Call Center Tips: How To Motivate Your Employees

For a business, it is crucial to motivating its employees for doing better work. Call centers are the busiest places on earth. They always make or receive calls of their customers, solve their problems and provide the information. Sometimes call center employees aka agents to face the issue of demotivation.

During such circumstances, the productivity of your call center is decreased. Your agents fail to five their best to address the issues of your customers which may lead to lead leakage. Hence we will try to find out some important tips for call center industries that will help your agents get motivated and give their best performance for the growth of your business.

Make A Friendly Environment In The Office

It is said that corporate houses are the places where we see co-operation and friendship from a different perspective. In call center business it is important to create an atmosphere that is friendly. You should make a friendly and excellent environment in your office so that your agents can freely express their opinions and work without any stress.

Interact Daily With Your Agents

If you are a call center business owner, you need to interact with your agents on a daily basis. This helps you build a friendly relationship with your agents and makes them feel good about their work. Everyone has problems in his/her life so as your agents. Hence if you share some motivational stuff or ideas with them regularly, they will dedicate themselves more towards their work.

Add Some Motivational Training Sessions

Every call center conducts a training program to train fresher agents. But you need to do something out of the box here. I mean you can organize some extra motivational and personality development sessions for your agents that will help them stay motivated.

Reward Them For Their Performances

Another important thing is to consider your employees as a family and stand by them during their good or bad situations in life. If you only behave like a boss nobody will be able to connect with you. Therefore you must set a parameter in quality, behavior, attendance and other conducts to reward some selected employees every month or week. This will encourage your employees to perform better as you know appreciation is the best way to motivation.


In the end, it is important for you to think creatively for the betterment of your agents as they are the ones who will help your office/center achieve its goals by satisfying your Customers in the call center. Your ideas will lead your business and if you implement them honestly, results will be in your way.

5 Ways To Handle Angry Callers In Your Call Center

Human beings are made of certain beliefs or prejudices. These beliefs are composed of emotions and feelings. When things are in your favor, you will be happy while if it does not go your way, you can be sad or angry.

Call center business is all about dealing with the feelings and emotions of customers. Sometimes you will deal with an extremely happy and gentle customer, sometimes an annoyed one and sometimes a furious caller.

It is not an easy task to deal with frustrated or angry callers for a customer support executive. Some agents handle angry customers well while some fail to do so. We will try to find out 5 important ways to handle angry callers through this post.

1. Remember The Protocols

The first thing agents need to remember is the training protocols they learn during their training period. During the training period, the agents are made to follow verbiages and other technical protocols. Hence these basic protocols can help your agents handle any type of caller.

2. Don’t Take Things Personally

If you see army personals, they kill people, destroy areas but they are not called as criminals. It’s simple as they don’t do it to fulfill their personal purpose but the purpose of their nation. Similarly, you can learn things from them and not consider anything personal while working in a call center.

3. Let The Customer Speak

Always remember, the customer remains on the top in the eco-system of a business. Call center business is all about interacting with your customers and solving their issues. Therefore always give priority to the customer. For callers, the call center business sustains. Try to be a good listener and listen to the customer first before speaking anything. This will make the customer feel that you really care for his issues.

4. Sympathize With The Caller

In call centers, agents often encounter with some frustrated callers who come up with some issues like credit card not working, balance deducted or system not working. In such circumstance, the agent must sympathize with the caller before addressing to her/his queries. This will make the caller feel good and remain intact with the brand your call center endorses.

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5. Try To Solve The Problem

Lastly, the agent should make his goal to solve the problems of the customer. If the issue is not big, then the agent should try to solve it immediately from his end instead of giving any processes or methods of solutions to the caller. If the agent is not able to handle the caller, he should immediately forward the call to his senior executives or managers.


It is a fact that call center business is one of the most growing sectors across the world today. It gives employment to thousands of youths. In this blog, we tried to figure out five basic tips for the agent while dealing with an angry customer.

How To Do Effective Call Center Management?

Call centers are the hubs to empower businesses. They manage the relationship between customers and vendors. There are employees, equipment, and queries. All you need is to do effective call center management.

