7 Tips For Improving Interactive Voice Response System

Today interactive voice response or IVR system is no longer an option for organizations, but a necessary system for a call center. The IVR system is the best tool that enables in a call center. It helps to improve your customer’s experience and reduce the pressure on your customer related team.

The IVR system will allow each customer to communicate directly with agents who can provide the best service according to their needs. It is reducing the waiting time of the customer and help the customer to get a solution for their queries.

What Is IVR System?

IVR system is an automated telephony system that is used to communicate with callers; get all the information and route the calls to the right agents. An Interactive Voice Response system acknowledges a blend of Voice phone info and contact tone keypad determination and gives proper reactions as Voice, fax, callback, email and other media it comprises of communication equipment’s, programming applications and supporting infrastructure.

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7 Tips For Improving Interactive Voice Response System

Beside proper arrangement, it is essential to hold up under as a primary concern some tips to make the IVR an amazing asset for your call center that truly enhances client experience and lifts your business and bolster forms in your call center.

1. IVR Must Have Few Options

The customer always prefers various options with a large menu system. Thus the menus have more than to 4 options for selection. Thus it helps the business to reduce the time and provide better customer experience.

2. Always Use Short And Understandable Messages

When a customer calls a welcome greeting message must be informed and then only provide menu option. This is the basic rule of an IVR system. If you can’t get an expert chronicle, you ought to guarantee that the individual who records the messages talks obviously, without foundation clamor and utilizing content with a short message.

3. Put The Most Widely Recognized Alternatives In First Positions

To pursue this guidance, you should know your clients enough to have the capacity to put in the main positions, the most well-known positions. On the off chance that you know the majority of your clients call for help, this choice ought to be for instance in alternative 1, on the off chance that after help, the most widely recognized are deals inquiries, put this choice of 2, etc.

4. Characterize How To Serve Calls Outside Of Functioning Hours

If a client calls you outside of your working hours, your IVR should benevolently educate him that he won’t be gone to for any operator, illuminate your business working hours and give them the alternative to leaving a voice message with his name and question.

5. Customize Your IVR System For Customer Engagement

Another annoying and frustrating situation for customers is feeling like the call was dropped before being answered. When you customize your IVR to a point where your customers remain engaged every time, it will improve customer satisfaction.

6. Visual IVR System

Visual IVR system can be said as the upgraded version of general interactive voice response (IVR) system. The visual IVR system allows the customer to see a few options and menus on its mobile phone screen and operate as per the direction. According to various surveys it has been proved that about 56% of customers like visual IVR system than traditional system. Therefore it could be an out of the box idea for a small business to utilize visual IVR system for customer engagement.

7. Avail Live Agents When Necessary

Many times your customers are confused with the options, so you must offer neutral alternatives that can easily be used to leave their questions; one can be direct access to voicemail and another an option to speak with an agent.


Your client’s IVR encounter is the same as any association with your business. Ensure it matches client desires. The more faithful clients you get, the more grounded your business moves toward becoming. Thus IVR system is always an essential part of business communication to interact with customers easily.

Christmas Wishes To Your Clients With Voice Broadcasting Software

When you feel something jingling in your heart and driving it to love everything, just understand that it’s time to say ‘Merry Christmas’. Everyone waits eagerly for this day to celebrate the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ and spread love across the world.

In most countries, Christmas is a public holiday. It is a day to make our mind and body stress-free by offering our prayers before the lord. Christmas is widely celebrated across work-places in many countries. Actually, it is important for every organization to bring some cheer to its employees and customers.

Wishing your employees and customers on Christmas will not only make them happy but also boost their morale and productivity of your company. It is the day to make your customers feel that you really care about them apart from your business relations.

If you have a huge demographic group as your target audience, you cannot wish everyone via traditional messaging and telephony systems. Therefore you need to use advanced technology to reach your clients and say them ‘Merry Christmas. What about using voice broadcasting method? Yes, it’s one of the most effective ways to broadcast thousands of voice messages to your clients at the same time.

