The Importance Of Smart IVR For Your Business

Bad customer experiences always stay with a business for a long time which is not good for the brand product or service. It may affect the next business communications like whether to continue with the brand in the future or not. Nowadays most of the customers prefer to deal with an automated system when place call to call center or contact center. Customers are becoming savvier to deal with these systems.

In this competitive world, businesses understand the importance of customer service and it can’t be ignored. Thus Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system enhances the customer to get their service easily. It is essential for your business to make your customer happy and satisfied. So a good customer service is always important for a business to increasing the brand value of their product and service. Interactive Voice Response makes the customer through self-service without interaction with the agents.
For a brand’s customer service cycle, IVR might be the first touch point. If it does not execute in a proper way your business will lose the customer. So it is essential for a business to ensure a better customer service experience for their customers.

This blog may help for the people who were in the business-to-customer domain. In this blog, we will try to explain to you the basic anatomy of the IVR system and its importance for your business.

IVR- definition and types

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a telephony system that empowers the dial cushion for recognizable proof, division, and steering of guests to the most suitable operator within the team. It is a simple and effective and will essentially lower expenses and increment productivity inside any organization.
A simple IVR system for call center flawlessly courses your customers to the correct specialist or division utilizing adaptable call mechanism. There can be distinctive kinds of IVRs utilized in a call center:

Self-Service IVR

Smart IVR system also called automated voice that allows businesses to serve high call volumes at a low price. It helps to identify and segment callers to resolve their problems without transfer the call to the live agent or operator. When the callers are unable to find the solution they require at that time only calls are transferred to the live agents. This helps the call center agent to become more effective and productive to deal with complex interaction.

Hosted IVR

A hosted IVR solution allows the business to access own IVR application. This allows businesses to provide 24/7 customer service. Hosted IVR system is the best option for businesses to gain loyalty and increase brand value.

Agent-Assisted IVR

This type of IVR helps the call center or contact center to optimize the operation cost as well as deliver consistent customer service. The call center agent can use a pre-recorded voice message to start the dialogue with the customers. This helps the call center to eliminate customer frustrations.

The importance of the IVR system for your Business

The Interactive Voice Response or IVR software use pre-recorded voice prompts and menu to provide information to callers with a touch-tone telephone keypad dialer to gather information about the customers and their queries. Most of the business is now looking for best IVR service provider that helps them to manage an inbound and outbound call center. It helps your business to reduce the cost. Let’s talk about other benefits of an IVR system.

Call Resolution

Customers need an instant solution for their queries. They don’t want to wait for a long time to interact with the agent. Thus companies need to implement smart call routing that route to the best agent of their organization to resolve the solution. Companies need to design smart IVR flow to minimize customer wait time and fast query resolution.

24*7 Customer Service

The main purpose of IVR is to attend customers even if the agents are not available. A smart IVR helps your business to play a pre-recorded message to allow the self-service to the customer.

Handle High Call Volume

A smart IVR system facilitates effective IVR workflows that enable seamless customer support . It helps your business to reduce the customer wait time. A smart IVR system helps your business to handle high call volumes easily and smoothly.

Handle Multilevel IVR

An intelligent IVR system allows multi-level flow in the IVR by using multiple pre-recorded messages. It ensures the companies that their customer is routed to the right agent for queries without the need for human assistance.

Automate Operations

It is essential to automate the IVR for the mundane customer queries resolution so that the agents can focus on solving the important issues. The smart IVR helps to increase agent productivity and also improve customer support and satisfaction.

At the end

IVR system is the best option for improving customer satisfaction. IVR acts as a virtual receptionist that can handle large volumes of calls. There is no need for any person to course the call to the agent. The smart routing facility of IVR system helps to route the call to the available agent to reduce the waiting time of customers.

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