Best Practices To Leverage SMS Marketing For Brand-Building

Brand building is the most important thing for a business nowadays. The only thing that can help you is effective marketing. There are many ways of marketing that you can obtain to promote your brand in this digitalized era.

We all know about email marketing, SMS marketing, social media marketing and the most common way of cold calling. Among these various ways of marketing which is more effective?

According to many surveys conducted by various digital marketing institutions, it has been found that SMS marketing is becoming more effective for lead conversion. Surveys predict that the response rate to an SMS is much higher than that of an Email.

Anyways through this article, we will go through several steps to bring clarity on some practices that can help you leverage your SMS marketing and achieve the main objectives of your brand.

1. Understand Your Target Audience

If you go to bath in a river without knowing the depth of the river, you might risk your life. Similarly, businesses should understand the psychology of their consumers. Every customer has some queries regarding his needs and issues. You need to track the issues and needs of your customers through your call center. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can also be one of the effective tools to have insightful details of your target audience. It will help you to organize your target audience before starting up your SMS marketing campaign.

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2. Create An SMS Marketing Team

To make your SMS marketing effective, you must specify your objectives, tools, and way of function. Nowadays it’s all about competition and if you fail to grab the opportunity, things might become difficult for you. After understanding your target audience your second priority is to create a group of some creative marketing professionals to manage and organize your SMS campaign.

3. Use Text Messaging Software

If you have a small tea stall or betel shop, you might use your smartphone to send promotional text messages to your customers. But if your business is a little bigger than that, you need to use advanced technology that can address thousands of your customers at a time. Text messaging software can be the best option for you nowadays. Text messaging software is specially designed for SMS marketing purpose for small businesses and start-ups. But to know whether a text messaging software satiates your needs or not, you can also go for a free trial of Text messaging software.

4. Customize Your Messages

Due to a cut-throat competition in the market, the psyche of the consumer is changing from time to time. For this different new ways must be tried in SMS marketing. To leverage SMS marketing for brand building, you can customize your text messages through text messaging software. After understanding the requirements of your customers, you can easily predict when they remain available to read your messages. And you can schedule your messages in a way that it reaches to your customers at the right time.

5. Engage Your Customers In Sending SMS

Engaging your customers to your business via various activities will be a good idea to make an impact on the market. Remember, the market is brutal and it does not understand anything except perfect execution of plans and complete dedication of your mind. You can organize various events and invite your customers to take part in it via SMS. You can also use ‘Coupons’ or Promo codes’ to woo your customers. When they get engaged with you via various events, the response rate to your SMS will grow higher. And in the end, you can convert more leads and attain your business goals.


SMS marketing has become one of the most effective ways of reaching to clients in remote areas. It is affordable and convenient for both the consumer and the vendor. Small enterprises and start-ups can utilize this way of marketing to sustain in competitive markets. Be that as it may, we just tried to figure out a few important yet simple practices that can be helpful for SMS marketing. Please let us know what you think and how we can do better with SMS marketing.

6 Smart Ways To Improve Your Cold Calling Process

In market economies, cold calling is considered one of the most important methods to reach to customers. Cold calling is a process where anonymous people were chosen randomly by salespersons and given phone calls or door to door visits to inform them about products or services.

Sometimes cold calling does not stand on the expectations of a small business. In such circumstances, businesses choose different tactics to improve their cold calling process. In this article, we will discuss some important and clever tactics to improve your cold calling process.

Break Down Cold Calling

Cold calling is a strategy in which a businessperson contacts people who have not recently communicated enthusiasm for the offered items or services. Cold calling ordinarily alludes to requesting by telephone or telemarketing, yet can likewise include face to face visits, for example, with way to-entryway salesmen. Successful cold call salespersons should be relentless and willing to endure rejection. To be successful, they should get ready by examining the socioeconomics of their prospects and the market. Subsequently, callings that depend vigorously on cold calling commonly have a high wearing down rate.

Difficulties In Cold Calling

Cold calling creates different purchaser reactions, for example, acknowledgment; call terminations or hang-ups, and even verbal assaults. Advertising examiners gauge the achievement rate of cold pitching is 2% for a talented expert. In view of this gauge, just 5 out of 250 calls will be fruitful. On the other hand, a warm-call sales representative flaunts a progressively great achievement rate of around 30%.

