers. It uses the various data of callers including their geographical location and language to route them to the appropriate agents or departments. For example, if a caller belongs to China, the skill-based routing feature will route its call to the agent that speaks the Chinese language.

4. Customized Call Queues

In inbound call centers, thousands of calls are received daily. Therefore call centers to need to manage these calls. Here customized call queues allow call centers to arrange callers in queues with respect to their needs and service areas.

5. Built-in CRM

Built-in CRM is the most important tool in inbound call center software. It allows agents to view the data of their consumers and call center managers can also check the client-agent relationship performance here. Therefore CRM becomes the basic feature of good call center software.

Outbound Call center software Features


The click to Dial feature of a call center software basically helps call centers to manage their outbound call flows. This feature helps call centers to dial out those customers whose details are already there in the CRM. This feature reduces the workload on your agents and boosts their productivity.

Answering Machine Detection

The answering machine detection feature is one of the most important features in a call center. It allows call centers to screen calls that are answered by pre-recorded messages. This feature reduces the call drop rates in call centers and boosts the productivity.

Call Back Schedule

The call back schedule feature allows call centers to schedule calls back. This feature is also used in inbound call centers yet outbound call centers use it to improve the client-agent conversation quality.

Sip2Dial: Call center software Free

When we talk about free cloud contact center solutions in India, we must consider the mindset of Indian user as well. The Indian consumers always expect something more at lower prices. Therefore Sip2Dial brings the most amazing free trial offer for all call centers. Now you can just go for a 30 days free trial by registering with Sip2dial.