Sometimes things become difficult to manage a call center with more than 100 agents. Therefore the managers/directors of a call center should follow some guidelines to manage their employees and organization effectively.

In this article, we will try to find out some basic tips on how to manage your call center effectively.

1. Have Knowledge About Call Centers

If you want to manage a call center, first you need to have proper knowledge about call centers. Having proper knowledge about your call center simply means you need to know about different types of call centers, the equipment/programming software used in call centers and the budget required for setting up a call center.

2. Choose The Right Equipment/Software

If you have a modern day call center, you do not need any bulky hardware deployment rather budget-friendly call center software. Nowadays there are numerous call center management software is available that you can also consider.

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3. Employ Educated Agents

Agents are the key ones who will take the calls of your customers and give them the right information. To make sure your agents get the right things in a good way, you need to employ educated agents. Educated agents can easily understand how to behave and deal with customers.

4. Be Sure On What You Promote

Call centers are there to promote brands, products, and services. If you are planning to set up a call center, you must be sure of what you promote. For example; If you promote a product, the objectives of your call center will be different than those who promote a brand. When you specify your goals, management becomes a cakewalk for you.

5. Get Constant Feedback

Last but not the least; you need to collect the feedback of your agents and customers to know how your call center is functioning. Your agents are there to inform you how customers are behaving and you can also listen to the recorded calls to know how your agents are dealing with them. All these things will help you manage your call center in an organized way.


Finally, we tried to give you a glimpse of how to do better call center management. All these basic tips can help you create new ideas for managing your call center.

Customer Satisfaction Matters: How To Satisfy Your Customers In A Call Center

Customers are like engines. They drive your business to its goal. Their satisfaction directly impacts your business. Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a term that is often used in marketing. Everyone is familiar with this term even a layman who sits in a betel shop or tea stall.

When we discuss on call center business, customer satisfaction really matters there. A call center is a place where calls are received and made to customers for the purpose of the brand building.

In this article, we will give you some tips to call center businesses to satisfy their customers. We have five tips for you that we hope will help you in improving your brand value by helping your customers.

Set The Desired Parameter

First, you must set up a parameter of the performance of your agents. You should make it clear about what an excellent performance means. Make it clear that this parameter will be followed by each and every employee in your office or call center.

Make A Daily Briefing Program

It is always important to educate your agents about the products, services or brands you are promoting. They need to be up to date on current plans, terms, and conditions on daily basis. Therefore make a daily basis briefing program where all your agents can gather and learn how to make/receive calls on a particular day.

Give Charge To Seasoned Agents

Seasoned agents are experienced and can easily handle a frustrated customer. Hence you need to pick a few seasoned agents or senior executives to monitor other agents who are fresher in your call center. Experienced agents can manage things when any kind of confusing situation arises.

Check Call Quality Daily Basis

Call quality checking is crucial nowadays. If your call quality or the way of addressing the customer is good then you can ensure customer satisfaction. For this, you can employ a few most seasoned agents or experts who can check the call quality by going the through the recorded conversion audio clips between customers and agents on a daily basis.

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Always Back Your Agents

Last but the most important thing is to back your agents. No matter whatever you do, you will need humans to address humans as machines do not understand feelings and sentiments. Satisfaction is a kind of feeling that machines or software can’t understand.

Therefore always try to create a friendly atmosphere among your agents. Be a good friend to them, support them and encourage them, so that they can back you by being good to your customers.


In the end methods and tips are not needed if one is confident and dedicated to his customers. But we hope we have given you some basic tips to make your customers satisfied. If you find this information helpful, please give us your views below in the remark box to improve the quality of our information.

6 Smart Ways To Improve Your Cold Calling Process

In market economies, cold calling is considered one of the most important methods to reach to customers. Cold calling is a process where anonymous people were chosen randomly by salespersons and given phone calls or door to door visits to inform them about products or services.

Sometimes cold calling does not stand on the expectations of a small business. In such circumstances, businesses choose different tactics to improve their cold calling process. In this article, we will discuss some important and clever tactics to improve your cold calling process.