As innovation propels, cold calling has turned out to be less desirable. More up to date, increasingly compelling prospecting strategies are accessible, including email, content, and internet-based life showcasing through outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Contrasted with cold pitching, these new techniques are regularly progressively productive and powerful at creating new leads.

Six Ways To Improve Your Cold Calling Process

1. Dialers

It takes 18 dials to connect with a buyer. So computerize it with a power dialer, and spare important time for your SDR. Automating the dialing procedure likewise decreases the intellectual load on your sales representatives. This gives your rep a chance to make more progress, and remain concentrated on moving as opposed to perusing through databases and dialing. A computerized dialer can offer up to 250% expanded efficiency.

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2. Answering Machine Detector

Answering machine detector is s commonly inbuilt in Predictive Dialer or autodialer. When it hears the signal of the voice-mail it separates. A pre-recorded phone message can be considerably progressively compelling particularly in the event that it incorporates a planned get back to time. AMD spares time for your operators. Like the dialer, this outcome in expanded operator usage and talk time. Your agent invests more energy conversing with genuine prospects.

3. CRM Integration

The hardest part of cold calling is in effect totally in the visually impaired. Any data your business agents have about the prospect can enable them to get a foot in the entryway. Give them a chance to have simple access to every one of the information you have on the prospect. This is particularly critical while up selling, strategically pitching or even haphazardly reconnecting existing clients.

It enables your SDR to customize their pitch making each call increasingly viable. Great screen pop coordination with your CRM application likewise reinforces your database. This is on the grounds that all notes and consider auras that your business rep makes, get spared into your CRM. This information is then open amid follow up calls, so it computerizes and enhances your whole deals process.

4. Scheduler

The scheduler can plan a call time and date while wrapping up the call in their operator dashboard in their screen. Your dialer calls can likewise be planned for your auto dialer or according to your client/prospects call history. Make it simple for SDRs to build their transformations by 80%. (80% deals go to the individuals who pursue up*). In addition, with computerized planning, you guarantee your SDRs can adhere to their arrangement times, emphasizing their (and your business’s) dependability.

5. Transfer And Conferencing

Your prospect needs data, point by point data, and more data previously they settle on a choice. For instance, 6 out of 10 purchasers need to examine evaluating on the primary call. Furthermore, more than half of prospects need to perceive how the item deals with the principal call. *Warm exchange apparatuses can empower your SDR to associate or meeting in specialists from inside your association, in a couple of snaps. Your SDR uses the conference or transfer button to initiate a warm transfer/call conference or a colleague who can answer their queries immediately. It helps in close the deal early. It helps in leads and transfers them to a senior representative in a single call.

6. Text Message And E-Mail

Email or text message follow up to a call is very important, however,, for the most part, it’s not quick enough. Guarantee your SDR (single data rate) has catches to click, readily available, to send off that email or instant message immediately. Automation can guarantee you respond way quicker using a text messaging software or automated email set up, without lessening your SDR’s discussion time or redirecting him/her from calling the following prospect.

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Cold calling may never be many diversions for you, you can improve at it, and the more you practice, the more successful a business procedure it will be. So get your content and you assemble rundown and reach for the telephone. The general populations who need to work with you are out there – yet you need to tell them about you first.

How Business Use Text Messaging Software For Their Promotional Campaign

How To Send Bulk SMS

It is very essential to get the idea, how to send bulk SMS free of cost. Now Bulk SMS messaging is the central communication tool for businesses and organizations across the world. Due to the popularity of bulk SMS services, there are many platforms available to suit the needs of anyone wanting to send bulk SMS.

The Bulk SMS is one such software program that you can download it onto your PC. The Bulk SMS software allows you to manage all your text messaging communications directly from your desktop. It is easy to install and permits you to send and receive and manage individual bulk SMS communications.

The Bulk SMS Text Messenger software also hosts a range of features that are available at no extra cost. These features include:

It Personalizes Your Message

  • It helps you in scheduling your SMS.
  • The bulk SMS software can be linked to external data sources: Outlook, Pastel, SQL Server and other ODBC data sources.
  • It helps you to message to large target groups and individuals
  • There is detail reporting of all SMS communications.