Let’s Understand How Voice Broadcasting Works

Voice broadcasting is a process that allows businesses to record the calls of their customers and broadcast pre-recorded messages to them.

The pre-recorded voice messages are like pre-recorded calls that are broadcasted via sophisticated programming known as voice broadcasting software.

How To Use Voice Broadcasting Software To Wish Your Customers

1. Prepare The List of the recipients

At first, you need to prepare a list of your customers whom you want to target on the event of Christmas. Targeting does not mean on the basis of any commercial purpose. It is simply a friendly approach towards the consumers on Christmas.

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2. Decide What You Want To Convey

Second thing is to decide what you really want to convey to your customers. Christmas is a great day and no business should miss the opportunity to wish their consumers on this day. With your wishes, you must share something about your business with your clients. This needs to set up in your mind.

3. Use Heart Touching Phrases

While making pre-recorded calls, you should know some limitations. Make sure you use emotional phrases that motivate the customer to listen to your wish completely. Sometimes customers get bored and disconnect the call. Ensure your pre-recorded calls touch the hearts of your clients from the beginning.

4. Make Events To Engage Your Clients

In a survey, it has been found that more than 50% of consumers love to buy things on the basis of how they are being treated by the vendor. Therefore try to improve your customer satisfaction rates by rewarding Christmas gifts to your customers. You can also organize some events to engage your customers with your products or services.

5. Customize Your Messages

With voice broadcasting software you can easily send scheduled messages to your customers. You do not need to worry about deploying any human agent as automated voice broadcasting system can easily reach your target audiences without any hassles. If you have numerous products, then you might need customization as every product has a specific customer base.

6. Appreciate & Inspire Your Clients

Generally, it is difficult for a business to gain the trust of its customers nowadays. It has become a daunting task to impress customers only with the quality of your products/services. Therefore most marketing experts and leadership consultants emphasize emotional bonding between customer and vendor. You should use the opportunity of Christmas to side-line B2B talks and inspire your clients by appreciating their choices and thoughts.

7. Remember, It’s The Day Of Joy

It is most important for you to know that festivals bring happiness to our lives. And on Christmas people want to spend some quality time with their families. Therefore make sure that you do not disrupt the precious moments of people but participate with them.

Best Practices for Setting up Your Virtual Call Center

A virtual call center is a kind of contact center in which the organization’s agents work remotely rather than being working in an office. The agents manage their work from any place of the world. Virtual call center software allows teamwork from various locations.

Virtual call center software is one of the best solutions for many employees as they can work from home. The virtual call center software saves a lot of money. It saves the housing and equipment cost of businesses. Nowadays many businesses are interested in a virtual call center, mainly the startups and small businesses.

Virtual call center software work over Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP it means by using internet service to make calls. The agents only need a solid internet connection to run a virtual call center from any geographic distribution.

Practices For Setting Up Your Virtual Call Center

Choose The Right Office Setup

Virtual call centers run from two places one is from agent’s home and another one is from a satellite company. Both provide certain types of service.

1. Work-From-Home Agent

The cost-effective method to set up a virtual call center is to set up an office at home. It allows the employee to work freely without any interruption. This is one of the best an option to hire a few agents in different locations. Thus you don’t have to pay any rent for the office. It saves some invested money for your business.

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2. Satellite Offices

If businesses hire multiple employees from a single location, a business needs to set up a satellite office. Renting a little office is very important if the operator you’re enlisting don’t work an at-home office. Look for little strip shopping centers or places of business with little spaces that offer minimal effort rents so as to spend the minimum sum conceivable.

Ensure You Have Basic Call Center Essential

Whether you enlist an at-home specialist or rent an office for a group, the setup of your virtual call center remains generally the equivalent. You require a blend of a couple of bits of equipment, some virtual call center software, and a solid internet connection. The majority of the things are anything but difficult to get a hold of, and some you may as of now have.