Break Down Cold Calling

Cold calling is a strategy in which a businessperson contacts people who have not recently communicated enthusiasm for the offered items or services. Cold calling ordinarily alludes to requesting by telephone or telemarketing, yet can likewise include face to face visits, for example, with way to-entryway salesmen. Successful cold call salespersons should be relentless and willing to endure rejection. To be successful, they should get ready by examining the socioeconomics of their prospects and the market. Subsequently, callings that depend vigorously on cold calling commonly have a high wearing down rate.

Difficulties In Cold Calling

Cold calling creates different purchaser reactions, for example, acknowledgment; call terminations or hang-ups, and even verbal assaults. Advertising examiners gauge the achievement rate of cold pitching is 2% for a talented expert. In view of this gauge, just 5 out of 250 calls will be fruitful. On the other hand, a warm-call sales representative flaunts a progressively great achievement rate of around 30%.

As innovation propels, cold calling has turned out to be less desirable. More up to date, increasingly compelling prospecting strategies are accessible, including email, content, and internet-based life showcasing through outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Contrasted with cold pitching, these new techniques are regularly progressively productive and powerful at creating new leads.

Six Ways To Improve Your Cold Calling Process

1. Dialers

It takes 18 dials to connect with a buyer. So computerize it with a power dialer, and spare important time for your SDR. Automating the dialing procedure likewise decreases the intellectual load on your sales representatives. This gives your rep a chance to make more progress, and remain concentrated on moving as opposed to perusing through databases and dialing. A computerized dialer can offer up to 250% expanded efficiency.

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2. Answering Machine Detector

Answering machine detector is s commonly inbuilt in Predictive Dialer or autodialer. When it hears the signal of the voice-mail it separates. A pre-recorded phone message can be considerably progressively compelling particularly in the event that it incorporates a planned get back to time. AMD spares time for your operators. Like the dialer, this outcome in expanded operator usage and talk time. Your agent invests more energy conversing with genuine prospects.

3. CRM Integration

The hardest part of cold calling is in effect totally in the visually impaired. Any data your business agents have about the prospect can enable them to get a foot in the entryway. Give them a chance to have simple access to every one of the information you have on the prospect. This is particularly critical while up selling, strategically pitching or even haphazardly reconnecting existing clients.

It enables your SDR to customize their pitch making each call increasingly viable. Great screen pop coordination with your CRM application likewise reinforces your database. This is on the grounds that all notes and consider auras that your business rep makes, get spared into your CRM. This information is then open amid follow up calls, so it computerizes and enhances your whole deals process.

4. Scheduler

The scheduler can plan a call time and date while wrapping up the call in their operator dashboard in their screen. Your dialer calls can likewise be planned for your auto dialer or according to your client/prospects call history. Make it simple for SDRs to build their transformations by 80%. (80% deals go to the individuals who pursue up*). In addition, with computerized planning, you guarantee your SDRs can adhere to their arrangement times, emphasizing their (and your business’s) dependability.

5. Transfer And Conferencing

Your prospect needs data, point by point data, and more data previously they settle on a choice. For instance, 6 out of 10 purchasers need to examine evaluating on the primary call. Furthermore, more than half of prospects need to perceive how the item deals with the principal call. *Warm exchange apparatuses can empower your SDR to associate or meeting in specialists from inside your association, in a couple of snaps. Your SDR uses the conference or transfer button to initiate a warm transfer/call conference or a colleague who can answer their queries immediately. It helps in close the deal early. It helps in leads and transfers them to a senior representative in a single call.

6. Text Message And E-Mail

Email or text message follow up to a call is very important, however,, for the most part, it’s not quick enough. Guarantee your SDR (single data rate) has catches to click, readily available, to send off that email or instant message immediately. Automation can guarantee you respond way quicker using a text messaging software or automated email set up, without lessening your SDR’s discussion time or redirecting him/her from calling the following prospect.

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Cold calling may never be many diversions for you, you can improve at it, and the more you practice, the more successful a business procedure it will be. So get your content and you assemble rundown and reach for the telephone. The general populations who need to work with you are out there – yet you need to tell them about you first.