Cloud Contact Center Solutions in India- Get he Cheapest Cloud Solutions Here

In terms of affordability, there are many cloud contact center solutions in India. But when you decide to choose cloud call center solutions, you can not only rely on its pricing but also on various other aspects like features and efficiency. Therefore before we draw any conclusions here, we must know about the cloud technology and its uses in the call center industry.

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Cloud-based call center software

Cloud-based call center software is a type of call center software that primarily uses cloud technology to function. In short, cloud-based call center software is a software system that is hosted in the cloud.

Sip2Dial: Cloud contact center solutions in India

Sip2Dial is cloud-based call center software that offers cost-effective cloud-based contact center solutions in India. Among top cloud contact center solutions in India, Sip2Dial is known as the best call center solutions. It is due to the advanced feature, flexible UI and good customer support of this software. We will try to know the different features and advantages of Sip2Dial below.

Key Features of Sip2Dial

Inbound call center software features

1. ACD

ACD or automatic call distributor is one of the most important features in inbound call center software. The automatic call distributor helps contact centers to distribute the calls through various departments which will later be routed to appropriate agents.

2. IVR

Interactive voice system or IVR is also an important feature for call centers. This feature helps call centers prompt their callers to buy or choose specific services. IVR also helps in routing callers to the right agents and in agent training program it plays a crucial role.

3. Skills-Based Routing

In inbound call centers, skill-based routing feature works to help callers. It uses the various data of callers including their geographical location and language to route them to the appropriate agents or departments. For example, if a caller belongs to China, the skill-based routing feature will route its call to the agent that speaks the Chinese language.

4. Customized Call Queues

In inbound call centers, thousands of calls are received daily. Therefore call centers to need to manage these calls. Here customized call queues allow call centers to arrange callers in queues with respect to their needs and service areas.

5. Built-in CRM

Built-in CRM is the most important tool in inbound call center software. It allows agents to view the data of their consumers and call center managers can also check the client-agent relationship performance here. Therefore CRM becomes the basic feature of good call center software.

Outbound Call center software Features


The click to Dial feature of a call center software basically helps call centers to manage their outbound call flows. This feature helps call centers to dial out those customers whose details are already there in the CRM. This feature reduces the workload on your agents and boosts their productivity.

Answering Machine Detection

The answering machine detection feature is one of the most important features in a call center. It allows call centers to screen calls that are answered by pre-recorded messages. This feature reduces the call drop rates in call centers and boosts the productivity.

Call Back Schedule

The call back schedule feature allows call centers to schedule calls back. This feature is also used in inbound call centers yet outbound call centers use it to improve the client-agent conversation quality.

Sip2Dial: Call center software Free

When we talk about free cloud contact center solutions in India, we must consider the mindset of Indian user as well. The Indian consumers always expect something more at lower prices. Therefore Sip2Dial brings the most amazing free trial offer for all call centers. Now you can just go for a 30 days free trial by registering with Sip2dial.