How To Send Bulk SMS From PC To Mobile

The bulk SMS can be sent from pc to mobile. It is the effective process of communication to promote your business. Sip2Dial provide bulk SMS software to send your messages from pc to mobile. Once you register with the free trial text messaging software from Sip2Dial, you have to create a Bulk SMS account. After that, you need to open a Sip2Dial text messaging user page. Next is choosing the selective country to send a message. Now select your target audience you wish to text. Then you can enter their phone numbers. The next step is entering your email address in order to receive feedback. Now type your message and enter the security code. Then Send the message. Now you can customize your messages if you want to broadcast your SMS in a scheduled way. After you are done, your data will be saved on the cloud to ensure the security of the important data of your contact center. If you want to continue this process then you have to buy Sip2Dial premium.

How To Send Bulk SMS Online

Sip2Dial’s text messaging software helps you to send bulk SMS online. There are numbers of steps to send bulk SMS online through Sip2Dial.

  • Sign up for a free Sip2Dial’s text messaging service.
  • Now you have to buy the SMS credit.
  • Then upload or add your contacts.
  • You can compose your message in English or any regional language.
  • You can easily enhance your campaigns like personalized with merge field, insert short link and attach files, surveys and more.
  • Now send a message.
  • Then track the exact delivery time and advanced campaign call reports.

How To Send Bulk SMS Free To India

Sip2Dial’s text messaging software allows you to send bulk SMS free in India. You can communicate with various customers across India. It is easy to enhance your service within a short time. Follow the steps how to send bulk SMS free to India.

Once you open a Bulk SMS Web to SMS account, it will permit you to ingress your online account from any internet connected Web browser.

  1. Open Sip2Dial text message.
  2. Now choose the country you want to send a message…
  3. Select the target audience you wish to text.
  4. Enter their phone numbers.
  5. Enter your email address in order to receive feedback.
  6. Type your message and enter the security code.
  7. Send the message.
  8. Now you can personalize your messages if you want to broadcast your SMS in a scheduled way.

After you are done, your information will be saved on the cloud to ensure the security of the important data of your call center.


In this article, we are trying to give brief information regarding how to send bulk SMS. Now it is easy for you to use bulk SMS in your contact center s to enhance your service effectively. You can feedback us and can help us to improve our services.

How To Send Bulk SMS From PC & Advantages of Bulk SMS

The businesses often encounter with various types of questions like how to send bulk SMS from PC, what are the advantages of sending bulk SMS from PC etc. these type of question is always wondering by small businesses who want to set up their own call center. Thus I am going to address their queries on how to send bulk SMS from PC with this article.

There are around 80% businesses on the planet utilizing PC so you have to realize how to send mass SMS free from PC. There is a requirement of the internet to send bulk SMS from PC. There is no restriction to sending bulk SMS from PC. You can send a message to a thousand numbers of people in the meantime.

Additionally, a couple of years prior it was intense for us to acquire and convey SMS, it was a costly system and the paging updates were not viable organized. Truth be told, collaboration intersection has changed the technique of data sending and as of now with the help of bulk SMS software, it is achievable to outfit detail to the proposed watchers with effortlessness.

How To Send Bulk SMS From PC?

In the event that you need to realize how to send bulk SMS from PC, you need a dependable internet connection and PC. A network access or software is required to send bulk SMS from PC. For advancing a brand or administration sending bulk SMS from PC is productive. You can make an impression on a thousand clients at the same time.

Sending bulk SMS from PC can improve your business. It causes you to send special and value-based SMS from PC. All your data save in PC so at whatever point you need to communicate something specific. Sip2Dial is a leading call center solution provider who offers software system which helps business to send bulk SMS from PC.

Advantages of Sending Bulk SMS From PC

For businesses, sending bulk SMS messages from a PC is a cost-effective method to reach a targeted audience from anywhere in the world at any time. There are many ways you can send bulk SMS messages from your PC mention below.

  1. A flexible, lightweight program, with substantial business capacities

  3. Oversee and send SMS Text Messages from your PC as simple as E-Mail

  5. Send customized SMS’s at the pinch of a catch

  7. No month to month charges, no agreements, no concealed expenses

  9. More financially savvy than a phone call

  11. Tweaked Template messages

  13. Quicker than email

  15. Extremely secure and private

  17. Messages are held on the telephone, can be perused later

  18. Speak with substantial gatherings of individuals promptly

  20. Send boundless messages

  22. Numerous Recipients

  24. Mass SMS From PC does not charge for each message

  26. Address Book

  28. Oversee extensive telephone records

  30. Send mass writings

  32. Make an impression on the same number of telephone numbers as you need

  34. Include the same number of telephone numbers as you require

  36. Telephone numbers can be evacuated whenever.

  38. Include telephone numbers by bringing in a content record or enter the numbers physically

  40. An incredible consolidation office permits programmed individualization of messages to your entire database of contacts.