1. Equipment

Except if you decide on an on-commence programming arrangement, the main two bits of equipment your specialists require is a workstation and a USB headset.

2. Personal Computer

Personal computers will, in general, perform superior to anything workstations for the expanded handling power required to run a consistent call focus.

3. Headset

A USB headset takes into consideration clearer association and higher-quality calls, and its absence of batteries shields the headset from biting the dust mid-call.

4. Web Connection

An astounding web association is a need. Particularly when utilizing a cloud-based virtual call center solution, a Wi-Fi association won’t be sufficient. A broadband internet connection is required to guarantee the high caliber all things considered.

5. At-Home Agents

In the event that your specialists will telecommute, expect them to a speed test on their web to ensure it will have the capacity to deal with the high outstanding task at hand of a call center connection.

6. Satellite Offices

When setting up your satellite office, guarantee the supplier you select offers fast, broadband Internet. Try not to attempt to get a good deal on your Internet bundle; this is a standout amongst the most vital factors in running your call center.

7. Hostile to Virus Software

Hostile to infection and spyware insurance software protect the two operators’ and your data from programmers. At the point when your representatives are working from remote areas you have less access to what they’re doing on the Internet, so having the legitimate enemy of infection programming will guarantee nobody can discover secret data or accounts.

8. Manage Virtual Call Center

After your virtual call center is set up, you should now oversee it. You will probably oversee them in an unexpected way. You may oversee them specifically or to choose another person to deal with the administration of your remote specialists and their conceivable services.


In this article, we discussed practices while setting up a virtual call center for your business. the virtual call center software allows its agent to manage calls from any geographical distribution easily. if you think this article is informative to give your comment below the box.

Set Up Your Own Call Center Or Should You Outsource?

There are questions many people ask when looking for best call center software. Whether they outsource or set up their own call center? If you are counter with these types of questions then think about first. Why you pay a large amount of money to outsource your call center instead of paying fewer prices to set up your own call center.

In this article, we will discuss which call center software is better to outsource or set up your own call center?

First Scenario: Set Up Your Own Call Center

While preparing to set up your own center, there are numerous factors to consider. Such as the expense of benefits, dialer costs, essential overhead, selecting, preparing, and turnover. It is just not simply paying some fewer amounts per hour per this service.

If you are building, your own staff to deal with deals and customer support, the size of that staff will be one central point in choosing a call center software whether you have to help them. When you have minimum employees engage by telephone for customer support, then you have reached the minimum size of a call center.

Advantages Of Setting Up An Own Call Center


Having your very own workers taking care of calls ensure an increasingly steady marked understanding. Remember, that some redistributed call center offer devoted operators who can speak to your image similarly as though they were on your payroll.


Keeping call center exercises in-house can appear to be a smart thought from an information security outlook since no outer parties will deal with or getting to private client documents and other touchy data. If you locate a respectable redistributed call center, in any case, this worry can be effectively put to rest.

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Disadvantages Of Setting Up An Own Call Center


Running your very own call center accompanies a heavy sticker price. There’s gear to buy and keep up, representatives to pay and overhead to stress over. Truth be told, it’s a cost numerous organizations don’t understand until it’s past the point of no return.


Setting up an on location call center is just a piece of the diversion. There’s additionally progressing preparing of workers and steady upkeep of gear to need to stress over.

>>Business Continuity Risk

What might occur in case of a call center software system blackout or another kind of debacle? On the off chance that your call center is a piece of your inward tasks, it also would be influenced, which implies your clients would have no place to turn for help.

Second Scenario: Outsource Call Center

Advantages of Outsourcing the Call Center


One of the most compelling motivations organizations pick a outsource call center is its significant cost-effective than facilitating one in-house. There’s no overhead, costly hardware or call center software to buy or representatives to prepare and pay.


When you host an outer party taking care of the inbound and outbound call and additionally cordial calls, your staffed representatives can concentrate their endeavors and aptitudes on center business capacities, for example, expanding deals or enhancing inward tasks.


