An Overview Of World’s Leading Business Text Messaging Software

A business text messaging software is a type of software system that works to send hundreds of commercial (promoting/informative) text messages. It is generally used by businesses to reach more customers within a little time frame.

Now we are living in a world where technology is at its peak. Everywhere we go, we find people busy with their computers or mobile phones. Socially it is not a good thing but if you think like a businessman, it seems like a market.

As per various observations and surveys, it has been found that text messaging is more effective than any form of marketing. The response rate on text messages is more than other modern-day marketing processes like email marketing.

It is a fact that we are living on a planet where nobody is sure how it came and how things started happening. There are so many things to confuse us on this planet if we don’t have proper knowledge about them.

In this article, we will see the basics of a business text messaging software that is used by many small businesses to send bulk SMS at a cheaper cost. We will go through its features and benefits as per the opinions of various users across the globe.

Basic Features of Business Text Messaging Software (Sip2Dial)

  • Message Templates
  • Group Broadcast messages
  • MMS
  • Text enable existing numbers
  • Groups
  • Scheduled messages
  • Auto Reply
  • Custom merge fields
  • Contact spreadsheet upload
  • Emojis
  • Signature
  • Conversation priority
  • Contact tags
  • Message delivery status
  • Multi-user numbers
  • Incoming message notification
  • SMS to mail forwarding
  • Conversation flagging
  • Admin opt-out

Why Sip2Dial Is Used By Clients (As Per Their Views)

Exceptionally Responsive

  • Supports multiple conversations
  • Remains Engaged according to clients’ rhythm
  • Alerts Agents when consideration required
  • Collaborates and Transfers Conversations

Simple to Manage

  • Simple setup, No additional establishment required
  • User-accommodating Interface
  • Mobile friendly Dashboard to indicate the current status
  • Access your content base record anyplace

Robust Functionality

  • Expand your Reach as per geographical diversity
  • Sends group broadcast message to convert clients
  • Spam free Texting with customized messages
  • Encrypts your Data in transmission and very secure


  • Multiple conversations handling
  • Sends immediate response when Agents are busy
  • Customer history analysis
  • Agent UI integration with other systems

Why Marketing Through Text Message Is A Good Idea

1. People Read Text Messages

If we compare text messaging with Email, then there is 98% chance of an SMS to be read than an Email.

2. People Reply To Text Messages

According to CTIA, an average person takes 90 seconds to respond to a text message and 90 minutes to an Email.

3. Text Message Is Simple And Everywhere

About 65% of people in the world use mobile phones. Hence text messaging becomes a simple tool to reach people.

4. Text Messaging Doesn’t Need Internet

Unlike Emails, text message marketing process does not require an internet connection. It can be operated offline which is convenient for users.

5. Text Messaging Is For Small Businesses

When it comes about bulk messaging, text messaging software helps small businesses to reach clients at lower costs.

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to save some money and time these days. The competition has become so high that people are hesitating to invest a lot of money in business. They want to start a small business with a minimum amount of money. Therefore text messaging software becomes an important tool for businesses. It is a value for money tool for call centers that help them reach their target audience without any hassles.