  42. Copy numbers are naturally expelled.

  44. Ideal for alarms, showcasing or essentially speaking with staff and customers.

  46. Incorporate union fields to customize messages.

  48. Make message layouts for much of the time utilized messages.


The Bulk SMS Text Messenger software is one of the best software projects. Once downloaded onto your PC, the Bulk SMS Text Messenger empowers you to deal with the majority of your SMS communication straightforwardly from your work area. The product is allowed to introduce and it enables you to oversee, send and get individual and mass SMS interchanges.

With this article, we discussed thoroughly on how to send bulk SMS from PC. If you think this article is informative then don’t forget to give your precious comment below the comment box.

Difference Between Promotional and Transactional SMS – The Comparison Between Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS

The small businesses often wonder about the differences between promotional SMS and transactional SMS. Nowadays sending text message is the most effective mode of communication. As compared to traditional medium of communication SMS reach the target audience very quickly.

Nowadays SMS isn’t just being utilized for individual communication yet in addition for business purposes. They are utilized for advancements and additionally to send information. Sending SMS is one of the effective advertising tools to help in growing business. Bulk SMS service is used for the advertising process. There are two types of bulk SMS service- promotional SMS and Transactional SMS. Both of them have diverse targets and objectives. Both of the SMS doors have particular sort of qualities and are utilized in the significantly more solid and in addition in a savvy manner. The value-based SMS and Promotional SMS focus on the diverse crowd.

With this article, our industry experts have explained the difference between promotional SMS and transactional SMS in detail.

Promotional SMS Definition

Promotional SMS is a kind of SMS through which an organization usually sends to its clients to advance a particular item or service. This classification incorporates any kind of offers and showcasing messages; which could possibly be required. Limited time SMS must be sent to the clients who have not yet actuated DND benefit. Definitely, no one like these promotional messages thus there is a way to stop receiving this type of message.

Features Of Promotional SMS

1. Cheapest and most effective method of communication.
2. 98% open rate and are opened within five minutes of reach.
3. Best success rate and quick response
4. Reach a large number of audiences in a single click.
5. Easiest and the fastest way to send information.

Transactional SMS Definition

Transactional SMS are the sort of messages that are sent to the clients for passing the data regarding the item and administration. For example, A message sent any e-commerce entry to the customer with respect to the installment made against the expense of the item. Or A message sent by the bank to the record holders as far as the parity of the week after week sum or concerning any sort of exchange that happens. At SMS World a legitimate sort of layout is offered according to the endorsed standards and directions with the end goal that there will be no sort of issues.

Advantages of Transactional SMS

1. The messages are effectively sent through DND numbers
2. With the assistance of mass SMS administrations, accessible one can without much of a stretch convey pressing data
3. Dissimilar to the time limitations in the Promotional SMS the value-based SMS can be shared for any sort of time requirement.
4. The API door helps in the coordination of the product with the goal that customized SMS can be effectively sent.

The Comparison Between Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS

Both promotional and transactional SMS are essential for a brand. In any case; limited time messages are not really as required as transactional SMS for clients who are as of now faithful. Then again; to pull in new customers; promotional SMS can be successful.

Sending any such kind messages, be that as it may, requires administrations of a decent organization. With the end goal to pick a decent SMS promoting and entryway specialist organization, you as a business should be characterized about your requirements and after that comprehensively discover an answer.

Transactional and promotional SMS are picking up consideration due to the advantages they offer, for most advantages anyway specialist co-ops’ nature of work matters. Both the Transactional & Promotional SMS are sent to the customers using an automated text messaging software to save time, furthermore these software helps in tracking the opening rate of the SMSs.


Both the types of SMS are critical and have distinctive points of interest. They can be utilized in a way so that there are successful methods for promoting to get extraordinary business. In this article, we discussed the difference between promotional SMS and transactional SMS. If you find this article is helpful then don’t forget to give your precious comment below the comment box.