How Missed Call Service Help In The Recruitment Industry

Human Resources department is the most important departments of any business because it hires the best-qualified employee for the organization. They need to do it auspicious and in a practical way. The HR head needs to break down the necessities, pull in representatives, and do screening and choosing of candidates. Not just this they need to contract and coordinate the new representative into the association and make them agreeable.
This whole procedure isn’t extremely simple. The HR head needs to discover great workers as they can shape or devastate the eventual fate of the association.
How a company hires employees.

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There are numerous ways and strategies the HR department uses to hire an employee.
• Contact shared associations
• Requesting that present workers allude new ability
• Offer it via web-based networking media
• Sending messages to enlist prospects
• Including watchwords like “Enlisting” or “Professions” or “Enrolling” on Website, web journals
• Enrolling structure universities and expert foundations
Indeed, even in the wake of having such huge numbers of various approaches to hire the employee, the HR supervisory crew does not get enough applications. In this manner, putting in so much diligent work and ledge not getting what they need to make them frustrated.
The problem faced by the candidate and the solution
When we take a gander at the opposite side of the coin, for example, the point of view applicants we understand that they face the accompanying issues:-
• They didn’t receive the mail. Sometimes, while looking through the site they pass up the hire option on the site.
• Regularly individuals via hunting down employments don’t experience the internet based life
• At the point when universities and expert foundations set up fairs understudies don’t pay attention to them.
• Current representatives don’t share them as they are insecure about losing their employment
• The serious issue is that regardless of whether they come to realize that an organization is contracting workers by what method will they get in touch with them?
These above problems are often faced by the candidate to get the right job or to improve their career graph. Thus first think about the solution to this problem. Some solutions are as follows:
The employees need a way by which they can directly contact the human resources management team. When prospective employees can directly contact the human resources management team, it increases the credibility of the company. Calling and talking over the phone helps in clearing more doubts of the prospective employees. It also creates a one to one connection.
But still, there is a problem. How will people contact the human resources management team?

Missed Call Service: best solution

In this arrangement when a planned representative become acquainted with about the activity opportunity. He will simply need to give on the missed call number of the human asset office. At that point, the leader of the office will get back to them.

Advantages a missed call service in the HR dept

Help in clearing the doubts of the candidate

One of the most imperative advantages of a missed call service is, the perceptive employee can reach you easily. Giving a missed call and getting the call back is preferable and simpler over different methods of communications like messages, email and customary calls. In this way, if the HR furnishes the perceptive employee with a missed call service they resemble to go to your organization instead of setting off to some other organization provider without a missed call service.

Better connectivity with other employees

Employees who are now a part of the organization can likewise profit by the missed call service from multiple points of view. They can simply give a missed call to HR if there come any problem or issue. The missed call service can assist them in connecting with you to know basic data about new upcoming occasions.

Help in answering the questions

Each time a business] considers you to find out about you’re the activity profile they can converse with you finally. This is just conceivable as the representative needs to give a missed call and you call them, deciding free for them. The candidate can clear up the entirety of his questions without the stress of paying for it. This makes the worker and HR connection question free and builds the opportunity of business.

Save money and time of the perceptive employee

The missed call service is an extremely valuable service for the HR as well as for the activity searcher. It saves their money with the call back facility service. Then again, the candidate just needs to give a missed call which spares time. As he won’t get a bustling number and the HR will get back to him as quickly as time permits. So, now that your problems are solved and you know the benefits of a missed call service.


Missed call service not only saves time and money, but it also makes the recruitment procedure simple. It saves all the data of the candidate and helps the candidate to reach the dept easily. Sip2Dial is a leading call center solution provider offers missed call service for the HR dept of an organization and also for the recruitment industry. It makes the recruitment procedure easy and hassle-free. If you want to subscribe to this service, then contact our customer support . They will give you all the detail on the missed call service.

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