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Nowadays hosted call center software is gaining popularity across the call center industry. Businesses are switching to hosted call center software for the productivity of their call centers.

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Hosted call center software is generally called call center software that is hosted on the cloud. It is also called cloud-based call center software. In this blog, we will discuss on Sip2Dial’s hosted call center software and its advantages for start-up businesses.

How Sip2Dial’s Hosted Call Center Streamlines Start-Up Call Centers

On the basis of deployment, the cloud can be distributed into 3 parts. Here are the three parts mentioned below.

Public Cloud

The public cloud allows service providers to get access to the application and online based storage available to the general public. The adoption rate of public cloud is more due to the ease of access and fast. There are other benefits of a public cloud system as well that includes scalability, reliability, flexibility, and location-independent services.

Cloud Hosted Call Center Software

Private Cloud

In Private cloud, the infrastructure is generally managed by the service provider or via a third party. Private cloud is secure hence corporates utilize it to protect their privacy. With a private cloud, businesses can easily have better control over their work, data, and staffs. It also prevents data loss as well.

Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud is the combination of both public and private cloud. It facilitates enterprises to use the features of both public and private cloud. Call centers can utilize the public cloud for accessing everything that is available on the general domain. They can also use the private cloud for protecting their private data without spending much on traditional systems.

Challenges Before Hosted Call Center Software

Data Security

Nowadays data security is important for every business. The IT industry is facing many issues regarding data security. Therefore it is one of the major challenges before cloud hosted call center software. For government organizations, private companies, and sensitive information, the cloud has become essential.

Popular Belief System

There are many enterprises who still believe that on-premise based systems are better than cloud hosted call center software. Therefore it becomes a popular belief that creates a barrier in front of cloud-based systems. Small businesses think that cloud is a complex thing, therefore, they often switch to traditional communication systems.

Cloud Call Center Solution

Issue Of Integration

Cloud-hosted call center software faces many challenges and integration is one of the major challenges. In this era of IT revolution, businesses want software systems that can perform multiple actions without hassles. Therefore integration with various CRMs, applications and devices can improve the productivity of the cloud-based call center software. This will help businesses to manage their leads through various channels.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the main barrier before cloud-based systems. If you deploy cloud-based systems but fail to give good experiences to your customers, then it might put a bad impact on your brand. Customer experience entirely depends on how you treat your customers and address their issues. We often see businesses using advanced marketing methods fail to build a solid customer base.

Key Benefits Of Cloud-Based Call Center Software

Fast Deployment

As no framework is required for the organization based on cloud facilitated systems consequently, the whole setup should be possible at a lot quicker pace.

Adaptability & Flexibility

Cloud-hosted call center software helps organizations in scaling up or down, in light of client traffic and business prerequisites.

Cloud Hosted Call Center

Supports Remote Work

Cloud-based call center software enables representatives to work and manage every single task from home. Managers can also remotely guide them with cloud-based call center software. This enables call centers to hire more seasoned agents with numerous language speaking skills in different parts of the world.

Improved Productivity

With On-premise based systems, businesses face a lot of difficulties to set up heavy and bulky equipment. But hosted call center software requires no major hardware deployment. Businesses can easily manage their employees via mobile and from any part of the world. When employees are managed properly, the productivity of the call center increases. Cloud-based call center software does not require any maintenance or arrangements for debacle prevention.

Better Customer Experience

With cloud-based call center software, your agents do not require to manage their callers remaining at one place. They can address their customers from any part of the world. With cloud technology, they can give better information to the customers more conveniently. Customers can easily get their issues resolved with hosted call center software.

Get Sip2Dial’s Hosted Call Center Software

Sip2Dial is a leading cloud hosted call center software provider in India. If you are looking to set up your own call center, you can utilize Sip2Dial’s call center software to streamline your business. To use Sip2Dial’s call center software, you need to register with Sip2Dial to get a free trial benefit for 30 days. After thoroughly exploring the various features and advantages of Sip2Dial’s hosted call center software, you can buy the premium version.

Hosted Call Center Software – Get the Best-Hosted Call Center Software for Call Center Business Here

Hosted call center software is conveyances model that varies from on-introduce programming and offers a few attributes with cloud-based software. Hosted call center software is basic to organizations searching for an answer to speaking with clients. Top call center solution enables clients to impart over an assortment of channels including telephone, email, live talk, and text, SMS content and web-based life. Call center software likewise may incorporate auto dialer, call center screens, call bookkeeping arrangements, call investigation, prescient dialer, PC communication reconciliation, intelligent voice reaction, programmed call merchant, and discourse examination.

Here’s a glance at hosted call center software, its favorable circumstances, and best practices for picking the correct conveyance show for your call center.

Hosted call center software definition

Hosted call center software offers each start based utility expected to run a call center in compensation as you go, particular configuration. The appearance of higher Internet speeds implies that it’s never again occupant on an organization to have the product required on their end; it would now be able to be gotten to by means of direct association on a server overseen by hosted call center software provider.

At the point when software is hosted, it is introduced and hosted on a remote server, off-site, in an unexpected area in comparison to your business. Hosted call center software additionally is overseen by the producer or an outsider merchant, and clients get to it from anyplace inside the organization whenever, as long as they have a web association. Hosted call center software likewise is alluded to as software as a service or cloud software, if the servers are virtualized.

Advantages of hosted call center software


Hosted call center software is more reasonable than on-introduce arrangements. Facilitated arrangements are kept up by a specialist organization, so the call focus isn’t in charge of actualizing the product or looking after it. Server farms facilitating call focus programming, as a rule, are exceptionally secure and frequently offer multi-site excess for additional confirmation against downtime or different issues.


Since the seller is in charge of introducing the system, actualizing, and looking after it, hosted call center software gets up and running with a full-featured usage more rapidly than on-premise solution do. Furthermore, hosted call center software offers the advantage of consistent adaptability, which means your administration level can be effortlessly balanced up or down dependent on current business request.


Just because hosted call center software is housed off-site, your organization spends less to continuous IT upkeep and bolsters costs. Likewise, you require less in-house contact focus specialized skill when you settle on a hosted calls center software solution. You additionally make your month to month upkeep installments out of your working spending plan rather than your capital spending plan, which is the place you pull the cash from when you buy or update on-premise call center software solution.

Why hosted call center software is right for a call center

Picking the privilege hosted call center software is essential for productive tasks. Ease of use is vital, obviously, however, you’ll additionally need to think about the simplicity of setup and coordination. In a perfect world, hosted call center software will coordinate flawlessly with alternate business software service and solutions you’re as of now using. For example, many call centers integrate call center software solution with their current client relationship administration (CRM) arrangements. Guaranteeing similarity with existing arrangements is one of the initial steps to take when assessing and looking at merchants.

Organizations that need to oversee operational expenses may pick a hosted call center software answer for disposing of the need to keep up physical server farms and decrease requests on in-house IT assets. In like manner, quickly developing organizations or consider focus that bargain with fluctuating interest frequently picks hosted call center solutions that can scale consistently to oblige these necessities.

Facilitated call focus programming works likewise to cloud-based call center software, with the essential distinction being that hosted call center software does not use the multi-occupant demonstrate basic in cloud-based arrangements. There are some particular points of interest to hosted call center software; however call center ought to deliberately assess administrative rules, spending plan, and different necessities to decide the model that best addresses their issues.


Hosted call center software has progressed considerably in the course of the most recent quite a long while and offer a convincing option for interchanges task that needs to go to showcase rapidly with little in advance expense. While redesigning your call focus considering a facilitated choice could result in significant reserve funds and adaptability in your client benefit.