What will happen when you run that colossal advancement one month from now? Will your inside staff have the capacity to deal with the deluge in calls? It’s not all that simple to enlist extra staff and prepare them without a moment’s notice. In like manner, when call volume diminishes, you’ll need to release individuals. With call center software, you can in a split second scale up or down on-request dependent on necessities.

>>Reduce Risk

By outsourcing call center software, you adequately convey the hazard so that should something unexpected happen your clients won’t endure subsequently.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing the Call Center

>>Dialect Issues

It’s a typically misguided judgment that redistributed call centers are altogether situated in non-English talking nations. Despite what might be expected, enrolling the administrations of an English call focus is a lot less demanding and more open than you might suspect.


Many entrepreneurs are worried about the hazard related to imparting delicate data to outside gatherings. On the off chance that you pick a set up re-appropriated call center with a current notoriety for taking care of private materials with the most extreme consideration, this issue is effortlessly settled.


Whether you set up your own call center or outsource call center, the call center software works for both types of a call center with some pros and cons. It depends only on your business needs which type of call center you need. Call center software is the best solution to connect with your customer and increase the brand of your business.

How An Automated Answering Service Will Improve Your Business

In the call center business, it is important to address the customer for troubleshooting its issues. But to avail live agents every time is a daunting task for small businesses. Therefore call centers to use virtual receptionist software to make an automated answering process for addressing their customers.

An automated business telephone answering service is virtual receptionist software that proficiently receives and manages with all your inbound and outbound calls. It enables the customer to interface with your representatives when they are working off-site, amid business hours and additionally twilight.

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Automated answering service can enable you to associate your clients to the ideal individual while lessening migraines and bringing down expense. What’s more, while automated answering service is frequently stereotyped as making an issue for the client, they can really enhance the client encounter whenever utilized effectively. Every single answering service, likewise called virtual receptionists software, is one of the quickest developing approaches to automate your business.

1. Improving Efficiency

The operator or official partner is costly. Indeed, even low-paid workers can wind up costing more than $40k every year when advantages, preparing, and different necessities are contemplated. Conversely, automated answering service is essentially less expensive and speaks to huge cost funds.

Whether you don’t have a worker who is committed to coordinating calls, a robotized voice-mail makes effectiveness by enabling your group to concentrate on what they specialize in. With an automated answering service of virtual receptionist software, your representatives can accept calls that as of now give fundamental data, for example, why an individual is calling and what they want to achieve. This enables them to utilize their time on the telephone all the more productively and saves space in their time for different undertakings.

2. Positive Customer Experience

Automated answering can conceivably make a superior client encounter than a live administrator when utilized effectively. For a certain something, they decrease feared hold up times. Nothing is more baffling than being put on hold and the need to do this can be essentially decreased with a mechanized voice-mail.

Also, being associated with the perfect individual the first run through a client calls makes a feeling of capability. Numerous telephone exchanges make the feeling that your organization is attempting to think of a palatable answer. This can be maintained a strategic distance from with a very much planned automated answering.

3. Increase Corporate Operations

Automated answering isn’t only useful for your client, yet in addition to the tasks of your business. They lessen the requirement for your administration to regulate dreary inbound call tasks. By giving a machine a chance to deal with the outstanding task at hand of arranging starting calls, your group can concentrate on doing what they excel at.

The automated answering service enhances your tasks is by making it simple to sort and quantify inbound calls. At only a look, you can perceive what number of calls and voice messages you got, what the motivation behind the calls was, and their identity attempting to contact. In addition to the fact that it is anything but difficult to deal with and recover your messages, you likewise never need to stress over missed calls when you have a mechanized reaction online 24 hours per day. The majority of this can be effortlessly actualized with negligible disturbance and no additional equipment.


Once you subscribe the automate answering service you’ll be surprised after knowing that how much time you’ve save for yourself. This virtual reception software service helps you make your business hassle free. You can get in touch with your customer even if you are not in the office.